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Benefits Of Breaking Up On Good Terms

Breaking up on Good Terms: Pros and Cons

Common emotions are a must when lovers part ways. You aren’t selfish when guilt and remorse don’t pierce your heart. It becomes easy for you to get out of bed and live life. These are the benefits of breaking up on good terms. Breaking up on bad words is when you love this person and hate him. When there are no dramatic downfalls, you are confident that you are in for a celebration.

Huh? Yeah, there’ll be neither fights nor screaming. This kind of break-up must first start with mutual understanding. That’s to say that there’ll be no time for crying and endless texts. Dignity, respect, and compassion will make both parties not seek solace.

1. Break-up is hard to gulp

Heartbreaks make someone break one’s glass without their consent. It is not the case for breaking up on good terms. The love that was shared between the two overshadowed heartaches and blames. Yes, there’ll be some pain, but your first-class memories will block it out.


This will end without a hitch. Both will respect each other and engage in silly conversations. You might want to cry it out, but your past reminds you of how much you loved each other. What both of you want is best for each other. There’s no downplaying here.

Pretense will revolve in this relationship like never before. Putting on a fake smile to impress the other person will be your best bet. The last thing you want is to hurt each other while you know you are breaking up on good terms.


It’s a challenging relationship to tackle because the innate feelings won’t fade away quickly. The reason behind this is that you ended it with respect and dignity. It predominantly ended with whispers and not blows.

2. The Door is Never Closed in This Relationship

It is the most daunting relationship since the door is always open. The presence of unresolved issues is forever felt in the midst. There will never come the point where you’ll begin a new chapter.


It is hard to stop loving each other and being a friend simultaneously. The feelings are still intact, like morning dew. Breaking up to them was the only choice to hide what they still felt for one another. It isn’t as easy as it sounds. It was on excellent or wrong terms; it still hurts deep inside.


Even if you are far from becoming lovers again, it’s hard to break this relationship. You still crave a morning jog and silly talks. Wait till your “friend” gets a new catch. That’s where real feelings come into play.

3. You Want to Care, But You are Not Together Anymore

There’s a magnetic pole that’s trying to argue with you why unlike poles attract. Even when he’s far away, you still want to see how he’s doing. Being concerned over nothing means that you still hold on to that “caring” trait.

Sensual thoughts will forever crawl into your mind when it comes to caring. It becomes worse when you are left with this person. Calling one another as friends can be pretty impossible at this time. As far as there was an intimate connection, it’s ironic to take each other as friends. Aside from that, you know one another’s secrets. This is one of the benefits of breaking up on good terms.

4. It’s An Undeniable Attraction

It is tough to let go of what was in the first place-thus love. The genre of ‘being friends’ is nothing else than pretense. Trying to let go of past connections isn’t a walk-in-the-park stratagem. Starting afresh means that new changes will settle in. This includes meeting in public places and talking about politics and not love. If it’s too much to handle, don’t force yourself. It isn’t easy to try to forget what you shared before. The spark is still there no matter what.

5. Why it’s Hard to Get over This Person Completely

Believe it or not, ending a relationship on good terms brings both bad and good luck. However, it becomes easy to take each other as friends when people set boundaries. Take into account that that person still played or plays a significant role in your life. On the other times, it might be hard to get over this relationship due to this person’s presence.

The moment you think that you’ll handle it all, temptations start to chip in. You know, his flirtiest name still makes the world whirl. Your first and the last conversation will remind you how you met and why you opted to part as lovers. When this happens, moving on is the last thing to do.

It’s worth keeping this friendship close instead of losing it all. There will be many stumbling blocks, but it’s worth a try. There’s no point in partying ways and letting go of all the fun. Connect fully with your personalities.

I am not saying that it’s going to be a rollercoaster ride. Yet, the journey is mesmerizing. It doesn’t have to be over when you still want to depend on each other.

What Happens Next: Breaking Up On Good Terms

Sooner or later, both parties will have to dance to their tune. The breaking up process will start to take shape. The situation worsens when you realize that you can’t be friends anymore. Flashbacks and personal impressions start to take their course.

Just like that? It’s over! The last thing to do here is pretending that you weren’t lovers. It’s hard to face reality. View the current situation objectively. Making a good friendship with this person is what you need to do.

The benefits of breaking up on good terms mean that you are ready to welcome an all-time friendship. Aside from breaking up on good terms, it is advised to take some time alone and heal first. On the other hand, don’t break up on good terms and hope for the best.

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