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What Is Magnet Therapy?

What is Magnet Therapy?

Magnet therapy is exactly what it sounds like, using magnets as a method of physical therapy. However, magnetic therapists do not use refrigerator magnets to help people, they use much more powerful magnets. Magnet therapy is used all around the world. It is an extremely profitable business, with reports of earning billions of dollars a year around the world. Some people still wonder if magnet therapy really works or if it’s just a scam or a hoax.

People have weak magnetic fields within their body, and it is suggested that sometimes these fields go more or less out of whack. Magnet therapy is supposed to be able to get these internal magnetic fields back where they are supposed to be. People have good reason to be skeptical about this sort of alternative therapy because there isn’t enough information about the results of this sort of treatment available to prove whether it works or not. However, it is mostly the skeptics who claim that magnet therapy doesn’t work. Those who have actually gotten the therapy claim that it works wonders for them.

How To Use Magnet Therapy?

There are a few ways to use magnet therapy. Sometimes a doctor will prescribe it, but you can also buy magnet jewelry to wear without a prescription. Sometimes a magnetic therapist will simply run magnets over your body, and in other cases, they will ask you to wear magnets on your person to help with your problems. Magnet therapy is said to work better on some problems more than others.

For instance, magnet therapy is great for people who suffer from nerve pain because of diabetes. These people sometimes wear magnet insoles in their shoes, or bracelets made of magnets. Magnetic bracelets have also been shown to be able to help people with osteoarthritis. Sometimes people with this health problem will wear sleeves full of magnets near their joints to ease the pain.


Magnet-wearing time can be prescribed for this sort of thing, just like medicine could be. However, magnet therapy has not been shown to help foot pain, or patients who have just undergone surgery. There has not been enough research on other areas of pain to prove whether or not magnet therapy works on other areas on the body or with other health problems.

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Health Benefits of Magnet Therapy

Magnet therapy doesn’t work for everyone, but when it does work it helps a great deal to reduce pain. Specifically, magnet therapy helps with nerve and muscle pain the best. Magnets have also been shown to be able to reduce numbness, burning sensations, and general pain that sometimes comes with diabetes. With osteoarthritis, magnet therapy has been shown to greatly reduce joint pain.

Magnet therapy seems to be a great pain reliever, and it has very little side effects. At most, you may feel a little dizzy or nauseous because of the magnets. Talk to your doctor before you try magnet therapy though, as the effects of magnets on pregnant women, and people with serious conditions has not been studied extensively yet.

Other Magnet Therapy Facts

Magnet therapy was first thought to be able to help with blood problems, since there is iron in blood. However, magnet therapy has not been shown to affect the blood at all since the iron in blood is not attracted to magnets.

Although, magnets are very likely to affect other parts of the body, especially the nervous system and muscle areas, since this is where electromagnetic fields in the boy are most easily found. Unlike some other “all natural” therapies, magnetic therapy has actually been shown to help with problems. Also, many magnetic bracelets are affordable. So, don’t turn down the chance if you get it.

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