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Dating A Psychic: 10 Things To Know

10 Things to Know Before Dating a Psychic

Dating a psychic is like any other relationship despite their unique abilities. They can read your mind and destiny and tell you about your dating life. But how do you date someone who can reveal things about your relationship? This sounds funny. Now here are things you need to know before dating a psychic.


1. There is not Much Difference Between What they Do and Their Personality

Being psychic is not just a profession but also defines the practitioner’s personality. Their views, perspective, culture, and reasoning are all embedded in what they do. This can affect their relationship with you because their thought about the universe and how things work can be very different from yours. So if you are going in for a psychic, you should know that the line between her profession and personal life is thin. Due to this, there is no way they can stop being a psychic. They may feel like a part of their personality has been taken away.


2. Don’t Try to Stop Them if you are Dating a Psychic

Accepting their profession and who they are is essential if you want to date a psychic. Since they cannot stop you from pursuing your dream or career, never try to stop them when pursuing theirs. They wouldn’t give up on what they do because you have a wrong perception of it, so don’t try! If you don’t like what they do, forget dating them because they are just what they do.


3. They are Human Aside from Being Psychics

Psychics have feelings and may react to issues just like any average person. The fact that they can serve as a channel to relay information from the unknown doesn’t make them superhumans. Psychics absorb changes in energy through their work and release them in the form of emotions to the surrounding environment. You shouldn’t expect them to have fewer emotions or be surprised when they act emotionally. A psychic is not for you if you want a less sensitive person.


4. Don’t call them Names

Psychics have unusual abilities, but that doesn’t make them any less human or abnormal. You shouldn’t call them names or use some terminologies to make them feel ostracised. To successfully date psychics, empathize with them, and know they are like any other average person despite their unique abilities.

5. Respect What They Do If your are Dating a Psychic:

Just as you would want them to respect your profession, you should also put respect for theirs. As stated in point one, being a psychic is not just a profession but also their personality. So disrespecting what they do is just like disrespecting them in person. I don’t think you would like to be disrespecting your partner!

6. Support What They Do

You should be ready to lend them your support even if you would need to fight with family and friends. Some people have a negative perception of psychics and try to disrespect them at the slightest opportunity. They will, therefore, need your support in these challenging times. Try to stand by them whenever they are tagged negatively. Please don’t give a chance for family and friends to take them to the gutters while you stand there doing nothing.

7. Ask About What They Do

If you have any doubt about what they do, feel free to ask, and they will be happy to tell you. Being in the dark or keeping things to yourself will be a thorn in your relationship if you are serious about it. So, feel comfortable asking anything about their abilities and be ready for an in-depth explanation.

8. Don’t Go Touching Their Equipment

Psychics have unique places for the tools they use for their work. The placement is usually based on intuition or particular beliefs. So, they wouldn’t take it likely if you go about touching and placing their tools anywhere you want. It is best if you don’t even feel their tools without permission. You may intend to handle the tools as you want to clean them but don’t do it without permission.

9. Don’t Take Advantage of Their Abilities

This has probably become a norm in relationships, but overdoing it would look like taking advantage of your partner’s ability. When you have a doctor as a partner, you will surely want to seek free medical advice, and the same goes for dating a psychic. At the initial stage, they may want to give you free readings and help you will some of your problems.

But don’t make this a habit. Psychics use a lot of energy for their readings, so abusing their ability equates to draining them. Accept the offer as it comes, and don’t go asking for it.

10. Be Honest if you are Dating A Psychic

A job of a psychic is to read and find out hidden things, so the least you can do is to go about lying. Don’t even try to do it, because they will find out.

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