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Dating A Pilot: Your Survival Guide!

Tested Methods For Dating a Pilot

Undoubtedly, being in a particular profession can limit or increase finding a partner. Some people usually claim that love matters most, but when reality starts to catch up, they realize there is more to a relationship than just falling in love. Indeed, the profession of a partner matters most. Talking about careers and their limitations in finding a partner, what are the prospects for a pilot? Dating a pilot can be very challenging but worth giving a try. Here are some reasons to date a pilot.


Dating a Pilot: Good or Bad Idea?

1. They are Bold

Pilots can do what ordinary people are unable to do daily. They are just not afraid of height. Flying as high as 45,000 feet is not a child’s play, and nobody can do that. It takes much courage to do that, and pilots are trained to do it quickly.


2. They Know Places

They will surely tell you interesting stuff about the countries they’ve flown to and places of interest there. This will give you an idea of your next holiday destination. So from Shanghai to New York, Europe to Africa, they will help you plan exciting vacations to your preferred destination.


3. No Dull Moment if you are dating a Pilot

Pilots have a lot to say about their travels, so there will be no dull moment when they are around. They would talk about whatever happens during a flight. They will share stories of experiencing turbulence in the air, a safe landing, and other fun stuff during and after the flight. You will always have interesting conversations when you date a pilot.


4. They Know How to Manage Storm

Pilots face storms many times during flights. Yes, they don’t have clear skies for traveling daily and maneuvering through storms. They can, therefore, extend such character in their relationship whenever there is a disagreement.

Relationships come with many troubles, and it sometimes demands persons with particular traits to deal with them. The pilot can manage storms in a relationship.

5. They are Hot

Take anything from them but not their dressing. Pilots dress sharp and neatly in their prescribed uniforms. There is no doubt that pilots are one of the most well-dressed professions in the world. Their dress symbolizes calmness, serenity, and responsibility, probably why they transport people safely from one end to the other.

6. They are Great Givers

Traveling from one country to another, pilots come across beautiful stuff worthy of being presented as gifts. They can identify unique skills from each country they travel to, and you would be the first person that comes to mind. So they will present you with incredible gifts from his travels.

7. They are Responsible

It is a great responsibility to fly over 200 passengers safely to their destination. At a point in time, they have to make swift decisions for the safety of their passengers. This responsibility and others are what drive them to their daily work. So no matter what, you would be his responsibility.

8. Reduced Flight Charges

What if having a reduced or free flight because you are a pilot’s partner? That is excellent news. If you dated for long, your pilot partner could add you to their travel benefits. With this, you can have reduced prices from the airline they work for.

What about enjoying a return flight in first-class for about $300? This is one of the most significant benefits of dating a pilot.

Dating a Pilot

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