Angel Number 808 Meaning

Significance & Meaning Of Angel Number 808

Angel number 808 is your number of interest. Your wedding date has something to do with it. Your parents’ birthday has an affiliation to this angel number.

Finance is a word brought up by angel number 808 symbolism. This is the state of affairs in the money area. You are a middle class citizen. You have been spending too much money. You have met these new people who like to party.

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You also have friends who like to have lunch at the Plaza. You need to go back to your lane. It is important for you to keep your finances in check. A penny saved is a penny earned.

angel number 808

Angel Number 808 Meaning

Angel number 808 has a hoard of meanings. Number 8 is a sign of continuity. It is a symbol of growth and development. Number 0 is a symbol of teamwork. They say teamwork makes the dream work. Number 80 is a sign of progress of an event or an era. Number 88 is a sign of eternity and life after death.

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Ambition is the first signal given by angel number 808. This is the want to be a bigger person. It is the need to move to the next level. It is the hunger to be in power. You are a very ambitious person. You have done a lot to be where you are. You have had to step on peoples toes to get what you want.

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There is a big opportunity for you. You have found out something that may get someone out of the way for you to take your place. This new find could get the person fired. The chain of command says that you are next in line if this person gets out of your way. The angels want you to stop using blackmail. If you play dirty you will never win. Work your way up. Ambition needs to be tamed with discipline and honesty.

Rebirth is a signature by angel number 808 meaning. This is the resurrection of an entity. Your company has been under for a long time. Something happened and the ratings went down. There is new management. The angels want you to prepare for a comeback. Be ready to be number one again. Rebirth will bring back the lost pride.


  1. I will take my million dollars now please🙏🏽

  2. While I’d like to see the meaning in this I feel this explanation is based on fear and guilt and no where near my life experiences. I keep getting this same number and try to only focus on the signs of abundance. I’m not entitled but have done my due diligence. Finances are always an issue in this “American dream” I guess the answer is only in me. Same people have the same problems. Look to yourself, hold yourself accountable and realize whether bad or good things happen for the greater good of the promise for a greater human being.

  3. King David Balotelli

    You guys are lights in the dark. I will send you 1 million dollars

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