Angel Number 644 Meaning

Significance & Meaning Of Angel Number 644

You have been seeing 644 everywhere you go. It showed up at the book store. You saw it on a newspaper. You may have seen it at the pizza parlor. The divine angels are trying to tell you something.

Effort is a symbol given by number meaning 644. This is determination towards a certain goal. You have been working very hard. You are always the last to leave the office. You arrive very early in the morning to start your day. You have been shortlisted for a promotion. You are not sure that you will get this promotion. You know that you deserve it. The guardian angels have seen your effort. They have interceded for you to the higher being. Get ready for the promotion. It will be you.

Protection is a symbol by angel number meaning 644. This is a shield from evil. Negative energy can bring you down. Misfortune can enter your home. Bad luck is everywhere. It is not easy to run away from death. The angels are telling you to relax. Stop being worried about tomorrow. Enjoy today and let the angels take care of tomorrow. If you keep thinking of tomorrow, today will pass you by.

angel number 644

Angel Number 644 Meaning

644 is an interesting repeating number. It has a number 6 which means riches and wealth. It has two 4s to represent protection. 64 number meaning is a sign of insurance on property. 44 is a signal of protection from evil. Read more about repeating number 4 sequence.


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Materialism is the pioneer sign of angel number 644. It means a desire for riches. All your life you have been poor. Your parents worked for rich people. It was a joy to get 3 meals a day. You were struggling with your bills. You have been given a certain opportunity. You know it is an illegal business. You may get caught and go to jail. It has been bothering you because you always wanted to be rich. The angels are telling you to calm down your love of riches and power. They will provide an avenue for you. Patience pays.

Love is a stamp by angel number 644. This is the show of care towards someone or something. You have not felt in love for a long time. You have found yourself caring for someone. You have not told them yet. You fear you will push them away. You need to take your chance. Take him /her out to dinner date and state your feelings. The angels will help you with the revelation.


  1. Thank you for the message 🙂

  2. Angels are only messengers of God Jesus sent these protective angels to protect us from evil. Jesus loves us so much Angels are on their assignment to bring God’s blessing to us

  3. 644 is Emanuel which is Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. This is mentioned in the book “ the Testament of Solomon” by a demon which he summoned before him. This demon also told Solomon that he had other demons underneath him which he commanded they were known as the legion, and that it was number 644 that sent them plunging into the ocean. Mathew chapter 8 verses 28-33

  4. How in the world is this happening, are you freaking kidding me, and NO this is not a ploy, this number was literally forced into my face by a power glitch on tablet while dropping my phone which unplugged and when I picked it up both tablet and phone were flashing and all I saw was 644, if you only knew how true this write up is, I am looking for the camera’s and changing my passwords its so accurate, holy crap…now what?

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