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Cons Of Dating A Married Woman and Pitfalls

The Cons Of Dating A Married Women

After writing on “how to date a married woman” and “reasons for dating a married woman,” I feel compelled to write on “why you shouldn’t date a married woman.” Just imagine if someone was dating your wife. Here are a few cons of dating a married woman.


How would you feel about it? So this is more of a moral issue. Aside from being religiously wrong, the social settings frown on such a relationship. Recently, I nearly fell into the trap of a married woman. She was all over me and presented me with many gifts.

While I thought it was a friendly gesture, she was expecting something in return. A relationship! What the hell! How can I even do such a thing? I ended the friendship immediately I found out about her motives. You can also do the same. Here are the reasons you should never consider dating a married woman.


1. It is Morally Wrong

I wouldn’t want to go into the scriptures to make up my point because there are atheists around. So let me rely on social norms and even laws governing marriage.

The act only shows your disrespect to the woman’s husband. It also proves that you are weak and indisciplined. In some countries, adultery (dating someone’s wife) is a criminal offense, and perpetrators can serve prison terms. Within social circles, such activity is prohibited.


You just can’t be sleeping with another man’s wife while there are several single women around. Don’t be so cheap to use something someone has already used! Real men don’t share someone’s wife.

2. The Rivalry

Nothing on the earth can stay in the dark forever. At the beginning of the relationship, you may try to keep things secret, but for how long.


Her husband can find out about the relationship, and one of you is going to get hurt. This could be you! No husband would take things lightly if he finds out his wife is sleeping around.

He will confront the said man, and definitely, hell will break loose. Keep your dignity, don’t fight over someone’s wife. This is just one of the cons of dating a married woman.

3. The Passion Easily Wanes

At the start of the relationship, you will feel good f**king someone’s wife. Yes, it is such an adventure with much passion.

But this passion-driven relationship and fantasy would soon die off. Your conscience would begin to deal with, and you will become uncomfortable with the whole thing. You can’t stand her anymore and would wish it ends. So why must you start something you cannot end?

4. You Maybe Just One of Her Numerous Lover

An infidelity woman doesn’t mind flirting with more than two or three men aside from her husband. She may be sleeping with other men.

So if you take such a relationship seriously, you are making a fool out of yourself and will end up being hurt. But why must you even take a relationship with a married woman very seriously? You better find yourself a young single girl and commit to her than wasting your time on that married woman.

5. You Can’t Make a Family With Her

Even if you get her pregnant, she will give the baby to her husband, not you. There is no way you can make a family with a married woman unless she leaves her husband for you.

However, that is unlikely to happen. So if you decide to live your entire life hitting on other men’s wives, then you may never have a family on your own.

6. You can Break a Home

Most men cannot stand the fact that their wives slept with other men. So immediately, he finds out about his wife’s extramarital affairs. Divorce would be the only option.

You have broken a home. If they have children, you have caused a great mess because they may have to be single-parented. This can cause several other problems, including litigations. So one act of you can destroy a whole family. Stop!!

7. She May Never Leave Her Husband For You

I see dating a married woman as a total waste of time. If you ever think she would leave her husband for you, then begin to reconsider it.

dating married women

She is with you for a particular thing, and that is all you can be. You are her sex toy and nothing much. If she gives you money, know that she is paying for your services and not because she wants to spend on you.

8. Cons of Dating a Married Woman: Bad Ending

When there is a breakup, remember that she loses nothing if she succeeds in keeping her husband. You may be the loser here.

She still has her husband, what of you! You don’t have a girlfriend. All right, you succeeded in making her yours, and she left her husband for you.

How sure are you that she won’t leave you for another man if her interest in you fades? So in effect, you can hurt yourself, the woman, her husband, and her children. Oh, what a sad ending.

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