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The Fallen Angels: Who Are They And Why Did They Fall?

The Fallen Angels: The Mystery Of Happenings After Creation Of Humans

The Fallen Angels are a mystery to many people, even those who believe in Judeo-Christian religions. The story of the Fallen Angels can be found in different parts of the biblical texts of Genesis, the first book in the Bible, and Enoch, a book that is regularly left out of the Bible because of the nature of its contents. This article will look at the origin story of the Fallen Angels, what else they are known as, what they do, and why people still believe in them today.


The story of the Fallen Angels can be told in two different ways. Both stories have the same beginning. The Bible says that in the beginning, God created everything. Before he created humans, he created the heavens and the earth. He also created angels. Angels, like humans, have their own free will, although they are meant to serve God and all of his creations. All was well in the beginning, but then God created humans.


Azazel and His Followers

The two angels acted very differently when they heard of the humans. God directed the angels to love the humans even more than they loved him. For the angel Lucifer, also known as Satan, this was impossible. For another angel, Azazel, this was like a dream come true. Azazel and a group of angel followers went down to Earth and fell in love with the human women and then decided to have sexual relations with them.


The women later gave birth to half-human, half-angel beings called Nephilim, which later caused God many problems. Needless to say, God was not happy with Azazel and his followers and their bastard children. The spirits of the Nephilim refer to demons in some people’s beliefs. This group of angels became the Fallen Angels.


Lucifer and His Followers

Another source of Fallen Angels came from Lucifer and his followers. Lucifer wouldn’t listen to God and love the humans more than he loved God. Many angels agreed with him, and they rebelled against God. In the end, God won, and Lucifer and a third of the angels in Heaven were banished to the Earth and Hell, becoming Fallen Angels.

The story goes on in different ways as well. Some stories say that God commanded and instructed the Fallen Angels to tempt humanity, to more or less weed out the good from the bad. He wanted these corrupted angels to teach humanity a lesson, to make them pay for their sins while they were on Earth. However, the Bible says that humans were forgiven of their sins when Jesus died on the cross.

Jewish Beliefs Versus Christian Beliefs

The Jewish people do not believe that Jesus was the son of God like the Christians do, so they may think that the Fallen Angels or other demons are still tempting and testing them. Some legends say that eventually, the Fallen Angels became so corrupted and obsessed with wrong-doing that they eventually became demons and did bad deeds of their own free will.

It is sometimes said that bad or non-Christian people can become possessed by a Fallen Angel/demon and be forced into evil deeds. Like demons, Fallen Angels can be expelled from a body or prevented from entering a body when faced with prayers, crucifixes, and other holy objects.

Fallen Angels: Summary

People consider Satan the ruler of Hell, while Azazel is a deadly demon creature. These angels have even made their way into contemporary media, featuring in the hit television series Supernatural. One of the main characters in this show is a Fallen Angel by the name of Castiel.

Although, he is not evil. Satan and Azazel, along with other angels who fell and demons from the biblical texts, make appearances in this show. Supernatural is bringing biblical stories and other monstrous myths back into the mainstream.

It may very well be the source for the spike in popularity of the Fallen Angel myth. What do you think? Are Fallen Angels among us today, or did they never even exist?

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