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4 Dating Tips For Vegan Non Vegan Relationships

Is It Hard for a Vegan to Date a Non Vegan?

Dating someone with an entirely different lifestyle and preference can be challenging. You will need to adjust halfway to meet each other’s needs. Such an experience is when a vegan decides to date a non-vegan. This is not as easy as it sounds. Will you have to cook two different meals all the time? Here are 4 dating tips for vegan and non vegan relationships.


Survival Tips for Vegan Non Vegan Relationships

1. What Food is Allowed Home and in the Cooking Bowl

This is very important to avoid stepping on each other’s nerves, especially the vegan. A non-vegan wouldn’t mind getting close to vegan food and even enjoying some of it, but that is a no for a vegan. There is no way you can take meat close to your vegan partner.


They wouldn’t even want to set an eye on it. With this, you have to agree on how and where to keep each other food products. This is the best way to prevent having to mix food.

2. Make Enquiries ahead of Time When Going to a Food Date

It’s not all the time that you may choose to eat at home. You may want to spend some time out together to have a good meal romantically. Where you decide to go is very important as vegan and non-vegan partners.


Not many restaurants serve vegan food as compared to non-vegan foods. So before booking a restaurant reservation, make inquiries about the food they serve. Check from different restaurants and select the one that can meet your dietary choice of each of you. This will prevent one from sitting and looking at the other while he/she enjoys his food.


3. Talk About What and What Not You Can’t Handle

Some vegans adhere to strict dietary and life rules. He may not want to touch anything dairy or see it. So make yourself clear as to what you can feel and what you cannot.

This will prevent your partner from asking you to help them with a non-vegan product. Will it be possible to cook for your non-vegan partner? It would help if you talked about all these and set boundaries.

4. Sacrifice and Go Vegan During Supper

Relationships and marriage are full of sacrifice, so be ready to make one. You must accept going vegan, especially when eating at the same dining table.

You can make your supper the vegan way to prevent having to cook two different meals for supper.

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