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6 Quick Feng Shui Tips To Selling a House House Faster

6 Quick Feng Shui Tips To Sell Your House Faster

It’s one of those classic stressful life moments – the family is ready to move, and it’s time to sell the house. But…there are so many obstacles. What about the market? What about any necessary repairs? Will there even be enough money to cover any touch-ups before it’s shown by a real estate agent? There are six Feng Shui tips for selling a house to keep in mind to sell the house faster.

There are tons of questions that will swirl around in a homeowner’s head during this time, and it can be a tense and nerve-racking period. Who will buy it? What needs to be done? When will the house finally be ready to go on the market? Or when will it sell?

Where do I need to go for a real estate agent? Why are there so many obstacles? And how does one go about selling a house? How much money should it sell for? But, Feng Shui, an art form about balance, peace, and stability, can be a much-needed aid and can bring calm in this tumultuous time.


Before one sells anything, one must prepare it so that it is attractive and desirable to the seller. In some cases, there will be more work than others. And, if it’s something that’s been owned for a while, like a home, sometimes the owner doesn’t see all of the little problems it may have. Feng Shui can help the owner avoid a lot of pointless and time-consuming work and focus on what’s important when getting ready for the real estate market.


Feng Tips for Selling a House

#1. Role-play as the buyer

It’s important to get a look at the property with fresh eyes. Go wander around and pretend to be the potential buyer. Look for any minor flaws, or awkward setups that may discourage people from wanting to buy. It might even be a good idea to bring over a neighbor or a close friend to take a look with you and ask them to be honest about any changes or adjustments that need to be made before allowing people to view it with the intention of selling.


#2. Don’t get excessive

When preparing a home for sale, get rid of the extra junk, and don’t go above and beyond when buying extra pieces to “stage” it. Buyers will instantly feel that “stuffed” vibe that comes across when a home is too full. That completely goes against the principles of Feng Shui and an overstuffed living space will retain stale energy and send out negative chi. Sometimes people get tempted to add in a lot of extra things to try and catch buyers’ eyes, but it isn’t a good idea.

#3. Think of furniture position

No one wants to walk into a house just to see the backs of all the furniture pieces. Make each room an open, inviting area. Don’t put furniture off on its own in a corner which gives off a “lonely” vibe and doesn’t encourage intimacy or a “homey” atmosphere. It should be cozy, yet open enough to let the people breathe as well as feel the positive energy of the space. Get out the Bagua map to figure out where to put certain pieces, and in which direction to face furniture.


Feng Tips for Selling a House

#4. Pay attention to the decorations

The home will soon transfer into new hands; therefore, there shouldn’t be anything personal on the wall. Fill the walls and tables with impersonal artwork such as calming nature scenes or elegant candles. Place things in a balanced fashion that all people can appreciate. The buyers should be able to imagine themselves in this new home.

#5. Add in water and greenery

Water and plants are the essence of life, growth, and revitalization, and they are an important element of Feng Shui. Adding water elements into the environment attracts wealth and prosperity to any space. Perhaps a fountain, coy pond, or water urn would make a nice touch. Plants help clean the air and bring a lovely, refreshing, and positive chi.


Feng Tips for Selling a House

#6. Let go and adjust the attitude

It can be easy for homeowners to get their hopes up and have extremely high expectations for how much their house will sell for, how fast it will sell, and the type of people who will want to buy it. It’s important to be realistic. Maybe the market’s at a really bad place right now. Maybe there are a lot of adjustments to be made before the house can get out onto the market and do well. Perhaps it will not sell for as much as originally hoped. Consult with experts and take their advice. They know best, and they know the market.

Those are six main tips that could be followed to help a house sell faster, but there are also a few extra Feng Shui tips that could be put to good use! Go through and give the house a thorough cleaning and organization. Not only will it help the house look nice, but it will also remove stale energy and negative chi. It will open pathways for fresh and good chi to flow through the entire house and attract luck and success on the selling front!


Also, this is a good time for the whole family to sit down and come to a consensus about how everyone feels about selling the house. It can be a difficult thing to let go of a place, especially if there are children involved and/or if it’s been owned for many years. Every person should be in the same boat about this decision. If it’s the wrong time, or if people don’t want to move, it will affect the chi of the house and can affect its success on the market.

It can be extremely hard to let go of something loved whether it be an old shirt, a book, a pair of comfy shoes, or a house. When getting ready to part, it is important to let it go and make sure it’s ready for a new owner. When selling a house, Feng Shui can be a huge help to its success on the market, attracting the right amount of money, and encouraging the right kind of buyers.

Following Feng Shui principles, can help the owners find the right furniture position, look at the home with fresh eyes and make adjustments, add in water and greenery, pay close attention to the decorations, not go overboard, and just let go and let things flow as they will! Feng shui has such an unbelievable range. It’s so intertwined with the essence of life that it can be used in all areas, even when selling a home. Keep these Feng Shui tips in mind when preparing to sell a home and move on to a new one. These tips will assist in bringing success and speeding up that selling process!

Perhaps it’s time to sell the house. Maybe it’s time to research the range of Feng Shui. Or it’s a good time to start thinking about making a change, moving, and buying a new place.

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