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Dating A Fellow Climber: Fun or Not So Much Fun?

Dating A Fellow Climber: Things To Know

I will be discussing some reasons why climbers should date among themselves. But if you are a climber, there are reasons for dating a fellow climber.

Depending on the field of work, it sounds better to date someone from the same profession. This normally works to perfection because you both know the nitty-gritty of the profession and therefore you take it easy on each other. This promotes understanding between the two. Also, you can empathize with each other when tough times arise.


This philosophy also applies to people who share the same interest. When two people share the same interest, they become compatible in many ways. So they easily get along with each other, have fun together and urge themselves on.

1. Sharing Same Interest when Dating a Fellow Climber

If climbers are very obsessed with sports, then it makes dating outside their world sometimes complicated. With this, dating a fellow climber makes you “partner in crime,” and you can enjoy your climbing without looking back.

So, both of you can strategize to overcome that obstacle impeding your climbing to the next level. You can make new routes together and watch each other’s back. Is this not lovely!


2.  Always Together

I recently wrote about clingy partners and the need to avoid them. However, I do not think you have to avoid a clingy person who shares the same interest as you. Dating a fellow climber can make you cling to each and stick like a tattoo.

The interest will keep the two of you together as you are always on that climbing trip together. Imagine climbing that huge wall, rock, ice, or mountain together with your sweetheart.


3. Keeping  in Shape

But sometimes you may just feel like giving up on that routine exercise that keeps you in good shape, makes you look super hot, and climbing easy. Not just because it is hectic, but find it boring as there is no one to urge you on.

You may do not face this challenge if you date a fellow climber. He/she will always be on your toes in working out and being in shape. You can even challenge each other on some climbing task at in the gym to make the time spent there worth it. This also makes training interesting, and that results in being in good shape.


4. Being Each Other’s Keepers

As dangerous as climbing is, it is very important always to have someone watching your back. Being each other’s keepers is another important reason to date a fellow climber.

He/she would never want to see you hurt or fall in any way so keeps an eye on you while climbing. You can both make routes together and help yourself out when the going gets tough.

5. No Need to Give Excuses

A climber dating anon-climber would always be found giving excuses as to why he/she cannot honor a planned date but rather have to complete a climbing task. This can bring several misunderstandings and make the relationship fail. I know of a climber who was given an option to choose between keeping his relationship and climbing.

This will not happen if you date a fellow climber since you will both be bouldering your way together. So, there wouldn’t be the need to lie or give an excuse before going climbing.

6. Free to Spend on Climbing Gears

Going out there to buy that expensive climbing gear while having other important expenses to cater for would not go down well with a non-climber partner. Responsibilities like paying bills, saving for the future, and other important expenses must come first before buying sportswear.

However, a fellow climber partner would understand the need to spend on such items or save for your next climbing trip. Save yourself from giving explanations on every climbing gear you buy by dating a fellow climber.

7. Little is Much

For climbers little is just much. Just being able to manage the little available resource in terms of difficulties makes them special. Can you imagine going on a climbing trip and having a shortage of food? But this wouldn’t be a problem for a climber.

When He/she can manage that little food available to complete the trip. So imagine dating a fellow climber, there will be no cause for alarm when there is a shortage at home. But she will always find a way out.

8.  Take Risk for Each other

Since deciding to become a climber is on its own great risk. If just like climbing, life comes with its own risk, and dating someone with the capabilities of absorbing these risks makes it worth living. You can take the risk for each other and make big sacrifices when the need arises without having to reconsider.

9. Urge Each other On

Nothing is so satisfying than having someone who would always urge you on when the going is tough. At the same time, climbers take inspiration from each other to reach the climax. When dating a fellow climber even makes this more effective. He/she becomes your cheerleader and always urges you to climb further no matter the hindrances.

Your morale will be boasted whenever you look around and see nothing but her. How sweet it is when your special one is also your number one fan.

dating a fellow climber

10.  Having Fun Together

So, taking the risk aside, climbing can be very fun. So imagine having fun with your partner almost all the time. While sleeping in the tent together at night, enjoying nature together and having to explore together is fun you may never want to miss.

I hope I have convinced you enough to look at that other climber twice. It is even easier for female climbers to hook up since there are a lot of male climbers out there.

Before, you planning your next climbing trip, have a look at climbers of the opposite sex and select one for yourself. You may also not agree with some points that is why you are free to share your opinions.

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