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Your Relationship Is In Trouble: 6 Surprising Signs

6 Surprising Signs Your Relationship Is in Trouble

No one wants to give up on someone they love. The last thing you want is to open your eyes to the signs your relationship is in trouble. You can fix it, though.

It hurts to see your honey suffering especially when there may be nothing you can do about it. Sadly, you are there physically, but something is stopping you from being there emotionally. If you find yourself in this place, it could mean your relationship is in trouble. When true love starts to fade away, the worst you both can do is to act like everything is normal.


On the verge of giving up, you learned who you were. It takes strong-willed couples to stay and survive a troubled relationship. It is tough to refresh a broken heart. One thing is for sure; you’ll need resilience and character.

You Think of Other Alternatives

So you think there’s someone much better than your spouse. If you think that you’ll have a happy life with that person, you could be wrong. There’s no way anyone can guarantee you’ll replace your other half with a better version. Three months down the line, you may be in search of your spouse.


What to do: Understand that you have a long life ahead of you. First, you must love yourself before you can love your SO. Keep the spark alive by being attentive to each other. Above all, satisfy one another both physically and emotionally.


Lack of Good Communication

When there are tension and conflict in a relationship, you’ll find unhappy people. One of the top relationship killers is not understanding one another. When this happens, you won’t be able to break loose of insecurities and assumptions. In fact, plenty of relationships end due to a lack of attention and disrespect.


What to do: Save your relationship by thinking about each other. Make things a bit safer for your partner. If they are scared, lend a shoulder to lean on. Above all, learn to appreciate one another fully without judgment. Please meet in the middle, even when it’s so much to handle.

Signs Your Relationship Is in Trouble: Lack of Trust

Distrust is high among the signs your relationship is in trouble. If you don’t put in more effort, prepare for a break-up sooner or later.

What to do: When the road gets rocky, secure your marriage with what you believe in. Give your partner some time to improve. If you want her to stay, be ready to put work into the relationship.

Isn’t Your Priority

Putting other people first and your partner second is the worst mistake you could make. Even if there are children involved, take some time out together as a couple. Good marriages and relationships fade away when you prioritize other factors other than your spouse.

What to do: Don’t fall into the trap of working so hard and neglect your partner. Learn to have a balanced life. Don’t commit to anything that would be a burden to you.

You Are Not Yet Ready to Commit

This means you have also evaded responsibility. You both prefer to do what you want and when you want it. That is to say; you care less about your partner’s consent. The person doesn’t love you if they aren’t yet ready to sacrifice.

What to do: When in trouble, try to fight together and not against one another, commit fully to one another, and hang out together regularly. Most of all, make sure you’ve created plans together and let go of blame games.

Signs Your Relationship Is in Trouble: You Don’t Connect

If there’s no mutual connection from either party, there’s no doubt you are about to part ways. Relationships are hard to keep, and that’s why couples need to rekindle the relationship once in a while. The moment you stopped caring, that’s when you lost the connection and started to have countless doubts.

What to do: To connect fully, you need to encourage each other. Play games, share books, give your partner a massage and so forth. Put a little space in between you two, so your partner misses you and appreciates their well-being.

Food for Thought

As a couple, it’s hard to believe you’ll defeat what you are going through right now. The truth is that you’ll both get out of it eventually. Don’t confuse a season for something unending. Every single thing in the world has an expiration date. Give your partner a chance and continue to work it out. If you love someone, you’ll never give up on them.

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