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What is Puppy Love And Real Love?

What is the real meaning of LOVE? Puppy or Real

Love is an emotion between two people, usually between opposite genders, which lays the foundation of a romantic relationship. It is a heavenly feeling, an irresistible attraction. We start loving our close family members as soon as our senses start working. A child loves his mother and vice versa. So further, we will see if ours is ‘puppy love or real love’.


People love their siblings, parents, near and dear ones, and childhood friends. These are love arising out of affection to each other and are platonic. As a person grows up, his perception changes, and he falls in love with people belonging to the opposite gender.

It’s a kind of intense attraction that has the potential of culminating into a passionate physical relationship. There are different types of love affairs happening all around the world across all age groups of people. These types can be categorized according to their characteristics.


However, all these types belong to two broad categories: puppy love and real love. Let us discuss how we can identify and distinguish these two broad categories of love and how people can make sure that they are transitioning from puppy love to real love.


1. Love at first sight- Maybe the puppy

It is not possible to have a real love affair with someone you barely know. ‘Love at First Sight’ can best be described as a puppy love that has the potential to develop into a real love affair gradually over time.

Such puppy love can graduate into real love if both partners stay true to each other through thick and thin and the relationship withstands the test of time. In a relationship, maturity is the key to recognizing the kind of love you are in.


2. Attention-grabbing attitude – puppy attitude

In the case of puppy love, the constant attention-seeking attitude of the concerned person distinguishes the very nature of love he is involved with.

In a real love scenario, people are not required to focus their attention on their partner all the time. Real love is a mature stage of love. It does not require any hyperactive show-off.

3. Obsession and infatuation- results in puppy love

Real Love is free from the symptoms of obsession and infatuation. On the other hand, obsessive behavior and intense infatuation towards your love interest are commonplace symptoms of puppy love.

4. Confidence, comfort level, and a feeling of security- real love

When you have graduated to the level of real love, you feel confident about yourself and your love interest. A sense of maturity compiled with responsibility accounts for a heavenly feeling of compliance.

Your comfort level with your love interest and the people surrounding you becomes very easy, normal, and relaxing. A perfect feeling of safety and security prevails upon you, and you can stay assured of the true nature of your relationship.

5. Change of intention

When you are in a puppy love scenario, you always try to do things to impress your partner. The scenario changes when you have crossed over to the next stage.

In a real-life situation, your intention is not to forcefully impress your partner always. You do want to make your partner happy with every act of omission and commission.

6. Sense of contentment

In a person’s life, every day is not the same. Life is full of ups and downs. There may be bad days as well as good days. Arguments may take place between you and your partner.

On some days, there may occur some conflict. However, despite all the provocations in real love, you stay true to each other, and a sense of contentment assures you about the solidity of your relationship.

7. Trust factor – real love

Absolute trust between you and your partner is the key to developing a real love relationship. It is an integral part of a relationship. You trust your partner implicitly, and your partner, on the other hand, has earned it through their years of faithful conduct towards you.

Your partner never gave you any reason that may have led you to distrust them. This is the real test of a successful real love story.

8. Unity among diversity

No two people in this world are the same. Everybody is unique and different regarding their outlook, perception, point of view, and everything else. Despite all these differences, it is of utmost importance to have an absolute understanding between the partners.

Both should be receptive enough to each other’s points of view and ideas. A perfect harmonious relationship can only be achieved if a perfect degree of understanding between the couple.

9. Sex is an integral part of the expression of love

If you are in puppy love, sex became an activity of indulging in your fantasies. In real love, it is a routine affair that both of you look forward to and is a way of expressing the intimacy between the two of you. It is the most serene, tranquil, and private time-space between you and your partner.

10. Unconditional acceptance

Both partners should accept their counterparts unconditionally despite their inherent differences. They should be happy in their partner’s happiness and accept them with all the virtues and flaws. One must accept their partner with all the quality, be it bad or good.

Puppy love at times seems fun and looks cute, but it doesn’t go the distance. On the other hand, real love has the power to travel the distance and have all the ingredients lasting throughout your life.

Real love has the potential of deciding the partner for your life. It is the ultimate test of love that exists between couples.

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