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October 14 Famous Birthdays

October 14 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on OCTOBER 14 are the nicest person anybody would want to meet but they have another side. They can be a little devil. Mostly, Libra personalities shy away from negative people and situations but they have been known to stir the pot.


Granted, they are an exceptional communicator but they have a hard time making up their mind. Making snap decisions is definitely not one of their strong points. As a friend, they are awesome! They don’t mind going out of their way for a friend, they are trustworthy and true-blue.


The biggest fear of famous celebrities born on October 14 is being deceived by someone they love. They should already know that it will take a life time to get back into their good graces. And when it comes to love, they know exactly what they want.


Typically, they are a Libra who doesn’t like being alone. They believe that coming home to family is a main event in their life. It’s not unusual for this October 14 famous Libra to walk down the aisle at an early age.

Famous people born on OCTOBER 14th are gifted Libra. They are creative, sensible and able to make sound snap decisions. They have a tendency to set and achieve the goals they set for themselves. Mostly, they are someone who is restless.

October 14 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

14 October Good Traits:

  • Artistic
  • Creative
  • Expressive
  • Sophisticated
  • Warm
  • Giving
  • Devoted
  • Idealistic
  • Precise
  • Clear
  • Sensible

14 October Bad Traits:

  • Unconcerned
  • Cold
  • Volatile
  • Naughty
  • Slow
  • Restless

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October 14 Famous Birthday Personalities

Addison Wingate, 1999, Reality Star
Ahmed Musa, 1992, Soccer Player
AJ Pero, 1959, Drummer
Al Oliver, 1946, Baseball Player
Alan Greenberg, 1950, Screenwriter
Alesia Graf, 1980, Boxer
Alex Phillips, 1990, Comedian
Alexandra Lamy, 1971, Movie Actress
Allan Jones, 1907, Stage Actor
Andrea Bowman, 1990, Reality Star
Andrea Duro, 1991, TV Actress
Andrea Fischbacher, 1985, Skier
Andrew Taylor, 1951, Novelist
Anthony Brown, 1985, Rapper
Anthony Russo, 1936,
Ardie Savea, 1993, Rugby Player

Ariela Barer, 1998, TV Actress
Arleen Sorkin, 1956, TV Actress
Ashley Austin Morris, 1983, TV Actress
Ashton Agar, 1993, Cricket Player
Audrey Marnay, 1980, Model
Ballout, 1990, Rapper
Ben Whishaw, 1980, Movie Actor
Benh Zeitlin, 1982, Director
Benita Hume, 1906, Movie Actress
Benjamin Kapelushnik, 1999, Entrepreneur
Bethany R., 1990, YouTube Star
Blackjack Lanza, 1935, Wrestler
Bob Blackburn, 1924, Sportscaster
Bobbie Joe Long, 1953, Criminal
Brandon Weeden, 1983, Football Player
Brian Diaz, 1976, Blogger
Brian Laws, 1961, Soccer Player
Brielle Lacosta, 1984, Model
Bryan Breeding, 1992, R&B Singer
C Everett Koop, 1916, Doctor
october 14 famous birthdaysCalbel, 1997, YouTube Star
Caleb Hyles, 1991, YouTube Star
Callista Roy, 1939, Teacher
Cansu Dere, 1980, TV Actress
CaptainNintendoDude, 1997, YouTube Star
Carlos Spencer, 1975, Rugby Player
Carmen Soo, 1977, Model
Carolina Tejera, 1976, TV Actress
Carrie Nye, 1936, Stage Actress
Cassandra Ferguson, 1991, Reality Star
Chang Chen, 1976, Movie Actor
Chris Burandt, 1978,
Chris Thomas King, 1962, Blues Singer
Clarence Muse, 1889, Movie Actor
Clarke Carlisle, 1979, Soccer Player
Colin Furze, 1979, YouTube Star
Colin Moriarty, 1984, YouTube Star
Crystal R. Fox, 1965, TV Actress

Daniel Clark, 1985, TV Actor
Daniel Roche, 1999, TV Actor
Daniela Pestova, 1970, Model
David Kaye, 1964, Voice Actor
David Oakes, 1983, TV Actor
David Ruprecht, 1948, Movie Actor
David Strickland, 1969, TV Actor
Dennis Hof, 1946, Entrepreneur
Digao, 1985, Soccer Player
Dorothy Kingsley, 1909, Screenwriter
Dou Wei, 1969, Metal Singer
Doug McMillan, 1944, Soccer Player
Dusko Gojković, 1931, Trumpet Player
Dwight D Eisenhower, 1890, US President
Eamon De Valera, 1882, World Leader
Eben Britton, 1987, Football Player
Edward Kerr, 1966, TV Actor
Edward Sabine, 1788, Scientist

