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Tarot And Alchemy

The Tarot and Alchemy

“Alchemy” is a term that speaks of “changes and transformation.” At the very basic, mundane level, this is a subject such as making gold from a lesser worthless mineral. Another example is the fairy tale girl spinning straw into gold for Rumplestiltskin. For the Tarot and Alchemy combination, you will see the same subject, perhaps without even realizing it, in the depiction of the Temperance key, when shown as an angel pouring liquid from one cup to another.


At advanced levels of study, you will see the term come up with the topic of the Tree Of Life, Kabbalah, Merkabah, and related subjects. On my site and in my teachings and writings, you find it unmentioned but ever present in my constant urging to “Listen to your own… still, small voice!”



Alchemy. It is a term to think about concerning the “changing and transformation” of our own Higher Self… our Soul… our Spirit. We are ordinary beings with a low physical energy vibration. When we raise that vibration by being more spiritual, making us more intuitive… we practice the ancient art of Alchemy. We are making a conscious change with the explicit purpose of bettering our Self.


The Tree of Life

Many people into Tarot devote extensive study to working their way through the nature of EnSoph, the ten Sephiroth, the three Pillars, and the twenty-two Paths of the Tree Of Life. Such studies can include all kinds of esoteric subjects. Some even drop the Christianized versions for the truer Jewish/Hebrew studies. But the average among us often does not have the time, money, inclination, or perhaps the ‘head’ for such things.


Alchemy and the Tree of Life

However, we are not doomed to exclude Alchemy from our study merely because we have neither time nor inclination for the Tree Of Life. Some would place the term out of reach of the rest of us in the lofty levels of deep study as they look down their noses with disdain at us mere ‘average’ students. Let them… I tell you, this is not true. I tell you that we must take a different approach, one that can work for anybody with purpose and Will. We must remember the definition of “changes and transformation” as it relates to our Higher Self.

Marot Sermons

An example is Marot Sermons, where I take a card and then apply a more spiritual meaning to it than might otherwise be used. For example, the keyword applied might be “courage.” While this might appear mundane, it can be quite a spiritual term if you stand up with courage against injustice, ignorance, bigotry, and other base emotions and actions. In this example, if “you stand up for a righteous cause with great courage,”… you have also unconsciously practiced the alchemy of raising your mundane Self to a higher and more spiritual level of being.

The Spiritual Meaning

Another example is within my Church entries, where I might use an average song to take on a more Spiritual meaning. This was done in the movie “Sister Act.” Take the theme “I Will Follow Him” used there; now converted from a girl following a boy she loves to a person’s devotion to their God.

Yes, it can be as simple as that.

Think about that person we all know who goes out and does all kinds of volunteer things for others. They read to children, visit the sick, give blood, and do all sorts of charitable stuff in their neighborhood. We call them “angels on earth.” Such acts are indeed an alchemic practice without ever even thinking about such a thing. We can all do the same by using our Tarot for guidance and ideas.

Each day we can pull a single card and then think about what it means to us and how we might act on it more spiritually. We ask, “How can I apply this to me today?” Then you listen to your own… still, small voice! That little voice of the Divine dwells within us all, waiting for us to listen to its inspiration.

The Tarot Card

The Tarot card merely being the catalytic tool to aid our progress. It simply gives us a hint of what we might do. Such a little thing, and yet it can be so vital to our spiritual growth. Don’t let anybody pooh-pooh that alchemy is more complicated than this… because it is simple. A matter of “change and transformation” at the spiritual level. How we accomplish this can be as straightforward or as complicated as you want to make it. Some like complication and deep study… I like things simple.

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