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Tarot Spreads – Psychological Identity – Introduction


This tarot spread is used to analyze the psychological identity qualities, and capacities and helps to understand the psycho-emotional world of a man. The layout has been widely adopted. It is used to create a familiar psychological portrait of a man. Also, it is used to select personnel for specific positions (helps assess a person’s abilities). This layout allows you to get to know your partner better and yourself.


1,2 – Condition of the client at present

3 – The emotional condition of the client

4 – Intellectual potential of the client, a style of thinking

5 – The material situation of the client

6 – Short –terms future events (1, 5 months)

7 – Situations in which the client has gotten used to being (that is pleasant)

8 – Situations that the client tries to avoid (which are not pleasing to the client)

9 – What badness can bring the client to others?

10 – What goodness can bring the client to others?



1,2 – The Chariot, The Emperor

3 – The High Priestess

4 – Strength

5 – The Wheel of Fortune

6 – The Hermit

7 – The Lovers

8 – The Hierophant

9 – The Devil

10 – The Fool


The current situation (The Chariot, The Emperor) can be connected with climbing the career ladder and also indicates that the person knows what he wants and actively pursuing his goals.

The High Priestess says about the rich inner emotional world, which a man hides from the others.

Strength shows a passionate, intense style of thinking

The Wheel of Fortune talks about a favorable period to improve the financial situation.

The Hermit says that shortly, a person will be thinking a lot and maybe will go on a short business trip.


The Lovers tells us that man likes to be in situations with apparent feelings of love and other positive emotions in beautiful places where there is a possibility of equal partnership.

The card of the Hierophant says that the man does not like authority,

The card of The Devil says that man can manipulate others from time to time.

The Fool says that the person can surprise others. He likes to take risks. Often offers people new ideas and shows them to have non-standard solutions.


This tarot spread can be used when negotiations are waiting for you. This may be not only business negotiations but as well as negotiating with your friend, lover, or beloved. The layout helps assess in advance the trend of negotiations and possible results.

1,2 – Essence of a question (about what negotiations)

3,4- What partners hide

5,6 – What partners declare openly

7,8 – What are ready to abandon

9,10 – Goals-participants in the negotiations

11 – How to behave at negotiations for our client

12 – What it is not necessary to do

13,14 – What each of the sides will receive as a result

15 – The general consequence of negotiations

4 – Practice

To work efficiently with the client during the divination session, you must correctly provide the information you read from the cards. That’s why it is necessary to understand the client’s psychological characteristics. There are many methods to determine the psychological type. Here’s one of them.

The Major Arcanum cards describe the spiritual and psychological world, so they can help us identify the human psychological type. We will get 22 psychological types.

Next, we will see the distinctive features of each psychological type, features of consultations with each of them, and so-called dangers, that is, cases in which talk will be unsuccessful.

To set the client’s psychological identity from the tarot spread, we have to choose 22 Major Arcana cards out of the deck, then focus in mind and ask ourselves, What is the client’s psychological type? “. Then pull out a card.

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