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Grow In A New Relationship: Take Your Time!

Take Your Time To Grow In A New Relationship

Relationships are always interesting, aren’t they? Chemistry, vulnerability, passion, and lust erupts quickly when we meet new and attractive people. The instant attraction that people have for each other might influence them to kick off their relationship rules and forget to grow in a new relationship.


Before couples know it, they make out within the few days they meet. We all love the great feeling that comes with finding a new lover, but there is also the risk that couples should be careful of.

You have not taken your time to get to know this person. Indeed, you lack information relating to their past relationships. There could be a great chance they are in this affair just for fun, and they will leave you crying and broken-hearted.


Have you thought about this? Most people don’t. Therefore, before you rush in and fall head over heels for your new lover, think twice. Since it’s difficult for you to think with your mind, let me give you five reasons why true love should take up to six months to grow in a new relationship.


1] You Need Time To Grow In A New Relationship

People fall in love simply because they see something in the other person that intrigues them. Therefore, when you decide to settle down out of lust and infatuation, there are several steps in relationship building you would be missing in your new affair.

Missing these steps increases the probability of breaking at least one person’s heart within a short period. When real-life issues present themselves to the relationship, you might come to realize the person you thought you loved is not that person at all.


The next thing to do would be to resolve any personal issues. If you could not agree with the other person, consider the relationship a total disaster. What’s more is now you’re thinking the other person is a bum, when in fact, you did more damage by imagining a relationship that wasn’t there.

The best relationship advice here is to get to know each other before you hand over your heart and learn how to make a relationship last forever. Give love time to grow.

2] Love Is Patient

You come across people claiming that “love is patient and love is kind.” Well, it is, so if the person you suddenly have feelings for claims they love you, they should be patient. The notion of rushing things sounds fishy and scares logical-thinking people away. You just met and, the next minute, you want to take your clothes off. It would help if you were looking for things to do to make your relationship stronger instead.

Think of it like this; would this person be ready to walk with you through thick and thin? Odds are they would be the first person to turn their back on you at that first sight trouble. Consequently, they will ghost in this relationship.

3] People Are Always Busy

If you are in a serious relationship and consider this person marriage material, you would be spending lots of time together. However, it isn’t easy when both of you are busy with your routines and can’t find much time to get together regularly. It is good because it buys time for you to learn how to keep a relationship strong and healthy.

Plan a date, from time to time, make an appointment if you have to, and call or text each other. If this person ignores you when you are out of sight, you are out of mind; think twice about dating them. You deserve a relationship where you feel loved and cherished. Your partner should check on you periodically during the day as this shows concern and genuine interest.

4] Time To Judge

In the 21st century we live in, we come across different kinds of lovers simultaneously. Having only one relationship might become an issue for some. Therefore, for love to grow, take your time to know the type of lover you are about to settle down with.

For instance, take time to compare the former relationships you have been through. If things appear messy, this could be a red flag to abandon the affair before it gets serious. You don’t need to say ‘good-bye’ or get closure… move on. That’s how relationships work in the 21st century.

5] In a Hurry? You’re Not Growing In A New Relationship

You might have been single and happy, so where is the rush coming from? love takes time to grow. We all understand this, but we are too blind to notice we are falling into a trap at times. So, now that you have found a new companion learn how to let a new relationship grow.

One thing you need to understand is that they are going nowhere. If they genuinely love you, then they should be here to stay no matter what.

Want some healthy relationship tips? Get your career on track and accomplish your life goals. When you feel ready for the next step in life, take it without hesitation. Doing this at the right time gives you a sense of fulfillment.

Never rush into the arms of a stranger with the hopes of finding love. You might likely be taking the worst move of your life. Just remember, it’s possible that passion would take up to six months to grow in a new relationship.

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