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October 13 Famous Birthdays

October 13 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on OCTOBER 13 probably have a few goals in mind or a few fantasies. As a Libra, they’re creative but they should not be so far fetched that they are not able to obtain favorable results. Disappointment has a tendency to attack their self-esteem when they don’t reach their goals.


Usually, Libra are calm individuals with a lot of great qualities but this perception can quickly change if one of their loved ones is in trouble. Famous October 13 celebrities will go to great lengths and levels when it comes to aiding a family member. Sometimes, it’s down right shameful the way they carry on. In certain circumstances, they have been known to just lose control.


Nobody wants someone who appears to be crazy, or so I’m told. Famous people born on October 13 fall in and out of love so much, it’s hard to keep track. They move too fast thinking about marriage after only a few dates. Who does this, Libra? Come on… really? This could be why they are left alone after the first meeting. This is not logical thinking. It’s more like “Stranger Danger”. Having said all of this, they are still a pretty good people. They help people without questions and without expectations.


As a parent, they will likely be a natural. They are usually progressive and take care to eat a balanced meal. They are just honest, logical and surprisingly, also very interesting.

Famous people born on OCTOBER 13th, generally have friendships that last for a long time. This could be the case if they should decide to marry. They will likely have a lifestyle suited for a comfortable living. However, they need to take care of themselves.

October 13 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

13 October Good Traits:

  • Quiet
  • Perfect
  • Reasonable
  • Observant
  • Analytical
  • Social
  • Friendly
  • Loyal
  • Committed
  • Simple
  • Mature

13 October Bad Traits:

  • Insecure
  • Unbalanced
  • Hasty
  • Uncertain
  • Lazy
  • Rash.

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October 13 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Dismuke, 1992, Voice Actor
Aaron Webster, 1997, Instagram Star
Albert Hague, 1920, Composer
Allen Covert, 1964, Movie Actor
Amanda Garcia, 1993, Reality Star
Anastasia Kingsnorth, 2000, YouTube Star
Angela Lonsdale, 1970, TV Actress
Anto Sharp, 1988, Vine Star
Anton Kushnir, 1984, Skier
Antonio Di Natale, 1977, Soccer Player
Anya Ferris, 1987, Twitch Star
Arna Bontemps, 1902, Poet
Art Rust Jr., 1927, Sportscaster
Art Tatum, 1909, Pianist
Ashanti, 1980, R&B Singer
Ashok Kumar, 1911, Movie Actor
Bailey Noble, 1990, TV Actress

Ben J, 1991, Rapper
Ben Jolliffe, 1986, Drummer
Ben Winston, 1981, TV Producer
Berkeley Clayborne, 2004, Movie Actress
Beth Croft, 1986, Songwriter
Beverly Johnson, 1952, Model
Bill Klein, 1974, Reality Star
Billionaire Black, 1993, Rapper
Billy Bush, 1971, TV Show Host
Blaise Diagne, 1872, Politician
Brandon Casey, 1975, R&B Singer
Brian Casey, 1978, R&B Singer
Brian Dawkins, 1973, Football Player
Brian Hoyer, 1985, Football Player
Brooke Nicole Morris, 2006, Model
Bruce Geller, 1930, Screenwriter
Bryarly Bishop, 1990, YouTube Star
Buddy Allin, 1944, Golfer
Cady McClain, 1969, Soap Opera Actress
Callum Paterson, 1994, Soccer Player
Carl Robinson, 1976, Soccer Player
october 13 famous birthdaysCarl Westergren, 1895, Swimmer
Carlos Marin, 1968, Pop Singer
Chadd Smith, 1982, Dancer
Chalie Boy, 1979, Rapper
Charlie Brady Hauser, 1917, Teacher
Cherrelle, 1958, R&B Singer
Chip Foose, 1963, Reality Star
Chris Carter, 1957, Screenwriter
Chris Manning, 1986, Twitch Star
Chris Petersen, 1964, Football Coach
Chris Webby, 1988, Rapper
Christopher Judge, 1964, TV Actor
Cliff Gorman, 1936, TV Actor
Conrad Richter, 1890, Novelist
Cornel Wilde, 1915, Movie Actor
Courtney Laine Mazza, 1982, Family Member
D-Pryde, 1993, Rapper
Dan Didio, 1959, Comic Book Author

