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September 3 Famous Birthdays

September 3 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on SEPTEMBER 3 are known as the astrological star sign Virgo. This personality knows a lot of people but not many know much about his or her personal life. Generally, they like being sociable but they also like to compete.


As a mentor, September 3 celebrities will likely show their best side as they want others to succeed. It’s as much personal as it is professional. The lives they touch only make them better as a person and as a leader. They have skills that are unmatched and could very easily be their own boss.


Famous people born on September 3 probably prefer to be in a relationship that has potential for being long term. Their friends are mainly resourceful people who are supportive of them and their dreams. However, it seems as though they could be impressionable and may need their significant other to keep them grounded.


September 3 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

3 September Good Traits:

  • Sensible
  • Enthusiastic
  • Hardworking
  • Positive
  • Ambitious
  • Spiritual
  • Competitive
  • Competitive
  • Confident

3 September Bad Traits:

  • Impulsive
  • Rigid
  • Unsure
  • Reticent
  • Vulnerable
  • Secretive
  • Loner

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September 3 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaryn Gries, 1990, Reality Star
Adam Curry, 1964, Radio Host
Adibah Noor, 1970, Pop Singer
Adrienne-Joi Johnson, 1963, TV Actress
Al Jardine, 1942, Guitarist
Alan Ladd, 1913, Movie Actor
Albert DeSalvo, 1931, Criminal
Ales Adamovich, 1927, Screenwriter
Alexander Koblencs, 1916, Chess Player
Alison Lurie, 1926, Novelist
Allison Green, 1991, Pop Singer
Amber Lynn, 1964,
Andre Hall, 1982, TV Actor
Andrew McMahon, 1982, Rock Singer
Andy Frampton, 1979, Soccer Player
Andy Griffiths, 1961, Children’s Author

Anne Jackson, 1926, Movie Actress
Annie Elizabeth Delany, 1891, Civil Rights Leader
Anthimos Kapsis, 1950, Soccer Player
Aria Shahrokhshahi, 1996, YouTube Star
Artie Babz, 1999, Pop Singer
Ashley Boettcher, 2000, Movie Actress
Ashley Jones, 1976, TV Actress
August Alsina, 1992, R&B Singer
Austin Wallis, 1997, YouTube Star
Ayumi Fujimura, 1982, Voice Actor
Ben Singer, 1989, YouTube Star
Bill Flemming, 1926, Sportscaster

september 3 famous birthdaysBrad Kaaya, 1995, Football Player
Brandon Beachy, 1986, Baseball Player
Brandon Spikes, 1987, Football Player
Brian Ashton, 1946, Rugby Coach
Brooke Saward, 1991, Blogger
Bryan Buckley, 1963, Director
Bugoy Cariño, 2002, TV Actor
Bugoy Cariño, 2002, TV Actor
Cab Kaye, 1921, Jazz Singer
Carlo Aquino, 1985, TV Actor
Carlo Francis, 1991, YouTube Star
Casey Hampton, 1977, Football Player
Chabeli Iglesias, 1971, Family Member
Chabuca Granda, 1920, World Music Singer
Chance Crimin, 1996, Vine Star
Charlie Scene, 1985, Rock Singer
Charlie Sheen, 1965, TV Actor

Chase Sanborn, 1956, Trumpet Player
Chris Fountain, 1987, Soap Opera Actor
Chris Leonard, 1995, Soul Singer
Chris Nelson, 1985, Baseball Player
Chris Wilcox, 1982, Basketball Player
Christian Anthony, 1997, Guitarist
Christian Rathmann, 1970, Scientist
Christine Woods, 1983, TV Actress
Christopher Chittom, 1997, Vine Star
Christopher Dorsey, 1980, Rapper
Clare Kramer, 1974, Movie Actress

