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September 4 Famous Birthdays

September 4 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on SEPTEMBER 4, normally are the kind of people who don’t rely on others. They are pretty clever and are not afraid to put in work. The original ideas of these Virgos have promise as they put them to the test. However, they do not like to take risk unnecessarily. They let their friends do this while they take notes and enjoy the stories.


As a distinctive attractive personality, they don’t have any problems making or keeping friends. However, they and their family may not see eye to eye on matters and are not as close as they would like to be. It can be difficult for them to show their true feelings though.


When it comes to their job, famous September 4 celebrities resent the presence of a time clock. Needless to say, they will have a few occupations before they find the one that is right for them. It’s okay though as they know how to hold on to their money so when times get hard, they have a safety net to count on.


Famous people born on September 4th are a Virgo who could be described as a miser. However, they are not egotistical. The September 4 famous birthday horoscope shows that they are smart and independent. Friends come easily to them, as they are beautiful and dangerous. They have a smile that will melt anybody’s heart.

September 4 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

4 September Good Traits:

  • Exceptional
  • Creative
  • Sharp
  • Intellectual
  • Generous
  • Independent
  • Clever
  • Charming

4 September Bad Traits:

  • Sensitive
  • Thrifty
  • Pleasant
  • Explicit
  • Stressed
  • Brash

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September 4 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Hunt, 1986, Soccer Player
Abraham Bandera, 1992, YouTube Star
Abu Rayhan al-Biruni, 973, Entrepreneur
Adolfas Vecerskis, 1949, Movie Actor
ADoseofBuckley, 1981, YouTube Star
Adrienne Maloof, 1961, Entrepreneur
Alessio Bernabei, 1992, Pop Singer
Alex Moore, 1996, Pop Singer
Alex Roy, 1974, Darts Player
Alexander Liberman, 1912, Sculptor
Alexander Moyzes, 1906, Composer
Alexis Brown, 1982, Metal Singer
Alicia Malone, 1981, Journalist
Alistair Hignell, 1955, Rugby Player
Allen Ortega, 1997, YouTube Star

Amanda Ensing, 1991, YouTube Star
Andrea Brooks, 1986, YouTube Star
Andrelton Simmons, 1989, Baseball Player
Andrew Wright, 1971, Multimedia Artist
Anthony Weiner, 1964, Politician
Antonin Artaud, 1896, Playwright
Antonio Carlos Magalhaes, 1927, Politician
Ariel Ramirez, 1921, Composer
Asa Earl Carter, 1925, Novelist
Ashton Butler, 1995, Vine Star
Asim Jofa, 1972, Fashion Designer
Avery Storm, 1981, Pop Singer

september 4 famous birthdaysAzim Rizk, 1990, TV Actor
Barry Levy, 1972, Screenwriter
Beyonce Knowles, 1981, Pop Singer
Bill Kenwright, 1945, Film Producer
Bindlebeautyx, 1998, YouTube Star
Bireli Lagrene, 1966, Bassist
Blackie Lawless, 1956, Guitarist
Blaire Hanks, 1992, Country Singer
Bob Filner, 1942, Politician
Bob Jenkins, 1947, TV Show Host
Bob May, 1939, TV Actor
Boniek Garcia, 1984, Soccer Player
Bonnie Anderson, 1995, Pop Singer
Brandon Franta, 1994, Family Member
Brandon Myers, 1985, Football Player
Brandon Rowland, 2002, Instagram Star
Cal Scruby, 1989, Rapper
Camila Bordonaba, 1984, TV Actress
Camila Low, 1997, Instagram Star
Carlos Ponce, 1972, Movie Actor

Carmen Consoli, 1974, Rock Singer
Carmit Bachar, 1974, Pop Singer
Carter Jenkins, 1991, TV Actor
Chad Blount, 1979, Race Car Driver
Chandler Murphy, 1996, Instagram Star
Charlotte Le Bon, 1986, TV Actress
Clark Gilmer, 1988, Model
Constantijn Huygens, 1596, Poet
Craig Claiborne, 1920, Journalist
Craig Conroy, 1971, Hockey Player
Cynthia Pepper, 1940, TV Actress

