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September 2 Famous Birthdays

September 2 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on SEPTEMBER 2 are considered to be Virgos who pay attention to the little details. Their hands-on approach has made them the methodical individual that they are. As a lucrative career they’d do well to join forces with the medical field or as a detective.


Usually those famous celebrities born on this day September 2 are full of energy. But sometimes they suffer with those mood swings that makes everybody around them uncomfortable. Because of this, some individuals choose to walk away. However, the right person knows how to calm them down. This person could be their lover or close friend as they know how they have been hurt before.


Being born on September 2, they can be a worrywart. Did you know this could be the cause of their stomach pain? So many of us hold stress right there in the gut making it difficult to digest many foods and to gain weight or belly fat. Famous September 2 celebrities need to get a massage from time to time to help eliminate the stress in their life.


Famous people born on September 2nd can be organized Virgos as they plan and prepare. Sometimes, they over do it as they are critical and analytic. However, they can have mood swings. Disappointments has had its day in their life now, they need their family’s support.

September 2 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

2 September Good Traits:

  • Practical
  • Detailed
  • Analytical
  • Sympathetic
  • Inquisitive
  • Generous
  • Intelligent
  • Energetic

2 September Bad Traits:

  • Snobbish
  • Unfriendly
  • Timid
  • Shy
  • Moody
  • Vulnerable
  • Intimidated

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September 2 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adolph Rupp, 1901, Basketball Coach
Aimee Osbourne, 1983, TV Actress
Alan K. Simpson, 1931, Politician
Albert Spalding, 1850, Baseball Player
Aleksander Barkov Jr., 1995, Hockey Player
Alex Chu, 1979, Pop Singer
Alexander Povetkin, 1979, Boxer
Alexandre Pato, 1989, Soccer Player
Alice Roi, 1976, Fashion Designer
Allen Carr, 1934, Self-Help Author
Allen Drury, 1918, Novelist
Allison Miller, 1985, TV Actress
Amit Ivry, 1989, Swimmer
Andreas Groethuysen, 1956, Pianist
Andrew Grove, 1936, Engineer
Andrew Kantarias, 1994, Pop Singer

Andrew Knowlton, 1976, Journalist
Andrew Tainton, 1990, Instagram Star
Anne Whitney, 1821, Sculptor
Anthony Wong, 1961, Movie Actor
Archibald Gardner, 1814, Entrepreneur
Arin Ray, 1995, Pop Singer
Arnaldo Antunes, 1960, Rock Singer
Asaf Goren, 1992, Dancer
Ashley Sander, 1987, YouTube Star
Ashwini Koul, 1993, TV Actor
Austin Abrams, 1996, Movie Actor
Austin Forkner, 1998, Motorcycle Racer
Barbara Jo Allen, 1906, TV Actress
Ben Towers, 1998, Entrepreneur

september 2 famous birthdaysBerguzar Korel, 1982, TV Actress
Bill Shankly, 1913, Soccer Coach
Billi Gordon, 1954, Novelist
Billy Preston, 1946, Soul Singer
Bobbi Dean, 1989, Model
Brad Neely, 1967, Cartoonist
Bradley Wood, 1991, Soccer Player
Braiden Wood, 1993, Guitarist
Brandon Ingram, 1997, Basketball Player
Brian Imanuel, 1999, Vine Star
Brian Keselowski, 1981, Race Car Driver
Brian McGrattan, 1981, Hockey Player
Brian Westbrook, 1979, Football Player
Brittany Sky, 1988, DJ
Buddy Gorman, 1921, Movie Actor

Cacai Bautista, 1978, TV Actress
Camille Grammer, 1968, Reality Star
Carley Wynn, 2005, Reality Star
Carlos Valderrama, 1961, Soccer Player
Caroline O’Connor, 1962, Stage Actress
Cathal Pendred, 1987, MMA Fighter
Chad Kimball, 1976, Stage Actor
Chance Sutton, 1996, Vine Star
Charles Trippy, 1984, YouTube Star
Charlie Walk, 1966, Business Executive
ChazOfftopic, 1996, YouTube Star
Chink Santana, 1972, Music Producer
Chris Knox, 1952, Punk Singer
Christa McAuliffe, 1948, Astronaut

