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7 Ways To Date A Geek: Do They Make Good Lovers?

Dating a Geek or Nerd: Pros and Cons

Reasons to date a geek can be super dull as their concentration may solely be in their field of interest. Nonetheless, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Take it or leave it, being a geek in a fertile field is now the new good, and many people have made it just by being a geek, especially in tech. A geek can be a great partner if only you learn how to live with them. Here are 7 ways to date a geek.


 The truth is that they are honest, intelligent, patient, and open to new ideas, among many others. They are always attracted to games, tech, and other fields, trying to have a breakthrough.


How To Date a Geek: Tips and Tricks

1. Support Them

You may not like them being a geek. Nonetheless, they still need your support. Just remember that they won’t leave you out once they become successful. If you were a girlfriend of Mark Zuckerberg during the start of Facebook, imagine how proud you would feel now. You can lend your support emotionally or even financially until they achieve their dream.


2. Motivation is a plus if you want to date a geek

Motivation is a way to bring the best out of a person, and we all need this in our daily lives. Cristiano Ronaldo was just an average player when he started playing for Manchester United. Still, his motivation from his coach Alex Ferguson has made him one of the topmost players in the world. You can also start motivating your geek’s significant other to bring the best out of them. Trust me, this works, and you will never be disappointed.


3. Respect Their Choice

We all make choices and are responsible for their outcome. If they intend to become a tech geek, gamer, cartoonist, etc., respect that choice and support them when needed. Yes, you can render your advice but do not impose it on them. Geeks want to be themselves and nothing else. You can never force other interests down their throat. No, they won’t take it lightly. Just as they cannot stop you from pursuing your dreams, do not try blocking them. Just respect their choice.

4. Never Discourage Them

Killing someone’s dream is one of the worst things you can ever do. Killing one’s dream equates to strangling them to give up on life. You may not share his interest and passion. You may doubt the prospects of the venture they are pursuing, or you don’t support the idea but are discoursing them the right way to go.

Suppose you cannot support their ideas, back off, and never try to discourage them. If you cannot say something good about somebody, just shut up! If you want to date geek support, then prevent them.

5. You can Share their Interest if you date a geek

Birds of the same feathers flock together. He is a perfect guy for you. He is handsome, creative, passionate, and has all the qualities you expect from a man except being a geek. Since you already know the problem, it is easy to find a solution. One way to cure this shortfall is to share their interest.

Yeah, if you can’t beat them, join them. I am not asking you to be an expert in his field but to take an interest in what he does. You can ask him questions about the area, what level he wants to take, and its prospects. He will be pleased to school you and even give you some lessons on it. Is this difficult to do?

6. Learn how to Resolve Conflicts

One downside of geeks is that they are more logical than emotional. They don’t resort to emotions when dealing with issues. With this, much will depend on you whenever there is a conflict. It would help if you always tried not to be overly emotional during this period because geeks don’t believe in that. Be practical as possible and resolve your conflict dispassionately.

7. Be Accommodative to his Friends

One aspect of geeks is that they are always in collaboration with other people to achieve their vision. They, therefore, keep lots of friends around to share an idea or work on a project. Being accommodative in such a situation is required as he will take any form of personal rejection.

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