Damon Wayans, 1960, Comedian
Dan Miller, 1980, Pop Singer
Daniel Burnham, 1846, Architect
Daniel Nestor, 1972, Tennis Player
Danny Gatton, 1945, Guitarist
Danny Worsnop, 1990, Metal Singer
Darius Milhaud, 1892, Composer
Dave Liebman, 1946, Saxophonist
Dave Salmoni, 1975, TV Show Host
David Broza, 1955, Pop Singer
David Garrett, 1980, Violinist
David Hutto, 1985, Rapper
David St. James, 1947, TV Actor
Dawn Fraser, 1937, Swimmer
Demetris Nichols, 1984, Basketball Player
Dick York, 1928, TV Actor
Dillon S Myer, 1891, Politician
DJ Sasha, 1969, DJ
Dohnyale Sharon Hines, 1970, R&B Singer
Donquez Woods, 1990, Rapper
Dr Drew Pinsky, 1958, TV Show Host
Dr. Pol, 1942, Doctor
Eduard Khil, 1934, Opera Singer
Edward Dmytryk, 1908, Director
Elizabeth Elias, 1998, TV Actress
Ellie Darcey-alden, 1999, TV Actress
Elliot Dixon, 1989, Rugby Player
Eric LeGrand, 1990, Football Player
Felix Wong, 1961, TV Actor
Frank White, 1950, Baseball Player
Fusionzgamer, 1997, YouTube Star
Gary Duncan, 1946, Guitarist
Gelila Bekele, 1986, Model
George Boolos, 1940, Philosopher
George Percy, 1580, Explorer
Gerald Wilson, 1918, Composer
Gigi Lopez, 1989, Reality Star
Giulia Guerrini, 1996, TV Actress
Gloria Shayne Baker, 1923, Songwriter
Granger Smith, 1979, Country Singer
Greg Brown, 1989, YouTube Star
Guy S. Meloy Jr., 1903, War Hero
Hafiia Mira, 1991, Instagram Star
Hank Baskett, 1982, Football Player
Harold Macgrath, 1871, Novelist
Henry Ford II, 1917, Entrepreneur
Howard Morris, 1919, TV Actor
Hudson Sheaffer, 1988, Family Member
Hunter Summerall, 1997, Family Member
Ian Grushka, 1977, Bassist
Igor Cavalera, 1970, Drummer
Ione Skye, 1970, Movie Actress
Isaac Sopoaga, 1981, Football Player
Jake Cubbler, 2002, Baseball Player
Jake Landgrebe, 1996, Dancer
James Bay, 1990, Rock Singer
James Monroe Iglehart, 1974, Stage Actor
Jason Boyd, 1978, Songwriter
Jason David Frank, 1973, TV Actor
Jason Donald, 1984, Baseball Player
Jay 305, 1984, Rapper
Jeff Tremaine, 1966, TV Producer
Jennifer Metcalfe, 1983, Soap Opera Actress
Jeremiah Smith, 1986, BMX Rider
Jeremy Mockridge, 1993, TV Actor
Jim Clunie, 1933, Soccer Player
JJ Hickson, 1988, Basketball Player
Jody Fannin, 1993, Race Car Driver
Joey Wright, 1968, Basketball Coach
John Bentley, 1966, Rugby Player
John Dimaggio, 1968, Voice Actor
John Garcia, 1970, Metal Singer
John Herrington, 1958, Astronaut
John McCarthy, 1927, Scientist
John Vanbiesbrouck, 1963, Hockey Player
Jon Rettinger, 1980, YouTube Star
Jonny Lomax, 1990, Rugby Player
Jordan Schafer, 1986, Baseball Player
Josh Gardner, 1982, Soccer Player
Juan Paradiso, 1985, YouTube Star
Judith Ivey, 1951, TV Actress
Juliusz Slowacki, 1809, Poet
Kai Owen, 1975, TV Actor
KaiKai, 1983, Bassist
Kaillie Humphries, 1985, Bobsledder
Kain Carter, 1986, YouTube Star
Kaitlynn Carter, 1987, Blogger
Keith-lee Castle, 1968, TV Actor
Kennedy Waite, 2001, TV Actress
Kenzo Tange, 1913, Architect
Kevin Kennedy, 1961, Soap Opera Actor
Khandi Alexander, 1957, TV Actress
Kia Stevens, 1977, Wrestler
Kim Thayil, 1960, Guitarist
Kira Salak, 1971, Explorer
Kiran More, 1962, Cricket Player
Kirsty Hume, 1976, Model
Kristen Wilson, 1969, TV Actress
Kyle Mooney, 1984, Comedian
Lacey Sturm, 1981, Rock Singer
Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, 1953, TV Actor
Lewis Howard Latimer, 1848, Entrepreneur
Linn Ahlborg, 1999, YouTube Star
Lisa Punch, 1992, Pop Singer