Christian Bethancourt, 1991, Baseball Player
Christian Ivaldi, 1938, Pianist
Chuck McCann, 1934, TV Actor
Clarence Felder, 1938, Movie Actor
Claude Nicollier, 1944, Astronaut
Clifford Jordan, 1931, Saxophonist
Conor Scott, 1994, Pop Singer
Cynthia Watros, 1968, TV Actress
Dakota Dufloth, 1994, Guitarist
Dan Connolly, 1982, Football Player
Dan Kiley, 1912, Architect
Dan Southworth, 1974, Movie Actor
Dan White, 1946, Criminal
Daniel Arap Moi, 1924, World Leader
Daniel Boateng, 1992, Soccer Player
Danielle Fogarty, 1991, Family Member
Danilo Borgato, 1990, Model
Danny Shittu, 1980, Soccer Player
Darren Farley, 1985, YouTube Star
Darren Mattocks, 1990, Soccer Player
Davante Gardner, 1991, Basketball Player
David Bale, 1941, Activist
David Glass, 1935, Business Executive
Davyd Winter-Bates, 1985, Bassist
Derek Reid, 1927, Scientist
Devon Wylie, 1988, Football Player
Dino Cazares, 1966, Guitarist
Donald Margulies, 1954, Playwright
Du-Shaunt Stegall, 1994, Dancer
Dylan Mayoral, 1997, Dancer
Edmund Snow Carpenter, 1922, Scientist
Edward Edson Lee, 1884, Young Adult Author
Edward Pollock, 1823, Poet
Edwin G. Booz, 1887, Entrepreneur
Egypt Criss, 1998, Reality Star
Eleanor Friedberger, 1976, Rock Singer
Emily Tucker, 1991, Soap Opera Actress
Eric Dickerson, 1960, Football Player
Erin Hershey Presley, 1976, Soap Opera Actress
Ernie Sigley, 1938, TV Show Host
Eugene Field, 1850, Children’s Author
Eugenio Derbez, 1962, TV Actor
Evan Crawford, 1986, Baseball Player
Felly, 1995, Rapper
Francis Matthews, 1927, TV Actor
Fred St-Gelais, 1974, Composer
Frederic Kanoute, 1977, Soccer Player
Frederick Soddy, 1877, Scientist
Gabe Eggerling, 2003, TV Actor
Gabe York, 1993, Basketball Player
Gai Waterhouse, 1954, TV Actress
Gary Hollywood, 1979, TV Actor
Gavin Casalegno, 1999, Movie Actor
Gelson Fernandes, 1986, Soccer Player
Gerhard Thiele, 1953, Astronaut
GermanLetsPlay, 1992, YouTube Star
Glen Sather, 1943, Hockey Coach
Grady Nutt, 1934, Religious Leader
Guy Laliberte, 1959, Entrepreneur
Gyasi Zardes, 1991, Soccer Player
Hal Ashby, 1929, Director
Hande Ataizi, 1973, Movie Actress
Harry Northup, 1940, Movie Actor
Harvey Levin, 1950, Entrepreneur
Hayley Noelle, 2008, YouTube Star
Hendersin, 1988, Rapper
Horace Silver, 1928, Composer
Howard Nunnelly, 1999, Drummer
Ignacio Rodriguez, 1970, Basketball Player
ImDontai, 1992, YouTube Star
Isaiah Martinez, 1994, Wrestler
Ishant Sharma, 1988, Cricket Player
Isidor Philipp, 1863, Pianist
Jack Lang, 1939, Politician
Jack Trengove, 1991, Australian Rules Footballer
Jack Vale, 1973, YouTube Star
Jackie Wyers, 1995, YouTube Star
Jairus Kersey, 1991, Rock Singer
Jake Bundrick, 1983, Drummer
Janos Fadrusz, 1858, Sculptor
Jason Blake, 1973, Hockey Player
Javi Martinez, 1988, Soccer Player
Jeff Curran, 1977, MMA Fighter
Jim Demint, 1951, Politician
Jimmy Connors, 1952, Tennis Player
Joan Bennett Kennedy, 1936, Family Member
Joey Barton, 1982, Soccer Player
Johan Daisne, 1912, Novelist
John Rutherford, 1952, Law Enforcement Officer
John Zorn, 1953, Saxophonist
Jon Feldman, 1967, Screenwriter
Jonathan Goldstein, 1968, Screenwriter
Jonathan Kite, 1979, TV Actor
Jonathan Torres, 1989, MMA Fighter
Jordan Malloch, 1978, Canoer
Joshua Henry, 1984, Stage Actor
Kai Forbath, 1987, Football Player
Kat Robichaud, 1983, Pop Singer
Kate Robin, 1970, Playwright
Katt Williams, 1973, Comedian
Keanu Reeves, 1964, Movie Actor
Keir Starmer, 1962, Lawyer
Keisuke Kato, 1988, TV Actor
Kian Lawley, 1995, YouTube Star
Kjetil Andre Aamodt, 1971, Skier
Kristen Cloke, 1968, TV Actress
