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October 15 Famous Birthdays

October 15 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on OCTOBER 15 are special individuals. This Libra is the kind of person that loves touching, giving hugs and playing footsies. In love, they feel as though they are on top of the world. It’s easy to see as they have that permanent smile on their face.


Having someone to come home to makes working and providing those niceties in life worthwhile. While they are righteous, they have some problems with their temper. Their fuse is really short and sometimes, they don’t have all of the facts before they get upset and blow up. This hasn’t stopped anyone from liking them but it could put a temporary damper on things.


Most people know them to be a clever and dependable Libras. They need to find a common ground and work things out before they start yelling at people. Usually, famous people born on October 15 make a good living and are active.


But they would do well to not tell anyone about their latest windfall. Not everyone is honest and those are the people who want to use them. They know who they are by the conditions of their weather. Learning to say no is likely one of the hardest things they’ll ever have to do in life but they can do it. Practice makes perfect, my friend.

Famous people born on OCTOBER 15th are Libra who are critical and curious. They will enjoy the spotlight as opposed to others born under this zodiac sign. Their lover must be loyal or they would rather be alone.

October 15 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

15 October Good Traits:

  • Loyal
  • Intelligent
  • Dedicated
  • Popular
  • Curious
  • Spiritual
  • Dreamer
  • Forgiving
  • Zesty
  • Honest
  • Determined
  • Smart

15 October Bad Traits:

  • Vulnerable
  • Naïve
  • Superficial
  • Anxious
  • Confused
  • Extravagant

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October 15 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abdul Kalam, 1931, Scientist
Adrienne Finch, 1992, YouTube Star
Agus Bernasconi, 1996, TV Actor
Alex Paterson, 1959, Music Producer
Alexander Dreyschock, 1818, Pianist
Alfie Kohn, 1957, Non-Fiction Author
Ali Fazal, 1986, Movie Actor
Ali Official, 1992, YouTube Star
Allan Ramsay, 1686, Poet
Andy Cole, 1971, Soccer Player
Anthony Joshua, 1989, Boxer
Antonio Canizares Llovera, 1945, Religious Leader
Arron Afflalo, 1985, Basketball Player
Art James, 1929, Game Show Host
Arthur B. Reeve, 1880, Novelist
Arthur Schlesinger Jr., 1917, Historian
Bailee Madison, 1999, TV Actress

Ballard MacDonald, 1882, Songwriter
Barry McGuire, 1937, Rock Singer
Bianca Andrade, 1994, YouTube Star
Bianca Rinaldi, 1974, Soap Opera Actress
Bianca Robles, 1997, YouTube Star
Bill Charlap, 1966, Pianist
Bill Henry, 1927, Baseball Player
Billy Smart Jr., 1934,
Blaine Gabbert, 1989, Football Player
Bobby Burling, 1984, Soccer Player
Brandon Whitt, 1982, Race Car Driver
Brenda K. Starr, 1966, Pop Singer
Brennan Mejia, 1990, TV Actor
Brice Marden, 1938, Painter
Brock Nelson, 1991, Hockey Player
Bruno Senna, 1983, Race Car Driver
Cameron Fuller, 1995, Model
Carla Zuckerman, 1996, TV Actress
Carlos Garcia, 1967, Baseball Player
Cenek Styblo, 1981, YouTube Star
Chad McCumbee, 1984, Race Car Driver
october 15 famous birthdaysChantal Strand, 1987, Voice Actor
Charline Labonte, 1982, Hockey Player
Charlotte hope, 1995, TV Actress
Chris De Burgh, 1948, Rock Singer
Chris Deburgh, 1948, Rock Singer
Christian Allen, 1976, Game Designer
Chuck Phillips, 1952, Journalist
Claire Luce, 1903, Stage Actress
Clifford Ross, 1952, Sculptor
Conrad Ansorge, 1862, Pianist
Cosculluela, 1980, Rapper
Dalia El Behery, 1970, Movie Actress
David Trezeguet, 1977, Soccer Player
David Trimble, 1944, Politician
Dean Miller, 1965, Country Singer
Delfina Merino, 1989, Field Hockey Player
Devon Gummersall, 1978, TV Actor
Didier Deschamps, 1968, Soccer Player
Digangana Suryavanshi, 1997, TV Actress