EE Cummings, 1894, Poet
Elwood Haynes, 1857, Entrepreneur
Erin Martin, 1983, Pop Singer
Etienne Bowler, 1986, Drummer
Farah Pahlavi, 1938, Royalty
Floyd Landis, 1975, Cyclist
Francoise Pascal, 1949, TV Actress
Gabriela von Hasburg, 1956, Sculptor
Gabriela Von-habsburg, 1956, Royalty
Garet Hunt, 1987, Hockey Player
Gareth Forwood, 1945, Movie Actor
Gary Graffman, 1928, Pianist
Gautam Gambhir, 1981, Cricket Player
Gene Williams, 1968, Football Player
George Harold Brown, 1908, Scientist
Glenn Maxwell, 1988, Cricket Player
Greg Evigan, 1953, TV Actor
Hannah Arendt, 1906, Philosopher
Harmony Smith, 1986, Vine Star
Harry Anderson, 1952, TV Actor
Helen Briggs, 1995, Reality Star
Henrique, 1986, Soccer Player
Holly Montag, 1983, Reality Star
Houston Nutt, 1957, Football Coach
Ignatius Wolfington, 1920, Stage Actor
Isaac Mizrahi, 1961, Fashion Designer
J.C. Snead, 1940, Golfer
Jack Britton, 1885, Boxer
Jaime Espinal, 1984, Wrestler
Jake Whetter, 1989, TV Show Host
Jalil Brown, 1987, Football Player
James II, 1633, Royalty
Jared Goff, 1994, Football Player
Jason Davis, 1984, TV Actor
Jason Manuel Olazabal, 1973, TV Actor
Jason Plato, 1967, Race Car Driver
Javon Walker, 1978, Football Player
Jay Pharoah, 1987, Comedian
Jelle Van Vucht, 1996, YouTube Star
Jerry Glanville, 1941, Football Coach
Jesse Lee, 1986, Country Singer
Jessica Drake, 1974,
Jim Jackson, 1970, Basketball Player
Jim Rome, 1964, TV Show Host
Joe Girardi, 1964, Baseball Manager
Joey de Leon, 1946, TV Show Host
Joey Miller, 1981, Race Car Driver
Joey Travolta, 1950, Movie Actor
John Bakel, 1972, Fashion Designer
John Dean, 1938, Politician
John Ling, 1933, Politician
John Simon, 1990, Football Player
John Wooden, 1910, Basketball Coach
Johnny Goudie, 1968, Guitarist
Jon Seda, 1970, TV Actor
Jonathan Kerrigan, 1972, TV Actor
Jor’Dan Armstrong, 1988, Gospel Singer
Jordan Brower, 1981, TV Actor
Jordan Clark, 1990, Cricket Player
Jorge Villamizar, 1970, Pop Singer
Jose Luis Resendez, 1978, Soap Opera Actor
Joseph Plateau, 1801, Scientist
Joseph Utsler, 1974, Rapper
Josh Huff, 1991, Football Player
Justin Forsett, 1985, Football Player
Justin Hayward, 1946, Rock Singer
Karen Bardsley, 1984, Soccer Player
Karlis Irbitis, 1904, Engineer
Karyn White, 1965, R&B Singer
Katy Manning, 1946, TV Actress
Keith Byars, 1963, Football Player
Kelly Schumacher, 1977, Basketball Player
Kenny Neal, 1957, Blues Singer
Kevin Vandam, 1967,
Kole Calhoun, 1987, Baseball Player
Kyle Moon, 1994, Pop Singer
Laron Landry, 1984, Football Player
Laura Zheng, 1999, Gymnast
Lee Byung-hoon, 1947, Director
Lennox Yearwood, 1969, Activist
Lesley Joseph, 1945, TV Actress
Lexie Tomcheck, 1991, Model
Lillian Gish, 1893, Movie Actress
Lin Dan, 1983, Badminton Player
Lois Hamilton, 1952, Model
Lori Petty, 1963, Movie Actress
Lourdes Ciccone Leon, 1996, Family Member
Lucas Keech, 2001, Star
Ludvig Andersson, 1994, Folk Singer
Luther Noble Duncan, 1875, Teacher
