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Aries Man And Leo Woman Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility Between Aries Man Leo Woman

Can an Aries man and a Leo woman have a successful relationship mentally, emotionally, and sexually? Has the Aries man truly met his match when it comes to the Leo woman? Every hill he climbs, river he swims, race he wins, she is right there, matching him step for step. The question is, does the constant competition and challenge to his leadership bring him closer or push him away? Read on to know more about Aries man Leo woman love compatibility.


Compatibility – Pros

There are plenty of pluses to a relationship between an Aries man and a Leo woman. Boredom will not be a problem. When he is ready for an adventure, she will be right there with him. The Lioness won’t shy away from anything her Aries man will throw at her.


The Leo woman will do her best to take the lead to show him that she is more than up for any challenge. As the Aries Leo couple meets new people and explores new environments, it will bring these two zodiac signs closer together.

That intimacy can be a double-edged sword for the Aries man. He is used to leading, while others follow. The Aries man expects to be alone sometimes, while everyone catches up with him. With a Leo woman matching him step-for-step, that solitude is gone.


The Leo woman’s love of attention and cuddling can both excite and smother the Arian. The Aries male loves to lavish attention on his mate, but too much can be a bad thing, inspiring him to look for someone who isn’t always there, wanting something from him.

For Aries men, understanding that his lioness won’t take a backseat to him is key. Meanwhile, the Leo woman must keep in mind that her Ram wants to shower her with kisses, but needs his own space sometimes as well.

Aries Man And Leo Woman Love Compatibility A Fantastic And Explosive Relationship Full Of Lust, Passion, Excitement And Commitment That Can Go Places
A Fantastic And Explosive Relationship Full Of Lust, Passion, Excitement And Commitment That Can Go Places

Relationship – Cons

When you think of an Aries man, words like leader, stubborn, and spontaneous come to mind. The Ram likes to dominate at work, play, and in his relationships. Finding an equal is not something he expects, or necessarily wants. Then along comes the Leo female.


She can be as regal as her Zodiac sign suggests. She shares the Aries man’s desire to compete and lead. Losing is not an option for the compatibility. When the ultimate goal is compatibility and a love connection, that can be a problem.

Another threat to the love compatibility of the match is what happens after the desire for adventure and sex are sated. The Leo woman is used to winning any argument or debate, and the Aries man is often over-matched. That won’t be easy to handle for the dominating spirit of the Aries man.

There are pitfalls on the other side of the relationship as well. The Aries man is a gregarious person. He loves to flirt and be the center of attention. It is wise for him to remember that his Leo woman shares his jealous nature.

So while he flirts, in what he feels is a harmless fashion, she will be watching with green eyes. The Leo woman understands to a degree that her Aries man needs room to prance, but one infidelity, one disloyal move, will be one too many and end the Aries and Leo relationship.


Aries is a fire sign that is cardinal and Leo is a fire sign that is fixed by nature. The Aries man Leo woman compatibility gets a FIVE Hearts love rating. To be truly compatible, they need to focus on what they have in common: love of life, adventure, and pushing the envelope.

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