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Complacency In Relationships – The Silent Killer

Are You Too Complacent In a Relationship?

When we start a relationship, we put in all our passion and love together to set the ball rolling. However, we do not maintain the same intensity of effort in sustaining a relationship. We try to impress the person in every way possible during the initial meetings. Starting with our sartorial preferences, we leave no stone unturned to project our best possible image to the person we intend to start a relationship with. Let’s see how we can avoid complacency in relationships.


However, as the days turn into months and years, the initial intense passion, the euphoria associated with it, slowly starts disappearing. So the initial fun-filled spontaneous persona bubbling with energy gives way to an irritating, bellyacher personality. But it is easy to start a relationship.

However, maintaining it with the same intensity of love and affection is a different game altogether. But we do not put the same amount of effort into sustaining a relationship as we did when we started it. The dwindling amount of effort is sufficient to kill a relationship forever. We have to introspect the reasons behind the complacency that creeps in slowly in a relationship and destroys it.


What Causes Complacency in Relationships?

1. Partner Becomes Just Another Roommate

By nature, human beings are attracted to new, unexplored horizons. In the initial phase of a relationship, both the persons involved in a relationship are new and unknown. When you intend to start a relationship with a person, your natural affinity for them brings value, meaning, and pleasure to your life.

Suppose you want to be with them all the time.  Adore your partner very much and cherish every moment of your togetherness. But do not want to lose them and try every trick in your sleeve to maintain and protect the relationship. However, in the long run, slowly and steadily, your interest in your partner starts declining.


You do not feel for your partner in the same intense way as you used to feel in the initial days. Over a period, you develop a sense of resentment about the same things you loved so much at the start of the relationship.

As the relationship grows older, both the partners become habituated with each other’s presence in their life and a time comes when the partner’s presence is taken for granted. The liveliness of the relationship goes missing with each passing day.

It is the familiarity and the consequent staleness of a relationship, which is accountable for invading the killer’s complacency into the relationship. Complacency paralyzes a relationship.


2. Absence Of Proper Care – Main Reason for Complacency in Relationships

A relationship needs nourishment and care. When we plant a tree, we regularly water the plant to give the plant the required dose of nourishment. The same theory applies in the case of a relationship. We have to nurture and nourish our relationships carefully to prevent them from getting withered away.

The material gets worn out with repeated use. We throw out the used worn-out material and replace them with new ones. We cannot apply the same yardstick for human beings. Our partner is our valued possession. We have to inject fresh impetus to make a relationship stay afloat vivaciously.

3. Giving Your Partner the Cold Shoulder

The biggest sin you make is to ignore the presence of your partner in your life. Ignoring each other will complicate your relationship to the point of no return. It will bring a sense of abandonment, bitterness, resentment, and indifference to you and your partner’s life. Such type of complacency is capable of completely ruining the relationship.

Complacency in a relationship is a silent killer. You can never fathom the severe impact complacency exerts in destroying a relationship. You remain blissfully unaware of the situation you are in till you see the relationship actually breaking apart. To prevent the occurrence of such a situation, it is necessary to take several measures.

4. Lack of Respect For The Significant Other

Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love. In a relationship, you have to treat your partner well enough. Lack of respect is one of the main reasons behind relationships falling apart. Making your partner feel important should be one of your topmost priorities. Do not let him//her down.

Enjoy your partner’s company and express your happiness explicitly so that the message that you are satisfied in their company reaches them loud and clear. Your partner should not feel neglected.

It is your sacrosanct duty to look after your partner’s basic needs. If you can make your partner high on self-esteem, you can rest assured that your relationship is going in the right direction.

5. Love Becomes a Dreary Curse

Day-to-day life is mundane and wearisome. As love gets old, routine sets in, and comfort is mistaken for complacency. Nurturing your relationship becomes a tedious task. However, try to avoid irreconcilable differences from creeping up into your relationship. You have to get proactive in changing the course of daily routine life by infusing fresh interest in it.

So coming out of the wheel of the dull routine life is a challenging task. Out of box thinking and planning accordingly can save your relationship from the clutches of such a situation.

6. Lack Of Communication Leads to Complacency in Relationships

Lack of trust is a major factor in destroying a relationship. Make your understanding completely clear with your partner, have confidence and faith in them. Proper communication and dialogue between the two is the key to making such an understanding.

Until and unless there is proper and constructive communication and dialogue between the two, you cannot achieve the level of confidence and understanding required to sustain a relationship meaningful enough. In a relationship, when communication starts to fade, everything else follows.

Since as a couple, you have had shared many joyous moments in the past. The spark that was once so visible in your relationship may be rekindled with a little effort. To extend a few thoughtful gestures towards your partner.

Over the period, one has studied you’re significant other well enough. So well aware of their likings and disliking. Bring back the magic in your life that had once worked wonders and brought the two of you together. So you should not fall prey to the trap of complacency anymore and win your way forward.

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