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October 16 Famous Birthdays

October 16 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on OCTOBER 16 are a clever Libra. They tend to watch people and take note of their successes and failures so they know how to proceed or to give advice. Normally, they don’t say very much but they can read those that are physically expressive. It doesn’t bother them to be alone like other people. They should know that breakfast and lunch are two of the most important meals of the day.


In fact, famous people born on October 16 enjoy having time to themselves. It gives them the opportunity to do some of the things they enjoy. However, they like to get out and mingle as well. Just to get away from all of the chaos in their life is refreshing. These are their friends and perhaps they should take a look to see if they are choosing the wrong kind of people to be a part of their life.


When it comes to their health, famous celebrities of October 16 could take a second look there too. As Libra, they are probably very active and will zip through the fast food drive-through without thinking about its consequences.


They need to pack it in with fruits and veggies and not forget to drink plenty of water so they’ll have the necessary energy they need on their busy days.

Famous people born on OCTOBER 16th are caring and a lover of sweets. They seem to attract a different breed of people who do not mean them any good. However, they are normally very observant and realistic. They like spending time by themselves.

October 16 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

16 October Good Traits:

  • Peaceful
  • Caring
  • Friendly
  • Creative
  • Charming
  • Likable
  • Observant
  • Romantic
  • Realistic
  • Forgiving
  • Practical
  • Fair

16 October Bad Traits:

  • Impulsive
  • Moody
  • Overemotional
  • Uncommitted
  • Indulgent

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October 16 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abhijeet Gupta, 1989, Chess Player
Adam Henson, 1966, TV Show Host
Aidan O’Brien, 1969, Horse Jockey
AJ Castillo, 1986, World Music Singer
Alan Anderson, 1982, Basketball Player
Alan Gordon, 1981, Soccer Player
Albrecht von Haller, 1708, Scientist
Alex Farnham, 1987, YouTube Star
Ali Bouali, 1981, Rapper
Alice Felgate, 1993, TV Actress
Alice Pearce, 1917, Movie Actress
Amanda Tepe, 1977, TV Actress
Amelia Eisenhauer, 1999, Country Singer
Amelia Lily, 1994, Pop Singer
Andre Leon Talley, 1949, Fashion Designer
Andrei Chikatilo, 1936, Criminal

Andrew Santino, 1983, Comedian
Andy Kindler, 1956, Comedian
Angela Lansbury, 1925, TV Actress
Anirudh Ravichander, 1990, World Music Singer
Ann Morgan Guilbert, 1928, Movie Actress
AntDude, 1992, YouTube Star
Anthony Quinlan, 1984, Soap Opera Actor
Aphmau, 1989, YouTube Star
Aurela Gace, 1974, Pop Singer
Austin Sheets, 1992, Reality Star
Barbara Sinatra, 1927, Model
Barry Corbin, 1940, TV Actor
Bekah Costa, 1999, Pop Singer
Bert Kaempfert, 1923, Jazz Singer
Big Joe Williams, 1903, Guitarist
Bill McLaren, 1923, Sportscaster
Bob Weir, 1947, Rock Singer
Bobby Rainey, 1987, Football Player
Boyd Melson, 1981, Boxer
Brandon Bailey, 1995, Model
Brea Grant, 1981, Movie Actress
october 16 famous birthdaysBrian Harper, 1959, Baseball Player
Brian Inerfeld, 1999, YouTube Star
Brian Orosco, 1982, Freerunner
Brian Schottenheimer, 1973, Football Coach
Bryce Harper, 1992, Baseball Player
Camilla Arfwedson, 1981, TV Actress
Carli Muñoz, 1948, Pianist
Casey Grillo, 1976, Drummer
Casey Stoner, 1985, Race Car Driver
Caterina Scorsone, 1981, TV Actress
Chad Gray, 1971, Metal Singer
Charles Colson, 1931, Politician
Charles Dolan, 1926, Entrepreneur
Charles Green, 1950, YouTube Star
Charles Nguyen, 1989, Dancer
Chris Weber, 1966, Guitarist
Christian Covington, 1993, Football Player
Christian Stolte, 1962, TV Actor
Christophe Mae, 1975, Pop Singer

Christopher Cox, 1952, Politician
Christopher Mitchum, 1943, Movie Actor
Clawdeena9, 1999, YouTube Star
Colton Shires, 1996, Soap Opera Actor
Craig Phillips, 1971, Reality Star
Dan Biggar, 1989, Rugby Player
Dan Pagis, 1930, Poet
Daniel Scott, 1986, Soccer Player
Danny O’Carroll, 1983, TV Actor
Darius Kasparaitis, 1972, Hockey Player
Dave Debusschere, 1940, Basketball Player
David Ben-Gurion, 1886, Politician
David Castillo, 1992, TV Actor
David Greenwalt, 1949, Screenwriter
David Rawle, 2000, TV Actor
Davina McCall, 1967, TV Show Host
Devon Nicholson, 1982, Wrestler
Don Hood, 1949, Baseball Player
Edward Grimes, 1991, Pop Singer
Eileen Ryan, 1928, Movie Actress