Cocoa Tea, 1959, Reggae Singer
Connie Stokes, 1953, Politician
Costas Mandylor, 1962, Movie Actor
Cristobal Huet, 1975, Hockey Player
Damon Stoudamire, 1973, Basketball Player
Dave Ramsey, 1960, Radio Host
David Bazelon, 1909, Lawyer
David Mead, 1973, Songwriter
David-Matthew Barnes, 1970, Playwright
Derek Redmond, 1965, Runner
Devyn Rose, 1989, Reggae Singer
Dick Motta, 1931, Basketball Coach
Dixy Lee Ray, 1914, Politician
DJ Envy, 1977, DJ
Domonic Brown, 1987, Baseball Player
Don Brewer, 1948, Drummer
Donald Fisher, 1928, Entrepreneur
Doug Langdale, 1974, Screenwriter
Doug Pinnick, 1950, Rock Singer
Doug Spearman, 1962, TV Actor
Dujuan Harris, 1988, Football Player
Ed Konetchy, 1885, Baseball Player
Eddie Stanky, 1915, Baseball Player
Eduardo Galeano, 1940, Memoirist
Eileen Brennan, 1932, TV Actress
Eko Fresh, 1983, Rapper
Eric Larson, 1905, Cartoonist
Erie Abe, 1987, Pop Singer
Ernest Givins, 1964, Football Player
Faye Brookes, 1987, Soap Opera Actress
Fearne Cotton, 1981, TV Show Host
Ferdinand Porsche, 1875, Engineer
Fred Fisher, 1875, Songwriter
Freddie King, 1934, Guitarist
Fritz Pregl, 1869, Scientist
Gabriel Sargissian, 1983, Chess Player
Gareth Southgate, 1970, Soccer Player
Garrett Hedlund, 1984, Movie Actor
Gary Jarrett, 1942, Hockey Player
Gautier Capucon, 1981, Cellist
George Hearst, 1820, Politician
Gerald Neugebauer, 1932, Scientist
Glen Bell, 1923, Entrepreneur
Grace Poe, 1968, Politician
Gustaf Erik Pasch, 1788, Scientist
Gustav Vilbaste, 1885, Scientist
Gusttavo Lima, 1989, Pop Singer
Hank Thompson, 1925, Country Singer
Harshad Arora, 1987, TV Actor
Helen Storey, 1956, Fashion Designer
Helen Wagner, 1918, Soap Opera Actress
Holt McCallany, 1963, Movie Actor
Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati, 2002, Chess Player
Irene Papas, 1926, Movie Actress
Iwan Fals, 1961, Folk Singer
J. Dash, 1984, Rapper
Jake Quickenden, 1988, Pop Singer
Jake Woods, 1981, Baseball Player
James Neal, 1987, Hockey Player
Jamie Corbett, 1998, Vine Star
Jamie Davis, 1983, Soul Singer
Jamie Linden, 1980, Screenwriter
Jang Hyun-seung, 1989, Pop Singer
Jason McCaslin, 1980, Bassist
Jay Joseph, 1998, Family Member
Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 1953, Director
Jed Ortmeyer, 1978, Hockey Player
Jennie Finch, 1980, Softball Player
Jennifer Paige, 1973, Pop Singer
Jenny Han, 1980, Young Adult Author
Jerome Boateng, 1988, Soccer Player
Jessalyn Wanlim, 1982, TV Actress
Jesse Quin, 1981, Rock Singer
Jevon Kearse, 1976, Football Player
John Fugelsang, 1969, TV Actor
John Hamman, 1927, Magician
John Humphrey Noyes, 1811, Religious Leader
Jordan Dreyer, 1987, Rock Singer
Jordan McCabe, 2000, Basketball Player
Jose Pekerman, 1949, Soccer Coach
Joseph Wright, 1734, Painter
Josh Zerker, 1992, YouTube Star
Joshua H. Marvil, 1825, Politician
Juan Perez, 1978, Baseball Player
Julio Cesar, 1979, Soccer Player
Junaid Jamshed, 1964, Pop Singer
Juozas Miltinis, 1907, Director
Kaia Gerber, 2001, Model
Kate White, 1951, Novelist
Kathy Ferreiro, 1993, Instagram Star
Kevin Bojorquez, 1999, YouNow Star
Kim Dao, 1990, YouTube Star
Kiran Desai, 1971, Novelist