Dane Sanzenbacher, 1988, Football Player
Daniella Rahme, 1990, TV Show Host
David Haye, 1980, Boxer
Declan Stump, 2014, Family Member
Del Harris, 1937, Basketball Coach
Demond Wilson, 1946, TV Actor
Derek Harper, 1961, Basketball Player
Diego Dominguez, 1991, TV Actor
DJ Paul, 1977, Rapper
Doc Rivers, 1961, Basketball Coach
Dorothy Moore, 1946, R&B Singer
Eddie Mathews, 1931, Baseball Player
Eddie Yost, 1926, Baseball Player
Edward Blake, 1833, Politician
Edward Chapman, 1901, Movie Actor
Edwina Currie, 1946, Politician
Elaine Hamilton-O’Neal, 1920, Painter
Elizabeth Furse, 1936, Politician
Ellie Herman, 1959, Screenwriter
Elvis Tsui, 1961, Movie Actor
Ernest Gann, 1910, Screenwriter
Fallon Chapman, 2003, Dancer
Father Tom Vaughn, 1936, Pianist
Frank D. Gilroy, 1925, Playwright
Freekey Zekey, 1975, Rapper

Gabby Diaz, 1988, Radio Host
Gabriel Agbonlahor, 1986, Soccer Player
Gail Soltys, 2000, TV Actress
Gareth Batty, 1977, Cricket Player
George Ray, 1993, Soccer Player
Gonzalo Segares, 1982, Soccer Player
Guy Boohby, 1867, Novelist
Harris Faulkner, 1965, TV Show Host
Harry Pierpont, 1902, Criminal
Harry Trelawney Eve, 1856, Lawyer
Hawick Lau, 1974, TV Actor
Hetti Bywater, 1994, Soap Opera Actress
Himesh Patel, 1990, Soap Opera Actor
Ian Thorpe, 1982, Swimmer
Isabella Boylston, 1986, Dancer
Jack Colvin, 1934, TV Actor
Jack DiGiovanni, 1999, Instagram Star
Jakob Silfverberg, 1990, Hockey Player
Jared Boyle, 1992, Pop Singer
Jarvis Jones, 1989, Football Player
Jason Friedberg, 1971, Director
Javier Sotomayor, 1967, High Jumper
Jennifer Pappas, 1995, Dancer
Jennifer Sky, 1976, TV Actress
Jeon Hyosung, 1989, Pop Singer
Jermaine O’Neal, 1978, Basketball Player
Jerry Jones, 1942, Entrepreneur
Jerry Rice, 1962, Football Player
Jerry Robertson, 1943, Baseball Player
Jesse Boyle, 1992, Guitarist
Joey Belladonna, 1960, Metal Singer
John Albert, 1986, MMA Fighter
John Commons, 1862, Scientist
John Ford Coley, 1948, Rock Singer
John Lone, 1952, Movie Actor
John Regis, 1966, Runner
John Snow, 1941, Cricket Player
John Wiggins, 1962, Country Singer
Johnny Loftus, 1895, Horse Jockey
Johnny Lytle, 1932, Drummer
Jozef Tiso, 1887, Politician
JP Cappelletty, 1993, Drummer
Judi Clare Meredith, 1936, TV Actress
Julius Hunt, 1943, News Anchor
Justin Rod, 1996, YouTube Star
Kamerion Wimbley, 1983, Football Player
Karen Akers, 1945, Stage Actress
Kari Arnason, 1982, Soccer Player
Kate Walsh, 1967, TV Actress
Kathrin Fricke, 1984, YouTube Star
Kati Morton, 1983, YouTube Star
Katia Winter, 1983, Movie Actress
Katie Walder, 1982, TV Actress
Kele Okereke, 1981, Rock Singer
Kelly Preston, 1962, Movie Actress
Kevin Clifton, 1982, Dancer
Kid X, 1988, Rapper
Kiele Sanchez, 1976, TV Actress
Kim Vanderhee, 1983, Reality Star
Kira Reed, 1971, Movie Actress
Lacy J. Dalton, 1946, Country Singer
Laraine Day, 1920, Movie Actress
Laura Wilson, 1939, Family Member
Lawrence Washington, 1982, Reality Star
Lee Konitz, 1927, Saxophonist
Lee Leffingwell, 1939, Politician
Lenny Bruce, 1925, Comedian
Leona Mitchell, 1949, Opera Singer
Liliane Montevecchi, 1932, Stage Actress
Lillie Langtry, 1853, Stage Actress
Lou Saban, 1921, Football Coach
LPSLover, 1995, YouTube Star
Lumidee, 1984, Rapper
Maddox Null, 2015, YouTube Star
