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Common Feng Shui Mistakes: How To Avoid Them!

Common Feng Shui Mistakes

Feng Shui is this ancient Chinese philosophy of understanding the Chi energy that flows from within our being. This Chi energy also surrounds us in our environment, interacting with the five elements of Feng Shui: earth, water, metal, wood, and fire. We all make a few common Feng Shui mistakes without thinking about them, mistakes that could make all the difference. We are part of our environment; this awareness will make a difference as we engage with the elements. This assists us in having a harmonious, peaceful surrounding that enhances our well-being.


In the business of daily life, we are all so pressurized these days with work commitments, children, and trying to keep up with their social lives and our own, all the daily chores of keeping a household together. Things we feel that are not urgent can get left, and then we wonder how we can regain our peace towards feel more at rest. Let us look at these and see what small changes could bring about for us.


Common Feng Shui Decorating Mistakes

1. Clutter

One of the most common mistakes is often seen as soon as we open the front or back door—the array of shoes, bags, and coats that tend to clutter the hallway and doorways.

Shoes, coats, and bags then block the doorways that bring in the energy from the environment, blocking the exit for the energy to flow freely through to the rest of the home. The first job is encouraging all family members to tidy up their shoes. Aim at working with all your family members to think tidy with their stuff as soon as they enter the home.


2. Neglected Plants

Another common mistake, and possibly this would also be down to the time factor of a busy life, is to do the little things, like the plants that need watering, re-potting, or dead leaves taken off. Yes, this could help with the flow of energy around the home.

Neglected plants are energy-drainers in the home as they do not give their best and cannot fulfill their role of taking out the used oxygen in the air. Now and again, changing the house plants’ position can re-energize the home and bring color to a different area of the home. Plants bring this harmony with our help in their care.


3. Broken or Leaky Items are some main Feng Shui Mistakes

This is a difficult one, those little jobs again. Feng-Shui speaks of order and harmony in our lives, and if something is broken, or an item not working correctly, that dripping tap, that loose curtain hanging, the door is sticking or making strange creaking noises. The Feng Shui way is to fix it as soon as possible.

This does have the added benefits of not getting any worse, of course, and a quiet door and no noise harmonize that energy follows, especially within your subconscious, bringing peace to the mind that flows through your body.

That dripping tap, well, are you on a water meter? Does this not affect your finances if left for too long, of course, a washer is cheaper than a whole new set of taps. Thinking of the Feng-Shui way, many have the long-term benefits of time and financial savings.

4. Wrong Position of the Bed

The next mistake is to ignore the need for a good night’s sleep. Your bed should be ideally placed away from facing the door and not too close to a window, especially not underneath a window. Your bed should ideally be placed with space around the bed for the flow of energy to flow freely.

Ideally, the back of the bed should be against a solid wall and, if possible, a good headboard behind you. Free your bedroom from the disturbance of the day and tidy –up your clothes and shoes. This is, after all, why we buy wardrobes.

5. Avoid Electronic Gadgets in the Bedroom

And if you can cope with this one, no television in the bedroom; if you must have a television in the bedroom, please treat the screen like a glass and do not have the television screen facing a mirror.

This changing world has brought us to the technological age with so many gadgets that it seems we cannot do without them. There is a need to have and use the modern way of communicating with friends worldwide. What a blessing this is for many of us. Working from home is another advantage, so the house is now our office too.

De-clutter would be crucial, and tying up those loose cables. Keeping that adaptor for re-charging in a drawer will always know where it is. Always take a break from your computer screen, move your energy field and body, and rest your eyes; this is always good advice for your well-being and lifting your energy levels.

Invest in good lighting and be aware of the computer screen’s position so as not to be opposite the room door, as this will bounce back the energy levels out of the room. The economical solutions could be open shelves for office de-clutter where all the equipment used can be stored.

6. Dirty Kitchen

We next venture into the kitchen. The mistakes here are usually due to the busy lives of using the kitchen worktops as a dumping ground for anything in hand. The delivery from the Post-Man, the shopping, the magazines, and the recycling must be put in the bin.

Returning to the Feng-Shui priority, advise de-cluttering. This is the first step; cleaning needs to be the second step. The bin should always have a closed lid and any other containers you have in the home. Do not forget to include the laundry basket with a cover. This little trick can reduce energy loss throughout the house. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and here good lighting is essential, whereas other rooms in the home could have softer lighting arrangements.

7. Untidy Car Garage: Common Feng Shui Mistakes

Let’s turn to one area outside the home that we don’t often think of with feng shui in mind. The car, which we use almost daily; if you use the car to commute for daily work, then time spent in the car could be up to three hours daily.

The car is a small space, and the mistake could be that cleaning is neglected. Sometimes, items left in the vehicle can take up unnecessary room and stop the free flow of energy. Personalize this space with a favorite perfume, a small thing made from one of the elements. Music or relaxing sounds for the journey will energize you for the drive and the result of arriving with inner peace. Feng Shui and road rage as opposite ends of the scale.


Energy is not fixed. It has constant movement. This is the time to stop and think of how we can harmonize with this free flow of energy. This will add to the quality of life with a few minor changes that do not need to cost the earth. It helps make us aware that we are part of this broader life that incorporates all we see and have around us.

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