Kitty Carlisle Hart, 1910, TV Actress
Konan, 1989, Rapper
Kyline Alcantara, 2002, TV Actress
Lauren Haeger, 1992, Softball Player
Lee Sung-Jong, 1993, Pop Singer
Levy Mwanawasa, 1948, World Leader
Lisa McGrillis, 1982, TV Actress
Livingstone Bramble, 1960, Boxer
Lorenz Larkin, 1986, MMA Fighter
Louis Sullivan, 1856, Architect
Luciano Huck, 1971, TV Show Host
Luis Gonzalez, 1967, Baseball Player
Luisa Hackney, 1995, Instagram Star
Malcolm Gladwell, 1963, Novelist
Maria Bamford, 1970, Comedian
Marianna Komlos, 1969, Bodybuilder
Mario Draghi, 1947, World Leader
Marion Rushing, 1936, Football Player
Mary Grace Canfield, 1924, Movie Actress
Mason Crosby, 1984, Football Player
Mason Dahlberg, 2015, Family Member
Matteo Simoni, 1987, TV Actor
Megan Amram, 1987, Screenwriter
Meghan Duggan, 1987, Hockey Player
Melody McFly, 1993, Vine Star
Michael Acton Smith, 1964, Entrepreneur
Michael Beckner, 1963, Screenwriter
Mike Wengren, 1971, Drummer
Miranda Kay, 2002, TV Actress
Myles Jack, 1995, Football Player
Nakaaya Sumari, 1982, R&B Singer
Narinder Kaur, 1972, Reality Star
Nate Robertson, 1977, Baseball Player
Nichole Hiltz, 1978, TV Actress
Nick Hall, 1983, Comedian
Nick Wechsler, 1978, TV Actor
Nike Boi, 1993, Vine Star
Noah Baumbach, 1969, Director
Nora Denney, 1927, Movie Actress
Nusi McCarthy, 1998, Instagram Star
Olof Mellberg, 1977, Soccer Player
OMI, 1986, Pop Singer
Onaje Allan Gumbs, 1949, Pianist
Osh MacKenzie, 1993, Model
Paolo Montero, 1971, Soccer Player
Paul Kane, 1810, Painter
Paul Mason, 1963, Soccer Player
Pauline Collins, 1940, Movie Actress
Paz De la Huerta, 1984, TV Actress
Peg Parnevik, 1995, Reality Star
Perry Bamonte, 1960, Guitarist
Peter Bernstein, 1967, Guitarist
Pietro Locatelli, 1695, Composer
Pilar Pallete, 1936, Movie Actress
Radoslav Lorkovic, 1958, Pianist
Ricardo Lemvo, 1957, World Music Singer
Richard Wingo, 1975, R&B Singer
Ricky Stanzi, 1987, Football Player
Rita Volk, 1990, TV Actress
Rob Hirst, 1955, Drummer
Robert Bailey, 1968, Football Player
Robert Bruce Elliott, 1949, Voice Actor
Robert Curry, 1984, R&B Singer
Rozanna Purcell, 1990, Model
Sarah Burke, 1982, Skier
Sarah Orne Jewett, 1849, Novelist
Sean McColl, 1987, Rock Climber
Serena Gordon, 1963, TV Actress
Shakti Kapoor, 1958, Movie Actor
Shane Jones, 1959, Politician
Shaun White, 1986, Snowboarder
Sherwood Spring, 1944, Astronaut
Spike Feresten, 1964, Screenwriter
Stefan Kendal Gordy, 1975, Rapper
Stefan Kendal Gordy, 1975, Rapper
Steve Jones, 1955, Guitarist
Steve Schirripa, 1957, TV Actor
Terry Wilson, 1923, TV Actor
Tinkara Kovac, 1978, Pop Singer
Tom Emmett, 1841, Cricket Player
Tomo Milicevic, 1979, Guitarist
Tompall Glaser, 1933, Country Singer
Trevor St.john, 1971, Soap Opera Actor
Ty Warner, 1944, Entrepreneur
Utt Panichkul, 1973, Movie Actor
Uttam Kumar, 1926, Movie Actor
Valerie Perrine, 1943, Movie Actress
VideoGameRapBattles, 1997, YouTube Star
Vivek Oberoi, 1976, Movie Actor
Wally Albright, 1925, TV Actor
Whitey Bulger, 1929, Criminal
Xander Jeanneret, 1986, Reality Star
Yuki Kaji, 1985, Voice Actor
Zoe Henry, 1973, Soap Opera Actress

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