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Spirituality Or Simply Materiality?

Spirituality Or Simply Materiality

Everyone knows the adage, “everything that glitters is not gold.” Given that they know the existence of fool’s gold and counterfeit gold, also known as charcoal pyrites, gold miners are familiar with this statement. Most of the time, this material is confused with actual gold. What is the difference between spirituality and materiality?


The Gold Rush

When the “gold rush” hit the United States 200 years ago, many people pursued their dream of becoming wealthy, only to encounter a harsh environment, expensive “required” items, hazardous mountain passes, con artists, uncontrollable flooding brought on by the early spring thaw, contaminated drinking water in makeshift camping tent cities, and digging through granite-like permafrost at a rate of about a foot per day. Few people found enough gold to cover their travel costs.


A Fool’s Gold

Bre-X, a conglomerate of Canadian businesses, started a fresh “gold rush” in America in 1995. They said that the highlands of Busang, Indonesia, had veins of precious metal. As investors invested money in the firm in hopes of becoming wealthy, money flowed in. Fortunes were lost when the gold turned out to be fool’s gold. Because it is simpler to discover, charcoal pyrites look like genuine gold. It has a sheen identical to the gold and is often discovered in the same area as gold deposits. The delight with its finding is fleeting since it is fool’s gold—just like most lottery tickets you purchase.


All That Glitters

All that glitters is not gold is a proverb French theologian Alain de Lille first used in the 12th century. “Do not keep everything gold that shines like gold,” he had said initially. It wasn’t until 300 years later that the term became more well-known. Shakespeare used the phrase “everything that glitters is not gold” in The Merchant of Venice, written in 1596.


In his book The Power of Gold, Peter Bernstein states that “almost all the gold ever unearthed is still there.” Some of it may be seen decorating the sculptures of old gods in museums, while others are tucked away in shipwrecks at the bottom of the sea. Yet astonishingly, according to Bernstein, just one oil tanker could hold all of the yellow gold that was mined if combined in one place and molded into a single solid cube. (Though it’s hard to imagine, the concentration of gold in one location demonstrates how finite the resource is.)

There is much more to life than bling, as the sayings “All that glitters is not gold,” “Sounds too good to be true,” and “Looks may be misleading” all serve to remind us.

Spirituality and Worldly Possessions

Millions of individuals have been made captives by the pull of outward appearances due to humanity’s connection to material prosperity, position, money, power, and prestige. Humanity’s propensity for gold fever, in all its manifestations, has left us with clumsy judgment when choosing spirituality above worldly possessions.

Imagine in your mind’s eye a situation that occurred 2000 years ago. Standing next to another guy is a Pharisee wearing his silk robes, a jeweled hat, and an outer garment adorned with costly stones and diamonds. (In actuality, Pharisees and Sadducees wore eighteen garments—not one, not two, not three. Your social standing increased with the number of clothes you wore.)

A modest himation is worn by the guy next to him over his plain tunic. To shield the user from the weather, a rectangular garment known as a himation is wrapped around the body. The two guys are chatting as they stand there. You cannot help but note the significant contrast in attire when you compare the two. One seems to be a guy of extraordinary wealth, while the other seems to be a man of moderate means.

The Outward Appearances

If one were to evaluate based on outward appearances, one would likely be considered wealthy while the other seemed to be in need. But as you may be aware, appearances may be deceptive. Not everything that glitters is gold! What if the guy wearing the plain clothing was indeed Jesus? Your perception of who was affluent and poor may shift as a result.

The Enlightenment

The highest ideal is undoubtedly spiritual knowledge that leads to enlightenment, as discussed in previous articles and on our website. The Philosopher’s Stone is it. It transforms vile, worldly ideas into brilliant spiritual insights. It transforms commonplace concepts into heavenly ones, priceless gems in an abundance-focused awareness. Like gold, spiritual awareness can only be attained by purging oneself of all that is not gold.

The large roadway of the city was made of pure gold, clear glass, according to Revelation 21:21b. For those who believe in a physical Heaven, the streets are paved with gold. Is their ambition to enter Heaven driven by money fever or spiritual advancement? Is there a gold rush in Heaven? The precise translation of this passage is nothing more than “fool’s gold,” so pardon us if we insult you. It is sacred pyrite. It is a critique of materialism directed against a lovely spiritual reality.

The Metaphysics

Let’s examine this passage in the context of metaphysics:

The Serpentine Energy, the Holy Spirit, and the Kundalini Fire that rises our spine as we awaken are the “great roadway” of the city. Our own Christ Consciousness is the “city.” Enlightenment, which results from our advanced spiritual awareness, is the “gold.” The “clear glass symbolizes the idea that there is no distinction between ourselves and Spirit.”

We will have struck gold when we awaken the incredible power of the Holy Spirit, the Serpentine Fire inside us, and release Its forces. One day, humanity will reflect on its spiritual awakening as the actual “gold rush.”

The Paradise on Earth

You will find paradise on earth when enough of us look for that type of gold. We shall shine and shimmer like luminous creatures. As spiritual beings who have attained awakening, we shall stake our claim. We encourage you to join us in that gold rush so that, one golden nugget of faith, love, and forgiveness at a time, we may change the spiritual awareness of the whole globe.

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