Elie Semoun, 1963, Comedian
Elinor Lipman, 1950, Novelist
Ella Marshall-Pinder, 2004, TV Actress
Ellen Dolan, 1955, Soap Opera Actress
Elsa Zylberstein, 1968, Movie Actress
Emma Dean, 1977, Chef
Enver Hoxha, 1908, World Leader
Ericvanwilderman, 1986, YouTube Star
Erik Lincar, 1978, Soccer Player
Erin Brown, 1979, Movie Actress
Eugene O’Neill, 1888, Playwright
Fernanda Montenegro, 1929, Movie Actress
Flea, 1962, Bassist
Frankie Edgar, 1981, MMA Fighter
Fred Turner, 1943, Bassist
Frederic Michalak, 1982, Rugby Player
Gareth McGrillen, 1982, Bassist
Garrett Nichols, 1996, Country Singer
Gary Kemp, 1959, Guitarist
Giada Colagrande, 1975, Director
Gil Kenan, 1976, Director
Goose Goslin, 1900, Baseball Player
Greer Robson, 1971, Soap Opera Actress
Greta Small, 1995, Skier
Gunter Grass, 1927, Novelist
Hayley Taylor, 1977, Composer
Hema Malini, 1948, Movie Actress
Hiroko Hayashi, 1959, TV Actress
Holly Westlake, 2002, YouTube Star
Inna, 1986, Pop Singer
Iris Dahl, 2014, YouTube Star
Isaac Noah Vazquez, 1998, Star
Ivan Koumaev, 1987, Dancer
J-Fred, 1991, YouTube Star
Jack Dalrymple, 1948, Politician
Jack Gunston, 1991, Australian Rules Footballer
Jack Salvatore Jr., 1989, TV Actor
Jacques Kallis, 1975, Cricket Player
Jacquetta Wheeler, 1981, Model
Jaden Michaels, 1992, Pop Singer
Janette Manrara, 1983, Dancer
Jarrett Barrios, 1969, Politician
Jasmine Masters, 1977, Reality Star
Jay Beagle, 1985, Hockey Player
Jeff Tarpinian, 1987, Football Player
Jenna Martin, 1984, Photographer
Jennifer Cole, 1973, Game Show Host
Jerel Maddox, 1990, Dancer
Jeremy Jackson, 1980, TV Actor
Jermaine Lewis, 1974, Football Player
Jhoel Lopez, 1981, TV Show Host
Jim Youngs, 1956, Movie Actor
Joe Dolan, 1939, Pop Singer
Joe Flizzow, 1979, Rapper
Joey Stamper, 1991, Rock Singer
John Altieri, 1969, Stage Actor
John Chavis, 1956, Football Coach
John Grimes, 1991, Pop Singer
John Mayer, 1977, Rock Singer
Jon Horford, 1991, Basketball Player
Jon Johnson, 1954, Sound Designer
Jonathan Karsh, 1971, Film Producer
Jonathan Schoop, 1991, Baseball Player
Jordan Larson, 1986, Volleyball Player
Joshua Hoffman, 1999, TV Actor
Jovit Baldivino, 1993, Pop Singer
Jude, 1969, Pop Singer
Jung Jin-young, 1964, Movie Actor
Kage, 1995, YouTube Star
Karl Ristikivi, 1912, Novelist
Karley Sciortino, 1985, Blogger
Kathryn Eickstaedt, 1964, Reality Star
Katie Taguchi, 2003, YouTube Star
Keleigh Sperry, 1992, Instagram Star
Kellie Martin, 1975, TV Actress
Kelly Adams, 1979, TV Actress
Kelly Marie, 1957, Pop Singer
Kenneth Lonergan, 1962, Playwright
Kenny Omega, 1983, Wrestler
Kevin McReynolds, 1959, Baseball Player
Kim Ah-joong, 1982, Movie Actress
Kim Wayans, 1961, TV Actress
King Cairo Stevenson, 2012, Family Member
Kordell Stewart, 1972, Football Player
Kristy Hinze, 1979, Model
Laineybot, 1994, Family Member
Lee Lawrie, 1877, Sculptor
Lenka Peterson, 1925, Stage Actress
Lenny Hambro, 1923, Saxophonist
Leon Sullivan, 1922, Civil Rights Leader
Linda Darnell, 1924, Movie Actress
LIONT, 1992, YouTube Star
Lispy Jimmy, 1996, YouTube Star
LookAtLollyy, 1991, Vine Star
Loreen, 1983, Pop Singer
Louis Althusser, 1918, Philosopher
Lyda Southard, 1892, Criminal
Magic Babe Ning, 1982, Magician
Maidie Norman, 1912, Movie Actress
Mame Adjei, 1991, Model
Manute Bol, 1962, Basketball Player
Marc Pingris, 1981, Basketball Player