Dominic Sandoval, 1985, Dancer
Dominic West, 1969, TV Actor
Doug Hehner, 1983, Reality Star
Douglas Doty, 1874, Screenwriter
Duke Williams, 1990, Football Player
Ed McBain, 1926, Screenwriter
Edith Wilson, 1872, Political Wife
Elena Dementieva, 1981, Tennis Player
Elias Andra, 1973, Drummer
Elisa Serrano, 1993, Instagram Star
Elize Ryd, 1984, Rock Singer
Emeril Lagasse, 1959, Chef
Emma Pickles, 1994, YouTube Star
Eric Benet, 1966, R&B Singer
Ethan Cruikshank, 2003, Family Member
Evan Hunter, 1926, Novelist
Fanny Howe, 1940, Poet
Fedez, 1989, Rapper
Fela Kuti, 1938, Saxophonist
Fred Hoiberg, 1972, Basketball Coach

Frederick William IV, 1795, Royalty
Friedrich Nietzsche, 1844, Philosopher
Gavin Lee, 1971, Stage Actor
George J Borjas, 1950, Economist
George Turner, 1916, Novelist
Ginuwine, 1970, R&B Singer
Glen Rogers, 1962, Criminal
Gotz Otto, 1967, Movie Actor
Guo Jingjing, 1981, Diver
Habib Wahid, 1979, Composer
Haim Saban, 1944, Entrepreneur
Hannah Leigh, 1996, TV Actress
Helen Hunt Jackson, 1830, Poet
Herman Chittison, 1908, Pianist
Imran Abbas Naqvi, 1982, TV Actor
Ina Claire, 1893, Stage Actress
Jaci Velasquez, 1979, Rock Singer
Jacob Bannon, 1976, Rock Singer
Jakob Poeltl, 1995, Basketball Player
James Lastovic, 1994, Soap Opera Actor
Jane Darwell, 1879, Movie Actress
Jarrod Schulz, 1977, Reality Star
Jay Sweifach, 1963, Pianist
Jean Peters, 1926, Movie Actress
Jean Price-Mars, 1876, Novelist
Jeff Sutphen, 1977, Game Show Host
Jenna Talackova, 1988, Model
Jenny Thompson, 1910, Runner
Jeon Ji-yoon, 1990, Pop Singer
Jere Burns, 1954, TV Actor
Jessica Rey, 1982, TV Actress
Jessie Ware, 1984, R&B Singer
Jim Leach, 1942, Politician
Jim Palmer, 1945, Baseball Player
Jimmy Lin, 1974, Movie Actor
Jimmy Star, 1964, Radio Host
Joe Klecko, 1953, Football Player
Johannes Sikkar, 1897, Politician
John Coleman, 1934, TV Show Host
John Getz, 1946, Movie Actor
John John Da Don, 1989, Rapper
John Kenneth Galbraith, 1908, Economist
John Lawrence Sullivan, 1858, Boxer
John Reed King, 1914, Game Show Host
JoJo Rock, 2004, Rapper
Jonas Ingram, 1887, War Hero
Joni Eareckson Tada, 1949, Novelist
Jorge Campos, 1966, Soccer Player
Jose Quintero, 1924, Director
Joseph Rucker Lamar, 1857, Supreme Court Justice
Joy Bisco, 1975, Movie Actress
Juozas Glinskis, 1933, Playwright
Juraj Neidhardt, 1901, Architect
Jyrki 69, 1968, Opera Singer
Kalif Alhassan, 1990, Soccer Player
Karla Alvarez, 1972, Soap Opera Actress
Kevin Harrington, 1956, Entrepreneur
Keyshia Cole, 1981, R&B Singer
Khanyi Mbau, 1985, TV Actress
Kiko Mizuhara, 1990, Model
Kimberly Schlapman, 1969, Country Singer
Lady Creepypasta, 1999, YouTube Star
Lane Toran, 1982, TV Actor
Larry Miller, 1953, Movie Actor
Lee Donghae, 1986, Pop Singer
Lee Iacocca, 1924, Entrepreneur
Leroy Barnes, 1933, Criminal
Lil Kleine, 1994, Rapper
Lim Yew Hock, 1914, Politician
Linda Lavin, 1937, TV Actress
Lottie Ryan, 1985, Radio Host
Marc Hudson, 1984, Metal Singer
Maria Teresa Mirabal, 1935,
Marina Damlaimcourt, 1979, Triathlete
Mario Puzo, 1920, Novelist
Marion Donovan, 1917, Entrepreneur
Mark Lenard, 1924, TV Actor
Mary Cake, 1995, Instagram Star
Matt Keeslar, 1972, Movie Actor
Matt Kido, 1988, YouTube Star
Maxim Lieber, 1897,
Megan Hodge, 1988, Volleyball Player
