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3 Lucky Feng Shui Colors for Success

Feng Shui Colors For Success, Wealth, and Prosperity

Success is a relative term. Each person’s idea of success relates to their dreams, talents, and opportunities. Everyone seeks it, which can cause quite a bit of stress in our daily lives. Colors for success have been used and analyzed for centuries, representing good and bad aspects of life and used in ways to encourage peace, health, wealth, and happiness. Feng Shui has colors that attract success.

There is a lot of pressure to be successful in today’s society, and if one is not, one can feel like an outcast. But there are many ways to succeed. It can be luck, money, opportunity, visualization, etc.


So Feng Shui is no exception in helping in this area. Whether love, life, business, or career, Feng Shui can be used to help encourage and attract success.

Hence, there’s no point in waiting for luck to work its magic. So Feng Shui is worth a try to help with succeed in any of their endeavors.

Feng Shui is about using the life force’s energy to create a peaceful, successful, and organized life. There are many ways to help aid success with Feng Shui. It can be through the balance of the elements, furniture placement, particular objects, or color.


When looking to bring success to one’s life or business, try out these three strong, success-inducing colors:


Lucky Feng Shui Colors for Success


Purple is a stately color used by royalty for centuries. It exhibits power and strength and the quality of “specialness.” Nowadays, it can be considered stereotypical “feminine,” but it is appropriate for offices and other businesses to encourage success.


Not only was it used for royalty, but it also represented wealth and prosperity. That’s just what people are looking for who are hungry for success. It can be used in many areas and ways, and for an extra positive point, it is a calming color that helps relieve tension and stress.

While on the road to attracting success, stress is inevitable. Why not include a color that helps to calm it?


Ah, blue. This is a favorite color for many people. It’s peaceful, calming, and just the right thing to add to an area to help attract success.

It represents reliability and responsibility, depending on the shade. Avoid certain dyes such as navy when using them in a business, evoking a dull feeling. Be sure to use a shade that goes with the company’s energy.


This color, representing light, should be used wisely. According to Feng, Shui is a beautiful color, bringing warmth, sociality, and vibrant energy.

Yellow can be overwhelming, depending on where it is used, but it could be the perfect touch in other areas! It also represents communication, health, friendliness, and lack of anxiety. It should never be the dominant color in a room but will be well-used to highlight or accent other colors or areas.

As mentioned above, success is relative to each person. One might want to use them in their homes, businesses, or even outside their homes! Each of these colors will help attract and bring about a range of financial or opportunity-based success.

Proper Use of Feng Shui Colors For Success

But, it is essential to know how to use color properly. People will often decorate with a color they like without really taking the time to understand what each color means and represents and exhibits to others.

For example, I may like pink, but if I own a successful financial business, pink would not be an appropriate color to include in my wall paint if I want to encourage confidence in my abilities and skills as a business owner.

So, think wisely about what type of success is wanted, what type of business is managed, or what kind of energy and vibe should be portrayed to achieve success. Success is in the eye of the beholder, so the beholder needs to do a bit of thinking and research beforehand to decide how color can be of the best use to them.

If one is a Feng Shui enthusiast, they can be sure to apply its principles of color properly to their homes and business and be on their way to achieving just the kind of success they desire!

There are specific ways one can use color. Check out the following options below:

1. Wall Paint

Wall paint is probably the most obvious way to use color in an area. And, it is the most obvious. So, be especially careful when making decisions about the color choice here.

What’s excellent about wall paint is that the trim can be a different complementing color, and other walls can also be different! One wall could be a vibrant, energetic color, while the other walls can all be white!

The color is still present to do its work attracting success, but it isn’t overwhelming, and it’s been tastefully displayed.

2. Décor

Think about what types of decorative pieces could be added to the space to include the appropriate color. So it could be throw pillows, couches, chairs, rugs, carpets, wallpaper, artwork, candles, picture frames, etc. There are so many ways to include appropriate colors for creative success creatively. It can be fun to figure out how to do it!

3. Plants

Plants are an excellent Feng Shui object to include in any area, but they are perfect and auspicious for business! They add lively, vibrant energy that can only attract success and prosperity, and they’re calming as well.

Plants add color, so look for flowering plants that fit the décor and the room setup. Green is also an excellent Feng Shui color, so green plants would also be appropriate.

Consider all these things when using color to plan for success. But everyone has experienced it firsthand. So Color affects how we feel, carry ourselves, and react to situations.


Feng Shui Colors For Success In Business

Imagine sitting in a bright red office all day at a stressful job! Or sitting in a spa with a sky-blue wall. Each brings a different kind of emotion that affects the energy of the entire scene. So, try to add blue, purple, and yellow to any area that needs a bit of a boost in successful energy. They have the power to help make that happen.

But Don’t forget: color is crucial! So, it takes time to research and reflect on the desires and dreams of the business or other ventures.

Use the color that fits the goals and aspirations and the energy of the person and the business. So it is used appropriately, and color can bring a whole wave of tremendous success! So, start today.

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