Marcelo Sarvas, 1981, Soccer Player
Marcus Kennard, 1990, Vine Star
Maria Goretti, 1890, Religious Leader
Marin Alsop, 1956, Violinist
Martin Sacks, 1959, TV Actor
Mary Daly, 1928, Philosopher
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, 1966, Voice Actor
Maurice Barnett, 1987, YouTube Star
Max Bygraves, 1922, Comedian
Mayuko Hagiwara, 1986, Cyclist
Michael Conrad, 1925, TV Actor
Michael Tylo, 1948, Soap Opera Actor
Michael Venus, 1987, Tennis Player
Mike Bellamy, 1991, Football Player
Mimi Lennon, 1955, Pop Singer
Miori Takimoto, 1991, Pop Singer
Missy Hyatt, 1963, Wrestler
Nancy Bird Walton, 1915, Pilot
Naveen Patnaik, 1946, Politician
Nelson Hairston, 1917, Scientist
Nicky Adams, 1986, Soccer Player
Nico, 1938, Rock Singer
Nicole Meyer, 1991, Model
Noah Webster, 1758, Novelist
NobodyEpic, 1990, YouTube Star
Oscar Wilde, 1854, Novelist
Ownage Pranks, 1990, YouTube Star
Pamela Bach, 1963, TV Actress
Pamela Bach Hasselhoff, 1963, TV Actress
Patricia Jones, 1930, Runner
Paul Edwin Zimmer, 1943, Novelist
Paul Kariya, 1974, Hockey Player
Paul Landry Monette, 1945, Non-Fiction Author
Paul Rose, 1943, Politician
Paul Sparks, 1971, TV Actor
Peter Bowles, 1936, Movie Actor
Peter Wallace, 1985, Rugby Player
Philipp Kohlschreiber, 1983, Tennis Player
Phillip Perry, 1964, Lawyer
Pierre-Yves Gerbeau, 1965, Business Executive
Pippa Black, 1982, TV Actress
Priscilla Rainey, 1987, Reality Star
Prithviraj Sukumaran, 1982, Movie Actor
Pupinia Stewart, 1998, YouTube Star
Rachel Reilly, 1984, Reality Star
Rachid Badouri, 1976, Comedian
Rahul Banerjee, 1983, Movie Actor
Randall Batinkoff, 1968, Movie Actor
Rav Wilding, 1977, TV Show Host
Ray Johnson, 1927, Pop Artist
Raymond Jessel, 1929, Composer
Reg Kerr, 1957, Hockey Player
Rembrandt Bugatti, 1884, Sculptor
RetcH, 1992, Rapper
Rex Bell, 1903, Politician
RIDSA, 1990, Rapper
Robert Bringhurst, 1946, Poet
Robert Mould, 1960, Guitarist
Robert Stephenson, 1803, Engineer
Roy Hargrove, 1969, Trumpet Player
Ruby Rose Turner, 2005, Dancer
Ryan Fitzgerald, 1976, TV Show Host
Sabiha Khanum, 1935, Movie Actress
Sam Lachow, 1990, Music Producer
Scott Davison, 1970, Baseball Player
Seungho, 1987, Pop Singer
Sexxy Lexxy, 1990, Reality Star
Sham Idrees, 1988, Pop Singer
Shayne Ward, 1984, Pop Singer
Si Bennett, 1978, Graphic Designer
Stephen Dicillo, 1995, YouTube Star
Steve Buckley, 1953, Soccer Player
Steve Lamacq, 1965, Radio Host
Stoney Cooper, 1918, Country Singer
Suzanne Brigit Bird, 1980, Basketball Player
Suzanne Somers, 1946, TV Actress
Suzanne Virdee, 1969, News Anchor
Sylvia Gani, 1994, YouTube Star
Tamara McKinney, 1962, Skier
Tanner Kloven, 1988, Reality Star
Terri J. Vaughn, 1969, TV Actress
Thokozile Masipa, 1947, Lawyer
Tim Berne, 1954, Saxophonist
Tim McCarver, 1941, Baseball Player
Tim Robbins, 1958, Movie Actor
Timana Tahu, 1980, Rugby Player
Tom Schwartz, 1982, Reality Star
Tom Williams, 1970, TV Show Host
Tony Serafini, 1975, Vine Star
Tonye Patano, 1961, TV Actress
Trevor Blumas, 1984, TV Actor
Tyler Perez, 1996, TV Actor
Tyler Ziegel, 1982, War Hero
Victoria Kaiulani, 1875, World Leader
Wendy Wilson, 1969, Pop Singer
William de la Pole, 1396, War Hero
William Hjelte, 1994, eSports Player
William O. Douglas, 1898, Supreme Court Justice
Zanilia Zhao, 1987, TV Actress


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