Kyle Bekker, 1990, Soccer Player
Lakshmi Mittal, 1950, Entrepreneur
Lamar Johnson, 1950, Baseball Player
Larry Smith, 1947, Football Player
Len Carlson, 1937, Voice Actor
Lennox Lewis, 1965, Boxer
Liam Clancy, 1935, Folk Singer
Liliuokalani, 1838, Royalty
Linda Purl, 1955, TV Actress
Lisa Daniels, 1977,
Luana Vjollca, 1991, Pop Singer
Luke Bullen, 1973, Drummer
Lyndsey Elm, 1992, Pop Singer
Madilyn Bailey, 1992, Pop Singer
Malachiae Warren, 1995, Pop Singer
Marcus Ericsson, 1990, Race Car Driver
Marcus Morris, 1989, Basketball Player
Marge Champion, 1919, Dancer
Mark Battles, 1991, Music Producer
Mark Harmon, 1951, TV Actor
Markieff Morris, 1989, Basketball Player
Mary Jo Catlett, 1938, TV Actress
Matt Moneymaker, 1965, TV Show Host
Matthew Wentworth, 1988, Guitarist
Mazin Elsadig, 1987, TV Actor
MC Chris, 1975, Rapper
Merrill Reese, 1942, Radio Host
Merritt Patterson, 1990, TV Actress
Michael Dante, 1931, TV Actor
Michael Goldenberg, 1965, Screenwriter
Michele Gumabao, 1992, Reality Star
Mihhail Lotman, 1952, Politician
Mike Duce, 1988, Rock Singer
Mike Magee, 1985, Soccer Player
Mike McGill, 1964, Skateboarder
Milo Hamilton, 1927, Sportscaster
Mohsin Saleh, 2014, Family Member
Montana Cox, 1993, Model
Natalie Alvarado, 1979, R&B Singer
Nate Archibald, 1948, Basketball Player
Necole Kane, 1986, Blogger
Neill Collins, 1983, Soccer Player
Nia Rader, 1988, YouTube Star
Nick Hardwick, 1981, Football Player
Nikki Taylor Melton, 1997, Movie Actress
Paris Nicole, 1989, Radio Host
Paul Edwards, 1923, Philosopher
Paul Goodwin, 1956, Composer
Pawan Kalyan, 1971, Movie Actor
Playa Fly, 1977, Rapper
Rae Morris, 1992, Pop Singer
Rafik Halliche, 1986, Soccer Player
Ramon Valdés, 1923, TV Actor
Ray McDonald, 1984, Football Player
Red Joker, 1997, YouTube Star
Reinfried Marass, 1960, Photographer
Rich Aurilia, 1971, Baseball Player
Rich Boy, 1983, Rapper
Robert Shapiro, 1942, Lawyer
Roberto Urbina, 1983, TV Actor
Roger Carpenter, 1945, Scientist
Romaldo Giurgola, 1920, Architect
Romare Bearden, 1911, Painter
Rosanna Desoto, 1950, Movie Actress
Ross Smith, 1992, Vine Star
Rutger Vink, 1989, YouTube Star
Salma Hayek, 1966, Movie Actress
Sam Mitchell, 1963, Basketball Player
Sami Salo, 1974, Hockey Player
Sandi Beadles, 1966, Family Member
Scott Barron, 1985, Soccer Player
Scott Moir, 1987, Figure Skater
Sergej Trifunovic, 1972, Movie Actor
Shane O’Neill, 1993, Soccer Player
Shauna Sand, 1971, TV Actress
Shayla Worley, 1990, Gymnast
Sierra Neudeck, 2001, Dancer
Skender Kulenovic, 1910, Poet
SooSuperior, 1997, YouTube Star
Spencer Smith, 1987, Drummer
Steve Ball, 1969, Soccer Player
Steve Porcaro, 1957, Composer
Sudeep, 1973, Movie Actor
Sue Cleaver, 1963, Soap Opera Actress
Sungha Jung, 1996, Guitarist
Syleena Johnson, 1976, R&B Singer
Tamra Barney, 1967, Reality Star
Tayler Buono, 1993, Pop Singer
Terry Bradshaw, 1948, Football Player
Tiffany Hines, 1983, TV Actress
Tim Key, 1976, Comedian
Tim Lee Carter, 1910, Politician
Tineke Younger, 2001, Star
TJ Jagodowski, 1971, Comedian
Tom Roach, 1985, Australian Rules Footballer
Tommy Maddox, 1971, Football Player
Tony Alva, 1957, Skateboarder
Tony Thompson, 1975, R&B Singer
Travis Dean, 1977, YouTube Star
Tuc Watkins, 1966, TV Actor
TwoSync Mat, 1988, YouTube Star
Vance DeGeneres, 1954, Guitarist
Walt Simonson, 1946, Comic Book Artist
Wilhelm Ostwald, 1853, Scientist
William Hanson, 1989, Novelist
Yani Gellman, 1985, TV Actor
Zedd, 1989, DJ
Zonder Kennedy, 1955, Guitarist


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