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9 Feng Shui Tips For A Fantastic Holidays

9 Feng Shui Tips for The Holidays

We all love to enjoy these special moments during the year – Christmas with our loved ones, the spiritual celebration of Easter, or just your yearly vacation. Sometimes, it all comes with a bit of stress – buying presents, planning, putting on decorations, and later on taking them down. It’s no secret that the holiday season can also be depressing. So you, too, get pulled into the holiday craze and genuinely enjoy the positive things. We’ve put together these 9 Feng Shui tips for the holidays to make your time harmonized and peaceful.


What good can “Feng-sharing” your holidays do? At first, you have to understand the meaning of this practice. The literal meaning of Feng Shui translated from Chinese is Wind-Water. It’s an ancient Chinese philosophy of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. When the energy around us is blocked or unharmonized, our everyday lives can be severely affected – health, prosperity, and relationships. This ancient practice’s modern concept uses colors, shapes, and object placement to create harmony, so use these tips to surround yourself with positive energy this holiday season.

How To Make the Holidays Better With Feng Shui?

#1. Making space for better energy

Before any celebration, one of the first things to do is to clean up. Naturally, you feel much better in your home when it’s neat and clean, and there’s no clutter around. That’s because we need a change of energy.


All the old, unnecessary things like clothes, toys, and magazines take up space and bring low stagnant energy. Depending on where the clutter is located in your home, it can negatively influence or completely block the energy flow, affecting certain areas of your life. Knowing this, getting rid of the clutter is the first thing to do.

It can indeed be a time-consuming and emotional process too. But given the holiday season, you can also do some good while making space for yourself.

The old teddy bear sitting in the far corner of your room – as much as it’s the sweetest childhood memory, it’s taking up space in your home. And, what good does it do to see it slowly get covered with more dust? Or the home exercise system that you only used once, and now it’s just reminding you that you can’t even find some time for yourself.


Be strong and eliminate all these things. Donate toys, clothes, and books, recycle old newspapers, neatly store the essential items, and free your home from dust.

#2. How To Feng Shui Your Home For The Holidays – Planning and Keeping Calm

One way to stay focused and organized is to create a to-do list. Think about the most important things that have to be done and plan well ahead. Giving yourself enough time to get things in order will make you feel calmer.

Stay organized, so you won’t have to rush. You know your friends and family well – why not buy holiday presents for them a few months early, while the shops are relatively empty and there’s no commercial pressure to get things no one needs and makes clutter.


Make enough time to clean up, but don’t go overdue – make time to rest after a long day at work. Maybe there is something you truly hate doing. Well, you have a choice, either start with that and get over it or delegate.

Maybe a family member enjoys cleaning if you don’t, or hire someone else to do these things for you. The most important thing is to be peaceful and not get into an emotional rollercoaster because of little things that won’t matter in a little while.

3. Surround yourself with positive energy

Maybe at some point in your life, celebrating the holidays with everyone you know and throwing a house party with a huge meal was excellent and necessary at the time. Still, you must ask yourself – are holidays the right time to catch up with old friends you haven’t seen in many years?

There is always a reason why certain things happen in a certain way. The sentiment of holidays can push you into making your life harder to prove that you are the best host or the most caring family member.

Surround yourself with people you genuinely love and feel the same way about you, and exchange positive energy.

#4. Bring colors to your life

Feng Shui’s energy is divided into two main types – the yin- the dark, heavy side, and the yang – the bright and lighter side. Now, for perfect harmony, you need a balance of both of these energies.

Depending on the holiday, you can balance these energies by bringing some elements into your house. The winter months lean more toward the darker energy side, so use fire colors – red, bright yellow, orange, purple, and pink.

Spicy, cooked, warm meals will fill your home with warmth. And it’s the other way around when it’s summertime – bring out the more excellent colors, and have fresh, raw foods to balance the energy.

#5. Positioning according to Feng Shui practice

There are 5 elements and their colors in Feng Shui practice, and they are also expressed in shapes: fire(red, triangular), water (blue, wavy), metal (grey, black, round), wood (green, brown, rectangular), earth (light yellow, beige, square).

So bring these elements, colors, and shapes into your decorations to balance the energy. Also, be sure to place the decorations in a certain way to benefit you- for example, placing a Christmas tree in the Southeast corner will bring you wealth and success. Decorating your tree with red and golden colors will bring harmony and peace to the family.

Wish for more people in your life? Put a red floor mat by your door. These practices are just examples of all the ideas; that can make your home harmonized.

#6. Make the energy flow through all your senses

It is always nice to hear Christmas carols or the birds singing in early spring, the smell of cinnamon, and the touch of grass beneath your feet. So make your energy move by bringing joy to all your senses. Just remember- stay balanced.

In late October, the Christmas carols will probably make you long for the holiday and annoy you when it’s Christmas time- balance it out with some earth sounds. When it’s summertime, sharpen your senses by walking barefoot- either it’s grass, sand on the beach, or a stony path. The change of touch will make your energy move.

#7. The joy of giving is one of the Feng Shui tips for the Holidays

The holiday season can be the right time to bring joy to someone else’s life, too – whether it’s your friend, family member, or a stranger. Giving will also make you feel more cheerful if it genuinely comes from the heart.

Think about what is necessary for one’s life – whether it’s a thing or just some company, and make it happen. But remember, there are always people around who feel lonely and need honest and heartfelt interaction.

#8. The essence of holidays

Always remember – whether it’s holidays or every day – to be appreciative of what you have and celebrate life. It’s not the material values you’ll remember for your whole life but the emotions you’ve experienced.

Be mindful – of your soul and body – it’s good to enjoy good food, but you’ll feel terrible if you overeat, do good, but don’t expect a benefit in return. The same goes for all other holiday festivities. Try to stop from time to time and think about not hurting your body in any way – whether it’s too much food, alcohol, or activities.

#9. After holidays

When it’s time to return to your everyday life, don’t forget to bring the Feng Shui ideas with you. But start by cleaning up, putting away the decorations (and maybe getting rid of some).

Sometimes the ending of certain holidays can come with a bit of sadness, so feed your senses with positive vibes. So use aromatherapy to reduce stress and make your home feel warm and welcoming.

Burn candles or some Christmas lights on for warm energy. Bring out a bowl of fruit to represent the earth and promote good health in the future. And always remember, there are more happy things coming your way because life is all about change.

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