Marc-andre Bergeron, 1980, Hockey Player
Margaret Thatcher, 1925, World Leader
Maria Cantwell, 1958, Politician
Marie Osmond, 1959, TV Show Host
Mario Sarto, 1885, Sculptor
Marquise Jackson, 1997, Family Member
Mary Kingsley, 1862, Non-Fiction Author
Mary Lambert, 1951, Director
Matt Hughes, 1973, MMA Fighter
Matt Jordan, 1975, Soccer Player
Matt Walsh, 1964, TV Actor
Megan Nahhhman, 1995, Vine Star
Mel Jackson, 1970, Movie Actor
Melinda Dillon, 1939, Movie Actress
Michael Bastian, 1965, Fashion Designer
Michael Dyer, 1990, Football Player
Michael R. Clifford, 1952, Astronaut
Michael T. Good, 1962, Astronaut
Milica Todorovic, 1990, Pop Singer
Mingus Lucien Reedus, 1999, Family Member
Mirko Racki, 1879, Painter
Misha Michel, 1997, Dancer
Mollie Katzen, 1950, Chef
Molly Pitcher, 1754, War Hero
Najee De-Tiege, 1989, TV Actor
Nana Mouskouri, 1934, Jazz Singer
Nanako Matsushima, 1973, Movie Actress
Nancy Kerrigan, 1969, Figure Skater
Natalie Garza, 1982, TV Actress
Nicolas Grimaldi, 1976, Bassist
Noah Crawford, 1994, TV Actor
Norris Cole, 1988, Basketball Player
Nusrat Fateh ali Khan, 1948, World Music Singer
Ogden Hammond, 1869, Politician
Paige Reifler, 1995, Model
Pamela Tiffin, 1942, Movie Actress
Park Jimin, 1995, Pop Singer
Paul Kent, 1930, Movie Actor
Paul Pierce, 1977, Basketball Player
Paul Potts, 1970, Pop Singer
Paul Simon, 1941, Folk Singer
Pedro Telemaco, 1968, TV Actor
Penn Holderness, 1974, YouTube Star
Pharoah Sanders, 1940, Saxophonist
Phillip Agresta, 1992, YouNow Star
Pooja Hegde, 1990, Movie Actress
Pyrros Dimas, 1971, Weight Lifter
Raquel Lee, 1986, TV Actress
Ray Brown, 1926, Bassist
Raymond Kopa, 1931, Soccer Player
Reggie Theus, 1957, Basketball Coach
Reginald Ballard, 1965, TV Actor
Rhett Akins, 1969, Country Singer
Richard Howard, 1929, Poet
Richard Ryan, 1989, YouTube Star
Richelle Carey, 1976, News Anchor
Rob Howley, 1970, Rugby Player
Robert Hudson Walker, 1918, Movie Actor
Robert Lamm, 1944, Rock Singer
Robert McKimson, 1910, Cartoonist
Rudolf Virchow, 1821, Scientist
Rutanya Alda, 1942, Movie Actress
Ryan Carroll, 1996, YouTube Star
Ryan Clark, 1979, Football Player
Ryan Green, 1996, Pop Singer
Sacha Baron Cohen, 1971, Movie Actor
Sam Mikulak, 1992, Gymnast
Sammy Hagar, 1947, Rock Singer
Sara Sugarman, 1962, Director
Scott Cooper, 1967, Baseball Player
Scott Parker, 1980, Soccer Player
Scykoh, 1991, YouTube Star
Sean O’Donnell, 1971, Hockey Player
Shawn Milke, 1979, Rock Singer
Shiraz Tal, 1974, Model
Shirley Caesar, 1938, Gospel Singer
Siale Piutau, 1985, Rugby Player
Steve Belford, 1980, TV Actor
Stuart Reardon, 1981, Rugby Player
Summer Sanders, 1972, Sportscaster
Susan Stafford, 1945, TV Show Host
Swazy Styles, 1987, Rapper
Sylvia Pasquel, 1949, Soap Opera Actress
Taylor Alesia, 1999, Instagram Star
Terron Brooks, 1974, Pop Singer
Theodore G. Bilbo, 1877, Politician
Tiffany Trump, 1993, Family Member
Tim Sauter, 1964, Race Car Driver
Tisha Campbell-Martin, 1968, TV Actress
Tkeyah Crystal Keymah, 1962, TV Actress
Trevor Hoffman, 1967, Baseball Player
Turgut Ozal, 1927, World Leader
Victor Sanz, 1973, Country Singer
Wes Brown, 1979, Soccer Player
Yves Montand, 1921, Movie Actor
Zack Everhart, 1993, Dancer


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