Black Moon Lilith

Black Moon Lilith

The Black Moon Lilith calculator will help you find out what zodiac sign your Black Moon Lilith is in. This point in astrology is less well known. This is because it is not a particular planet, but it is a point in the sky based on the ecliptic of the moon’s revolution around the earth.

In astrology, this black moon Lilith is of extreme importance for it is our shadow side that we must understand or forever be controlled by it.

How this black moon Lilith influences you can become known by interpreting the how this black moon is positioned in your birth chart. This point in the sky refers to you habitual concerns for power and the dark side of you that does what is necessary in order to get what you want.

No matter how much pain and suffering you may cause, this is the point in the sky that must be known or else it can destroy you without you ever knowing what the cause of your radical behavior was.

Black Moon Lilith Astrology Reading

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When the orbit of the moon is farthest from the earth, the axis of perigee is formed.  There is an empty space in the sky that is a point that is called the black moon Lilith.  It takes about 9 years for the black moon Lilith to complete a cycle around the zodiac as it does take nearly 40 degrees per year to travel.

That makes it so that lots of people born around the same year may have the same sign of the black moon Lilith.  What makes it more unique is the house that it is travel through. For now, though, for you to get a good idea of the general tendencies of this position of the sky, we will look solely at the zodiac sign that black moon Lilith was transiting on the day of your birth.

The analysis of the black moon characteristic of your sign is mind expanding.  You will be given a clue into the nature of your dark side. You will discover what is hidden in you that must be revealed in order to have more balance in your life.

With this black moon Lilith report you will be able to predict you behaviors as well as others when it comes to their dark side.  You can reveal the secrets of yourself that you may not want to know, but of what will be valuable knowledge for yourself.  You will be able to overcome your bad ways of being once you become more conscious of this hidden influence.

All you have to do to get this extraordinary free report is fill in the simple details of you day, month and year of birth. You will find out what zodiac sign your black moon Lilith is in and begin to explore yourself a lot deeper.

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