Liz Greene, 1946, Scientist
LJ Smith, 1965, Young Adult Author
Lloyd Daniels, 1967, Basketball Player
Lola Tash, 1993, TV Actress
Lonnie Plaxico, 1960, Bassist
Lou Doillon, 1982, Model
Lucie Silvas, 1977, Pop Singer
Mackenzie Sol, 2000, TV Actor
Maddi Jane, 1998, YouTube Star
Mark Gerrard, 1982, Rugby Player
Mark Knowles, 1971, Golfer
Mark Ronson, 1975, Music Producer
Mark Tuan, 1993, Pop Singer
Maryna Linchuk, 1987, Model
Matt Lytle, 1975, Football Player
Max Delbruck, 1906, Scientist
Max Greenfield, 1980, TV Actor
Meade Lux Lewis, 1905, Pianist
Menzi Ngubane, 1964, TV Actor
Merald Bubba Knight, 1942, Soul Singer
Michelle Ashford, 1960, Screenwriter
Michely Manuely, 1999, Gospel Singer
Mickey Cohen, 1914, Criminal
Mike Brown, 1985, Rugby Player
Mike Piazza, 1968, Baseball Player
Mitzi Gaynor, 1931, Movie Actress
Morgan Garrett, 1985, Voice Actor
Moses Brings Plenty, 1969, TV Actor
Mudja, 1998, YouTube Star
Nadine El Rassi, 1979, TV Actress
Nathan Green Gordon, 1916, War Hero
Neyla Pekarek, 1986, Cellist
Nicole Napolitano, 1969, Reality Star
Nigel Bradham, 1989, Football Player
Noah Taylor, 1969, Movie Actor
Noel Haggard, 1963, Country Singer
Nona Gaye, 1974, Movie Actress
Olha Kharlan, 1990, Fencer
Oskar Schlemmer, 1888, Painter
Paige Tiziani, 1991, Model
Pat Barrett, 1941, Wrestler
Pat Neshek, 1980, Baseball Player
Patricia Tallman, 1957, Movie Actress
Paul Harvey, 1918, Radio Host
Peggy Nesbitt, 1997, Movie Actress
Phill Lewis, 1968, TV Actor
Phoebe Cary, 1824, Poet
Pwincessly, 1997, YouTube Star
Ragini Nandwani, 1989, Movie Actress
Ramon Dekkers, 1969, MMA Fighter
Rasika Mathur, 1976, TV Actress
Raul Albiol, 1985, Soccer Player
Raymond Floyd, 1942, Golfer
Raymond Kelly, 1941, Law Enforcement Officer
Richard Otto Maack, 1825, Scientist
Richard S. Castellano, 1933, Movie Actor
Richard Speight Jr., 1970, TV Actor
Richard Wright, 1908, Novelist
Rishi Kapoor, 1952, Movie Actor
Robbie Deans, 1959, Rugby Coach
Robert Blocker, 1946, Pianist
Ronald Ludington, 1934, Figure Skater
Rory McCarthy, 1975, Hurler
Sabina Yasmin, 1954, World Music Singer
Sallie Ford, 1987, Rock Singer
Salvatore Cinquegrana, 1996, YouTube Star
Samantha Armytage, 1977, Journalist
Sammy Ochoa, 1986, Soccer Player
Sarah Childress Polk, 1803, Political Wife
Sarah Solemani, 1986, TV Actress
Scott Tolzien, 1987, Football Player
Shaheizy Sam, 1982, Movie Actor
Shawn McDonald, 1977, Rock Singer
Skye, 2005, YouTube Star
Stacy Sanches, 1973, Model
Stefania Fernandez, 1990, Model
Steve Lavin, 1964, Basketball Coach
Steve Parry, 1958, Guitarist
Syd Hoff, 1912, Cartoonist
Talitha Bateman, 2002, TV Actress
Taya Kyle, 1974, Family Member
Tenzing Trainor, 2001, TV Actor
Terence Newman, 1978, Football Player
Teresa Aprea, 1969, Reality Star
Tom Green, 1991, TV Actor
Tom Maher, 1952, Basketball Coach
Tom Watson, 1949, Golfer
Trevor Gagnon, 1995, Movie Actor
Trevor Martin, 1992, YouTube Star
Turk Wendell, 1968, Baseball Player
Tyler Dennen, 1993, Metal Singer
Vaaiga Tuigamala, 1969, Rugby Player
Vadym Kholodenko, 1986, Pianist
Walter Zapp, 1905, Inventor
Wayne Wilson, 1957, Football Player
Wes Bentley, 1978, Movie Actor
Wesley Blake, 1987, Wrestler
Whitney Cummings, 1982, Comedian
Will Bangura, 1995, YouTube Star
William Wayte, 1829, Chess Player
WillThaRapper, 1996, Rapper
Xavier Woods, 1986, Wrestler
Zachary Abel, 1980, TV Actor


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