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feng shui tips for good sex

8 Feng Shui Tips For Good Sex

A Great Sex Life With Feng Shui

Feng Shui has far-reaching limits, and the wild world of sexual intimacy is not an exception to Feng Shui’s range. Those looking for exciting, satisfying, and enjoyable sex, whether short or long-term, should look for the following Feng Shui tips.

Sex is the basis of human existence. It’s a communion with someone else that brings intimacy, connection, and beauty to life that would be lacking. It drives people to do things they may never normally do. It is a powerful force that brings people together or pushes them apart. But can be wonderfully connecting or damaging.

It has been shown to improve health, energy, and happiness. And everyone has their innate sexuality and the desire to be loved and physically by somebody else. But people want to explore this area, and they want all of their wishes to be fulfilled. But some people want sex with no strings attached, and some like it within a committed relationship. In the end, people usually choose to have it, some more than others.

How to Improve Your Feng Shui for Better Intimacy?

#1. Create a good energy

People who want to be around someone find it alluring and attractive with good energy. One should figure out their Kua number and their lucky direction. It’s important to face that lucky direction whenever possible and face furniture in that direction. Keep things organized and clean, maintain good hygiene, and other good health practices to keep the vibe high, vibrant, and attractive to others.

#2. Build a space for two

Isn’t the bedroom area where intimacy can happen? Is it welcoming for people to come and spend the night or longer? But it should be a warm and inviting place with a comfy, stable open bed, two nightstands, and a friendly atmosphere that encourages love and sexual interaction. It should also be clean! No matter what type of sexual relationship people have together, they want to engage in a clean area!

#3. Is there room in the closet?

Not every sexual encounter ends in a relationship, but it’s good to know when someone is open to that idea because one never knows what could happen. Hence, this could improve sex life if someone is open to whatever could happen next. That means they are OK with their lives, creating attractive energy. It will add to the intensity and success of the sexual relationship.

#4. Encourage a sexual chi energy

Take advantage of chi energy’s flow and power, but try to make it sensual depending on the type of sexual relationship desired. So  If the bathroom is in the room, deflect its energy with a mirror. Choose images colors and furnishings that fit the type of relationship. If it’s a committed relationship, artwork portraying pairs of people would be effective and establish a friendly relationship vibe in the room.

If one is looking for good sex, then the appropriate warm colors should be used as sensual artwork. So it will encourage a good vibe and energy.

#5. Be clear about expectations

Feng Shui is about organization, clarity, and balance, so confusion and misunderstandings are not there. When beginning a new relationship or encounter, ensure the other person knows what is expected. Everything should be laid out to have no future issues hurt feelings, or broken hearts. It will end disastrously if people aren’t clear about what they want. So, be sure that each type of relationship can proceed uninhibited.

#6. Keep energy flowing

A restless mind, a stagnant chi, or a disorganized lifestyle can achieve nothing. Keep the good and positive energy flowing throughout the house with good organization, cleanliness, and a balance of the elements. Keep the good warm energy flowing throughout the body and mind through exercise, relaxation, and meditation. With positive energy flowing, good and positive things can occur to the occupant.

#7. Visualize Feng Shui Tips for Good Sex

Think about the type of sexual relationship you want. One-night stand-style or in it for the long haul? Keep that visualization in mind when meeting potential partners.

Feng Shui is all about visualization and keeping goals in mind. However, studies have shown that it will increase the success of goal achievement. If people believe they can succeed with their goals and see it in their minds, they are much more likely to succeed. It will also make them happier since they are getting what they want!

#8. Confidence

Being confident in studies shows can make a WORLD of difference in goal achievement. If all the rules of Feng Shui art are followed, confidence will inevitably follow.

And confidence attracts others. It will bring just the kind of life one wants if one approaches it with that extra splash of spirit. So, stay healthy, and organized, keep good hygiene, meditate, and confidence will come! All these tips can be used whether one is looking for a committed partner or a particular person for just one night or a short amount of time. So sex is essential, and good sex is what everyone seeks.

Feng Shui and Life

Feng Shui is about getting the best out of life and using life’s energy and power to encourage and attract positivity and success. Since sex is such an integral part of life, it cannot escape Feng Shui’s influence. It is as much a part of life as breathing!

Sex fills magazine pages song lyrics, and people’s minds. Even though humans have been on the earth for thousands and thousands of years, having and repopulating the world, it is still a conversation topic. But it’s on everyone’s lips and minds.

Feng Shui Tips for Good Sex: Business of Sex

Many will think about it, laugh about it, talk about it, write about it, cry about it, but fight for it. Not only are there incredibly lucrative dating websites, books, matchmaking companies, and articles, but there are incredibly wealthy businesses such as websites movie companies, and businesses.

We might as well try to have good sex if we can. So, follow these Feng Shui tips to get the kind of sexual desire. Visualize the potential, be confident, keep things clean and organized, stay healthy, make room for two, have some closet space, be clear about expectations, and create good energy and a sexual vibe. These things will help one find good sex, either just for the night or with that extra special someone.

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