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Expectations from A Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading: What to Expect

A huge problem for people who use divination is the fear that the people for whom they divine will be displeased with their readings, and then decry the reader as a fraud or a scammer. To reduce the possibility of this happening, here are some expectations from your psychic reading, and some things you should not.


Of course, there are phony diviners out there. There are more phony diviners than there are real, talented fortune tellers. After you’ve learned how to distinguish the difference between a phony and a genuine diviner, here are some things you can do to make sure you get everything you expect.

DO: Come to the reader with a specific question or matter about which you want advice or insight.


DO NOT: Expect the reader to pull your problems out of a hat and then also address them.

– The expectation from readers is that they should be omniscient, and be able to not only tell you how to deal with your problems, but what those problems are in the first place. We can’t look into the aether and see all your issues written on a page – you have to tell us what we’re looking at so that we can interpret the results of our readings around that matter.


DO: Ask questions, interact with the reader, and be honest.

DO NOT: Lie about something you want information on.

Revealing Information

As mentioned above, we don’t know what your problems are unless you tell us. You cannot tell us that you are a faithful lover when the answers you want are concerning how to cover up your affair or tell us you don’t know about something that happened to you when you certainly do. If you don’t want to reveal some bit of information, please, please just say so, and don’t lie about it. It makes the reader’s job harder and may skew the reading in a false direction.


DO: Ask for advice regarding what you should do, or ask for insight on what could happen in the future.

DO NOT: Expect a solidified, one-hundred-percent-probability answer to any question regarding your own choices or timeline.

– The world exists in an infinite number of states. We can no more predict at exactly what age you will have your first child than we can predict the number of red blood cells in your body. We can give you insights into possible future timelines, and advice on what you should do to try to push your timeline in a direction you would prefer over others, but in this world, there is nothing absolute. Psychists cannot give absolute answers, so please do not ask absolute questions.


DO: Be understanding if the answers you sought didn’t come the way you wanted, accept that there are other possibilities in your life than the single outcome you were hoping for, and be mindful that the results you hear are only one of an infinite number of possibilities, albeit one that is more likely to happen if you continue without changing your path.

DO NOT: Be upset when the answer you wanted does not come up, or when your questionable morality is called into the spotlight by the advice the divination gives, or accuse the reader of biasing or skewing the results to favor an outcome you didn’t want.

– Any real diviner will interpret the results of their psychic reading as accurately and as truthfully as possible. The things that come up in the readings are important, and if they advise you to do something that you don’t want to do for selfish reasons, then you might reconsider your motives rather than become upset and call the reader a fraud because they didn’t tell you the answers you wanted to hear.

If you want to be told something specific, pay someone to tell you that thing! If you want advice and insight, do not become upset if the advice you sought out tells you something other than what you wanted to hear. That’s what the point of advice from somewhere other than inside your mind is.

Hopefully, knowing the things you now do, you will be more open to having readings done and will accept that nothing in the universe is absolute. On behalf of all real diviners, I invite you to our tables. Maybe we can tell you something interesting.

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