Mackenzie Mauzy, 1988, TV Actress
Madison Lawrence, 1992, Vine Star
Mallory Blair, 1988, Entrepreneur
Mark-Francis Vandelli, 1990, Reality Star
Mary Pinchot Meyer, 1920, Family Member
Masaoka Shiki, 1867, Poet
Matthew Le Tissier, 1968, Soccer Player
Max Thieriot, 1988, TV Actor
Megan Domani, 2002, TV Actress
Mekai Curtis, 2000, TV Actor
Melanie Wilson, 1961, TV Actress
Melba Montgomery, 1938, Country Singer
Mia Wasikowska, 1989, Movie Actress
Midre Cummings, 1971, Baseball Player
Mike Cronin, 1998, YouTube Star
Mobutu Sese Seko, 1930, Politician
Naser Mestarihi, 1987, Guitarist
Natalie Maines, 1974, Country Singer
Navya Nair, 1985, Movie Actress
Nicolas Liez, 1809, Painter
Nikhil Banerjee, 1931, Sitar Player
Nikolai Andrianov, 1952, Gymnast
Nikolai Volkoff, 1947, Wrestler
NoChillMikey, 1998, YouNow Star
Nyomi Banxxx, 1972,
Paul Fitzgerald, 1970, TV Actor
Paul Hunter, 1978, Snooker Player
Pedro Paulo Bruno, 1888, Painter
Pen Densham, 1947, Screenwriter
Pete Murray, 1969, Country Singer
Pia Toscano, 1988, Pop Singer
PJ Brown, 1969, Basketball Player
Ralph Lauren, 1939, Fashion Designer
Raquel Diaz, 1990, Wrestler
Ray, 1990, Pop Singer
Ray Ewry, 1873, High Jumper
Ray Williams, 1954, Basketball Player
Raymond Clarence Ewry, 1873, Long Jumper
Richie Vetter, 1988, Vine Star
Robert Webber, 1924, Movie Actor
Roger Moore, 1927, Movie Actor
Roland Penrose, 1900, Painter
Ron Lancaster, 1938, Football Player
Ron Rolston, 1966, Hockey Coach
Rowan Blanchard, 2001, TV Actress
Ryan Hall, 1982, Runner
Ryan Kankowski, 1985, Rugby Player
Saeed Ajmal, 1977, Cricket Player
Saul Akkemay, 1964, Journalist
Savanna Samson, 1967,
Savannah Outen, 1992, Pop Singer
Shafik Handal, 1930, Politician
Shashank Subramanyam, 1978, Flute Player
Sheila Young, 1950, Speed Skater
Shelley Ackerman, 1953, Scientist
Sherlyn, 1985, TV Actress
Shona McGarty, 1991, Soap Opera Actress
Sir Cliff Richard, 1940, Pop Singer
Skyler Shaye, 1986, Movie Actress
Stacy Keibler, 1979, Wrestler
Stefano Tratto, 1986, Instagram Star
Stephen A. Smith, 1967, Radio Host
Steve Coogan, 1965, Comedian
Steve Cram, 1960, Runner
Steven Thompson, 1978, Soccer Player
Talisa Tossell, 1995, YouTube Star
Tebey, 1983, Country Singer
Teresa Castillo, 1983, Soap Opera Actress
Terry Price, 1988, Scooter Rider
Thomas Dolby, 1958, Pop Singer
Thomas Keller, 1955, Chef
Tillakaratne Dilshan, 1976, Cricket Player
Timothy Bloom, 1980, Soul Singer
Tokollo Tshabalala, 1976, Pop Singer
Tony Duran, 1945, Guitarist
Trevor Goddard, 1962, Movie Actor
Tyler Christie, 1995, YouTube Star
Usher, 1978, R&B Singer
Vanessa Lane, 1983, Movie Actress
Vasko Vassilev, 1970, Violinist
W Edwards Deming, 1900, Entrepreneur
Wesley Matthews, 1986, Basketball Player
Wilfried Dietrich, 1933, Wrestler
William Penn, 1644, Politician
Wolf Vostell, 1932, Painter
Yim Jae-beom, 1963, Metal Singer
Zesh Rehman, 1983, Soccer Player


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