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A Stingy And Spendthrift Spouse : How To Cope

How to Cope With A Stingy and Spendthrift Spouse

“For Better or for Worse,” so you said to your spouse, but when it comes to spending, one partner is stingy, and the other is extravagant. Sad to say, it borders marriage by a stingy and spendthrift spouse ready to set common grounds. Coping with a spendthrift and selfish, stingy husband requires patience.


Does your significant other find it difficult to let go of their cash? Are you bothered because your husband spends too much money at the hardware store? Don’t worry, and you are not alone. There are thousands of people who share in your conflict. Here’s how to protect yourself financially from your spouse.



You both grew up differently, and your beliefs vary from one angle to another. He believes in being conservative while you’ve chosen an extravagant way of living. However, acknowledge that you are both living as husband and wife. So compromise. It should be your priority. I know you can’t force him to change all of a sudden, but convincing him to settle could be the best decision.


Merge Your Finances

You might be as generous as a rich donor with your liquid assets, and your partner isn’t. To get out of this predicament, you have to combine your thoughts. I mean having a joint account, whether it’s an emergency fund or an investment. Although separate accounts also work well but with agreeable couples. But if you are dealing with a stingy wife, use the term “we” more regarding money.


Stingy and Spendthrift Spouse Accountability

We’ve constantly heard about this adage that “When the cats away, the mice will play.” I couldn’t agree more that one of them will go astray when you set free your spouse. Sometimes, it’s the wife claiming the husband spends money without telling me. That is to say; the person will take advantage of your silence and absence. And that’s how a stingy person continues to withdraw your needs as time passes. What am I saying?

Being accountable for your partner’s finances will take you to greater heights. In fact, it will be more interesting if you both become liable to one another. You can do this by following common grounds and rules. This includes keeping up with each other monthly bank statements.

Love More

As his loved one, he needs to feel loved. Not only that, but he needs to understand money really can’t buy anyone happiness. It can buy material things that make life easier and more enjoyable, but never happiness.


How do you deal with a cheap husband? You compromise, that’s how. It will free you from all the money, heartaches and blames. Just a reminder, if you are a spender and your partner is a stingy person, you will squabble. Set a good example and be more than ready to meet in the middle. If she wants to go out on a dinner, agree to it without raising issues.

Come Up with a Saving Plan

By this, I mean setting up a “forced” saving plan, especially if he’s a spendthrift person. Make sure you’ve channeled your spouse’s finances in either a retirement plan or savings account. Try to be honest with the person and alert them when you are ready to deduct the amount.

Unmask the Stingy and Spendthrift Spouse

If you were born with loads of financial constraints, you most likely would have money issues as an adult. You may have some anxiety in your adulthood. Here, it’s easy to see why your husband won’t spend money.

He grew up when money was tight, so now, he’s trying to make up for it by holding on to it. He doesn’t want to be broke ever again. Still, you must maintain a healthy relationship with money and material things.

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