Podomancy is an ancient form of divination involving the reading of the foot. Feet can give us a great deal of information about ourselves, and what is about to occur in our lives. The shapes of the parts of our feet give answer about what we are like and how our lives will go. Get your free Podomancy Analysis, it will be ready in moments and is clearly written.

Podomancy is a form of divination that has its basis in the shape and look of an individual’s feet and the parts of their personality shown by this feature.  Our toes can reveal a great deal of information about ourselves and the issues that may affect our lives. This would be especially true of the near future.

Podomany is an ancient practice. It is believed that the practice of podomancy started in China. Alternate names for this practice are Pedomancy or Solistry.  The feet are believed to be representative of the soul.

The shape of and lines on our feet can provide a great deal of information about out temperament. This practice can be used to remove negative energy from us.

When you look at the foot massages and pedicures that we often enjoy, these are clearly invigorating. Many of the people who use these services will say that they feel better and their humor is better when they get their foot massage.

This could well be, because the flow of energy is more positive when their feet are comfortable and relaxed. We have become creatures who love the small luxuries and a foot reading seems to fall into this category. But if you discover something new about yourself it is all to the good.

The different shapes of our toes mean different things, as do the features on our toes. The big toe as an example is connected to self-expression, the left to joy the right to sorrow, the element is ether, and the Chakra is the throat.

A toe that is rounded indicates tact and sensitivity.  The items that are examined in relation to the foot are: the toe’s appearance, Inclination of toes (if they lean toward the big or little toe), great toe, second toe, foot arches, the top of the foot, shape of the toes, the ridges and color of the toe nails. All of these are elements that are examined in podomancy.

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