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Dating A Party Freak: Do’s And Dont’s

How to Date a Party Freak?

We all want to party sometimes for different reasons. It is either to spend time with family and friends or release stress after a hectic week. However, there are different levels of partying. Some people prefer to party daily, and such people are party freaks. You went to a friend’s party and spotted a sexy, pleasant, curvy girl. You had a talk, shared contacts, and after a few dates, you fell in love. Wow, congratulations! Little did you know that your partner-to-be is a party freak and cannot do without it. But your lifestyle sharply contrasts hers, so what will you do? Here are some things to know on dating a party freak, if you love her, and to have an excellent relationship.


Dating a Party Freak: Be Ready For A Thrilling Life!

1. You Can’t Be Clingy

She has her first love, and that is partying. She has already clung to partying, and that is enough for her. So don’t try adding another burden to her by being clingy. She is not your mother and cannot be lactating you like a baby. While you are planning to get her attention, she will be preparing for her next day out.


2. No Messages When She is Out There

Baby, where are you? What time are you coming home? Are you safe out there? Please cut it! Sending her a message to find out what she is doing is lovely, but just cut it. She might be dancing to a new song from Beyoncé and wouldn’t have the time to reply to all those messages.


3. Add Some Minutes to Planned Schedules

She is more likely to show up late for dates. She would want to go out looking super, and that takes time. Be prepared to develop a waiting spirit whenever you want to take her out. Better still, you can add some minutes to the scheduled time or pick her up yourself.


4. Your Sleep Will be Interrupted if you are Dating a Party Freak

She will go out at 10 pm and return around 3 am when you are far asleep and probably snoring off your stress. The most common thing you will hear is a knock at the door, and you will have no choice but to wake up. Sorry, but that is part of the deal.

5. Love in the Night

She returning late in the night wouldn’t be your only challenge but also her demand for physical satisfaction. She will return probably feeling tipsy, and her only wish would be to have some rounds of lovemaking. Are you going to say no to her? Don’t even try because hell will break loose. You will have to do it even if you are tired and sleepy.

6. If You are a Jealous Type, Stay Off

Party freaks have no time for jealous guys. Your jealousy won’t stop her from dancing to her favorite song with that cute guy she meets at the club. If you are that jealous, be prepared to join her in her adventure. If not, silence!

7. Get Ready to be Embarrassed if you are Dating a Party Freak

Her topmost priority is having fun at all costs, and she won’t bother about what people say or think about her. She may embarrass you in front of your family or friends when you go out together. It’s either she would dance like a slot or get drunk at a party. Having to clean her vomit when she is drunk is something you will frequently be doing.

8. Don’t Complain about Her Interests

It is two things: accept her for who she is or go your way. There is no other option if you want to date a party freak. She may be committed to you but remember; she was committed to parting before you came into the picture. If you want absolute commitment, then she is not your thing. Look for a church girl.

9. No Dull Moment if you are dating a party freak

You can’t date a party freak and be feeling dull. Why are you mourning your dad? Entertainment is her disease, and she would infect you with it. Whenever you feel dull or stressed, join her and have fun together.

10. Be ready to Learn How to Dance

Do I even have to tell you this? They can dance their head off, so be ready to learn some dancing moves if you join her at the club one day.

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