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Dating A Hippie Girl: 10 Things To Know

The Truth About Dating A Hippie Girl

Dating a hippie girl demands much more than any normal relationship. You have to be hippy to have a successful relationship with a hippie girl. This is because they live unconventionally, and not everyone can relate to such people.

Hippie girls are carefree and free-spirited who wish to do things according to their will. If you are already dating a hippie girl, you know what I am talking about, and if you are yet to, here are some things you need to know.


1. They want to be themselves

A hippie girl is special in many ways! She is special in her sense of judgment, movements, and abilities. With this, they prefer to be themselves with no restrictions.

Don’t try to impose your beliefs on them or judge them according to social standards. No, because she will never judge you or force you to be like her. If you are impulsive, then stay off a hippie girl.


2. Clingy Guy, Stay off

If you are a clingy person, you know by now because I have addressed that topic in one of my articles. If you are that type, please hide in your closet and don’t come near a hippie girl.

The last thing a hippie girl will do is to date a clingy girl. Is there a lack of guys for her to do that! A hippie girl prefers having some space when dating.


Yeah, they like their freedom, need a guy who will stick to them 24/7 like a tattoo. They would want you around, but not like a pet dog.

3. They Love to Explore

Traveling is a part of hippies, as they love to have different life experiences. But they are not the indoor type, so if you are a homebody, think twice before going for a hippie girl.


They love taking a walk or biking around town and traveling out of their country to experience a different culture and social life settings in other countries. They would want to explore with you, so get ready!

4. Don’t Venture if You are a Jealous Type

Hippie girls are open-minded and free thinkers. They would want to be trusted and not restricted in any way due to your jealousy.

Hippie girls want to make friends, and they believe each person they meet has a special purpose in their lives. They, therefore, relate very well to everybody, which a jealous guy cannot tolerate.

5. They are Nonconformists

Upholding traditions values is not part of hippies. No, they can’t see themselves conforming to all the rules that restrict their freedom and way of life.

They don’t mind breaking social rules to be happy. Early marriage is not in their books because they believe marriage comes in some form of restriction.

They would want to enjoy life and think about marriage when they are about 40 years. So before you try to have any serious relationship with a hippie girl, you may have to talk to them about your plans first.

6. Luxury is not their thing

We all want to experience luxury, don’t we? We work 24/7 to have enough money to make life comfortable and experience some luxury one way or the other.

However, a hippie girl is different. But they prefer to be as simple as possible. You would prefer a mansion, but a hippie girl will do with a one-room apartment. Looking glamorous and fancy is not their thing and having a luxurious date is not part of them. Don’t try to impress them with expensive gifts.

7. They Welcome new ideas

So hippie girls explore more, and through that, they get to learn a lot of different things. Traveling to different places equips them with new ideas, a new way of living, philosophies, social life, music and other cultures.

If they are open-minded and without any difficulties, they can embrace new values they find interested. Hippies are not static and always welcome changes, especially those that can positively impact the lifestyle.

dating a hippie girl


8. They are Peacemakers

All hippie girls can’t stand anything violent and wish all the wars happening in the world ends. But they are quick to make peace and believe violence has no place in human settings. And also have to be a peacemaker to move with her.

9. They are Positive

A hippie girl always looks smiley because they are a positive thinker. Suppose they don’t allow negative energies to bring them down or cause any despair. By looking at the bright side of things gives them hope to move on with life.

10. They like intelligent guys

But dumb and blockheaded guys, please, she is not for you! But no space for your dull, empty, illogical discussion. She rather wants someone who is intelligent and can bring up fruitful and philosophical deliberations. So prefers someone who is a pal or above her level of thinking to learn from him.

They may have a different opinion but will appreciate that intellectual conversation. To them, a romantic guy is someone intelligent.

Do you fall into the above criteria or have the qualities mentioned, then you are free to go for a hippie girl. Trust me; she will make you feel loved like never before.

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