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5 Excellent Feng Shui Tips For Children’s Bedrooms

Feng Shui Your Children’s Bedrooms The Right Way

The most crucial thing in a kid’s bedroom is to provide a safe, healthy, and loving environment. Using Feng Shui tips for children’s bedrooms is the best thing you do to create a good environment. Since Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice, it harmonizes everyone with the surrounding environment.

The right balance and flow of energy can significantly impact different aspects of one’s life and mind. Of course, your kids change a lot while growing up.


The following five tips will help you provide the perfect environment for your children’s physical and emotional growth.

How Do I Feng Shui My Children’s Bedrooms?

#1. Create Perfect Energy

Kids have much more energy and need space to express themselves and thrive. To create perfect energy for your kid’s room, one of the first things to do is make sure there is good air quality. Availability of fresh air, good ventilation, and even house plants to purify the air.


It’s also a good idea to use the beneficial influence of aromatherapy. For example, put a drop of jasmine and lavender oil in an essential oil diffuser when your kid is cranky.

As for the colors of the room, they should be in the perfect yin and yang balance. Using bright colors, many contrasts, or busy wallpapers can disrupt the energy balance. This can overstimulate the child’s nervous system. It’s better to use pastel tones to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere.


Hence, rooms should not be connected to the living room. This can promote an unsettling environment and cause the child to feel secondary to others’ needs, causing sleep disturbances and self-confidence issues.

#2. Perfect Bed Placement

One of the essential things in the room is bed placement. The bed should be placed in a proper position to get sound sleep. This means you can see the door from the bed, with the headrest against the wall.


It’s better to place it diagonally from the door so that the bed is not the first thing to see when entering the room. This position will psychologically help your child feel in control of the room. They should never be surprised when someone enters.

As for bunk beds, your kids should only be used to feel comfortable sleeping in them and don’t have any sleep issues. The energy is very compressed when sleeping so close to the ceiling. This causes trouble sleeping.

If your children have trouble getting up early, place the bed on the East or South side of the room. In this position, the child is more likely to wake up early. On the other side, North and West promote deep sleep.

During sleep time, the room should be dark. While sleeping, the body produces the hormone melatonin, which regulates sleep and mood.

If there is light in the room, the body thinks it’s daytime, causing a lack of hormone production. Therefore, ensure there are no artificial lights at night- from TV or computer, the street, or any other.

#3. Playtime

The best area for your kid to move around is to play in the middle of the room. It attracts healthy chi energy and gives enough space. Used for yang energy to stimulate your kid’s personality’s creative, exploring, and curious side.

Choose decors and furniture in bright colors, such as red, green, yellow, and purple. For example, blue boosts self-esteem, green encourages exploration, and pink eases connections. But this south wall is to be decorated with all your child’s accomplishments- artwork, awards, trophies, tests with good marks.

This will boost their self-confidence and help to focus more on succeeding. But it is a good idea to place a full-length mirror in a kid’s room.

## The Mirror

The mirror will help build self-esteem and their sense of identity and make the room feel more spacious by reflecting light. Just make sure that the mirror is not facing the bed. Once your children are mature enough, the mirror should be moved from the room.

Better not to expose your kids to electromagnetic frequencies. But these are harsh energies and can badly influence natural energy. Although computers and phones are a normal part of life, kids should have limited time with these devices.

#4. Importance of a study space

In ancient Chinese culture, a significant emphasis was placed on the younger generation’s education. Therefore there are many cures to encourage learning in children. However, according to Bagua (the Feng Shui energy map), the western area is the one that promotes the beneficial energy for learning.

The West element is metal, and the counter element is fire – therefore, you should avoid putting these elements together. But in Feng Shui’s theory, the fire melts metal, causing a disturbance of energy balance.

Colors to Avoid in Your Kid’s Room

Avoid using red colors in artwork or furniture in this area. To strengthen the study area, you should use the colors of metal- white and grey and Earth element colors. Hence, the benefits of creativity are encouraged to put on your kid’s artwork and happy pictures.

All books and other study materials should be kept close to the desk and easy to access. So, place the desk facing the room- your kids will not get distracted by things happening behind them. To think of a bigger vision for one’s life, place a globe or a world map in the North.

#5. Everything in its place in Feng Shui For Children’s Bedrooms

It is imperative to keep the room clutter-free. It helps the energy to flow freely and not to get stuck in one area. Ensure the room is not too full of furniture, toys, and other stuff. The youthful energy needs space to express itself.

You can use storage boxes, bags, or other storage units to keep all the small things in order. In the kid’s room, involve them in helping. Not only does it teach responsibility towards your items.

Train your kids to put away their toys before going to bed. Being surrounded by a messy playground symbolizing an unfinished activity can disturb sleep.

Your kids need space to express their artistic and creative abilities. Therefore you should allow them to decorate their room with artwork and other favorite items.


Home is the place to feel safe and nurtured, and having their own space will improve these feelings even more. So every age has different aspects that should be emphasized. Using the general principles of Feng Shui will help to gain the right balance.

But don’t forget- the kid’s room is just one of the spaces of your home. For a happy childhood, children need the right balance of energy. Therefore, you should also use Feng Shui.

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