Mel Harder, 1909, Baseball Player
Mervyn LeRoy, 1900, Director
Mesut Ozil, 1988, Soccer Player
Michael Caton-Jones, 1957, Director
Michael Garner, 1954, TV Actor
Michael Ingram Jr., 1993, Vine Star
Michael Lewis, 1960, Novelist
Michael Madison, 1977, Criminal
Michea Crawford, 1986, Model
Michel Foucault, 1926, Philosopher
Michel Mazingu-Dinzey, 1972, Soccer Player
Mickey Baker, 1925, Guitarist
Mike Barnicle, 1943, Journalist
Mimi Kirkland, 2004, TV Actress
Minh Tuyet, 1976, Pop Singer
Mira Nair, 1957, Director
Mirza Ibrahimov, 1911, Playwright
Mohammed Zahir Shah, 1914, Royalty
Nengo Flow, 1981, Reggae Singer
Nick Holt, 1962, Football Coach
Nick LaQuay, 1997, Instagram Star
Nikki Shah, 1993, TV Actress
Niko Kovac, 1971, Soccer Player
Nikolay Dimitrov, 1987, Soccer Player
Niveda Thomas, 1995, Movie Actress
Paige Davis, 1969, TV Show Host
Paul Foster, 1931, Playwright
Paul Harris, 1986, Basketball Player
Paul Logan, 1973, TV Actor
Paul Tanner, 1917, Composer
Penny Marshall, 1943, Director
Per Nielsen, 1973, Soccer Player
Peter Haskell, 1934, TV Actor
PG Wodehouse, 1881, Novelist
Phil Varone, 1967, Drummer
Pierre Puget, 1620, Sculptor
Polow da Don, 1977, Music Producer
Pradip Kumar Banerjee, 1936, Soccer Player
Prannoy Roy, 1949, Journalist
Prilly Latuconsina, 1996, TV Actress
Prince Christian, 2005, Royalty
Ralph Albert Blakelock, 1847, Painter
Reid Anderson, 1970, Bassist
Renee Jones, 1958, TV Actress
Reza Oktovian, 1990, YouTube Star
Richard Carpenter, 1946, Pop Singer
Riley Brown, 1984, Rugby Player
Robert Baker, 1979, TV Actor
Robert Trout, 1909, Radio Host
Robert Wells, 1922, TV Producer
Roberto Vittori, 1964, Astronaut
Romain Padovani, 1989, Soccer Player
Roscoe Tanner, 1951, Tennis Player
Rune Klan, 1976, Magician
Ryley Wan, 1996, YouTube Star
Sai Dharam Tej, 1987, Movie Actor
Sali Berisha, 1944, World Leader
Sara Rehnmark, 1980, TV Actress
Sarah Ferguson, 1959, Royalty
Saunders Lewis, 1893, Playwright
Sergei Rublevsky, 1974, Chess Player
Sharon Tay, 1966, News Anchor
Shawn Andrews, 1971, Movie Actor
Shraddha Sharma, 1995, YouTube Star
Simon Kuper, 1969, Non-Fiction Author
Slobodan Aligrudic, 1934, Movie Actor
Smoothini, 1980, Magician
Spencer Owen, 1988, YouTube Star
SS Vandine, 1888, Novelist
Stacy Peralta, 1957, Skateboarder
Stefan Michalak, 1980, YouTube Star
Stefany Vaz, 2003, TV Actress
Stephen Tompkinson, 1965, TV Actor
Steve Crocker, 1944, Scientist
Suzie McNeil, 1981, Pop Singer
Tanya Roberts, 1955, TV Actress
Tim Hautekiet, 1991, YouTube Star
Tito Jackson, 1953, Guitarist
Todd Solondz, 1959, Director
Tom Boonen, 1980, Cyclist
Tommy Forecast, 1986, Soccer Player
Tony Hart, 1925, TV Show Host
Tyler Jacob Moore, 1982, TV Actor
Vanessa Marcil, 1968, TV Actress
Vaughan Lee, 1982, MMA Fighter
Victor Banerjee, 1946, Movie Actor
Victor Pecci, 1955, Tennis Player
Vince Karalius, 1932, Rugby Player
Vincent Martella, 1992, TV Actor
Virgil, 70, Poet
Vitor Baia, 1969, Soccer Player
Warren Miller, 1924, Director
Wendy Frew, 1984, Netball Player
Wes Moore, 1978, Entrepreneur
William Brent, 1995, TV Actor
William Claire Menninger, 1899, Doctor
Xi Zhongxun, 1913, Politician
Yoko Maki, 1982, Movie Actress
Zelo, 1996, Rapper


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