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October 11 Famous Birthdays

October 11 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on OCTOBER 11 are Libra who are best matched with another Libra. What better combination than two people who are mirrors of each other! But they must stay away from Virgos. There’s just something about them… they are attracted to each other but it never works out. There’s no balance to be had among these two zodiac signs.


Famous October 11 celebrities want their freedom, their space and their time to be theirs. They make the rules. That’s how they like it and that’s how it’s going to be. Now when it comes to work, they apply the same principles.


In order for them be at their best, they must have some form of individuality and control. Usually, a person who feels this way will likely work for themselves. They could be one of those people.


Depending on their ideal of what floor or level success is on, they will do well. They don’t let the money or status go to their head. However, they live a comfortable lifestyle.

Famous people born on OCTOBER 11th are likely to be active individuals who will walk away from confrontations. Additionally, they will tell a little white lie to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. If they eat right, they will feel better.

October 11 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

11 October Good Traits:

  • Funny
  • Interesting
  • Active
  • Positive
  • Joyful
  • Social
  • Accommodating
  • Harmonious
  • Thoughtful
  • Motivated
  • Helpful
  • Stable

11 October Bad Traits:

  • Indecisive
  • Spendthrift
  • Overemotional
  • Evasive
  • Irresolute

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October 11 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aimee Corbett, 1994, YouTube Star
Aimee Watkins, 1982, Cricket Player
Albert F. Polk, 1869, Politician
Alexander Mach, 1902, Politician
Alfonso Robelo, 1939, Politician
Alvaro Fernandez, 1985, Soccer Player
Aman Verma, 1971, TV Actor
Amitabh Bachchan, 1942, Movie Actor
Amna Ilyas, 1990, Movie Actress
Amos Gitai, 1950, Director
Amr Diab, 1961, World Music Singer
Andreas Gryphius, 1616, Playwright
Andressa Urach, 1987, Reality Star
Andy McCoy, 1962, Guitarist
Anne Enright, 1962, Novelist
Anwar Wagdi, 1904, Movie Actor

Apu Biswas, 1989, Movie Actress
Art Blakey, 1919, Drummer
Arthur Phillip, 1738, Explorer
Artie Lange, 1967, TV Show Host
Aton Ben-Horin, 1979, Music Producer
Audrey Case, 1993, Dancer
Austin Currie, 1939, Politician
Austin Farrer, 1904, Philosopher
Baby Rasta, 1976, Reggae Singer
Beau Brady, 1981, TV Actor
Billy Higgins, 1936, Drummer
Bobby Charlton, 1937, Soccer Player
Bobby Humphrey, 1966, Football Player
Brad Maule, 1951, Soap Opera Actor
Bradley James, 1983, TV Actor
Brant Hansen, 1969, Radio Host
Brendan B. Brown, 1973, Guitarist
Brianna Wiest, 1991, Non-Fiction Author
Bruce Bartlett, 1951, Historian
C Gordon Fullerton, 1936, Astronaut
Cameron Kocurek, 2000, Instagram Star
Cardi B, 1992, Reality Star
october 11 famous birthdaysCarlos Cristian Cadena, 1917, Civil Rights Leader
Carlos Davis, 1948, Screenwriter
Carly Waddell, 1985, Reality Star
Carol Anthony, 1983, Pop Singer
Carol Costello, 1961, News Anchor
Catlin Adams, 1950, Movie Actress
Charles Fullerton, 1936, Astronaut
Charles Revson, 1906, Entrepreneur
Charles Shyer, 1951, Screenwriter
Christophe-Gabriel Allegrain, 1710, Sculptor
Cindy Barshop, 1964, Reality Star
Cindy Carol, 1944, Movie Actress
Cinthia Fernandez, 1989, Dancer
Claude Allen, 1960, Politician
Claudia Black, 1972, TV Actress
Cleve Jones, 1954, Activist
Constance Zimmer, 1970, TV Actress
Cooper Webb, 1995, Motorcycle Racer

Cristian Franco, 1985, Soccer Player
Cynthia Clawson, 1948, Gospel Singer
Dalton Dillender, 1995, YouTube Star
Daniel Quinn, 1935, Novelist
Daniel Thomas-Tuck, 1993, Reality Star
Dante Palminteri, 1955, Movie Actor
Darrel Brown, 1984, Runner
Daryl Hall, 1946, Rock Singer
Dave Briggs, 1976, Journalist
David Daniels, 1933, Poet
David Morse, 1953, TV Actor
David Starr, 1967, Race Car Driver
Dawn French, 1957, TV Actress
Debra Martin Chase, 1956, Film Producer
Desmond Mason, 1977, Basketball Player
Destiny Moore, 1985, Instagram Star
Diane Gaidry, 1964, Movie Actress
DJ Tomekk, 1975, DJ
Dottie West, 1932, Country Singer
Dutch Clark, 1906, Football Player
Earle Hyman, 1926, TV Actor
EditZP, 1993, YouTube Star
Eleanor Roosevelt, 1884, Political Wife

Elmore Leonard, 1925, Novelist
Emily Davison, 1872, Politician
Emily Deschanel, 1976, TV Actress
Emily Wood, 1978, TV Actress
Enomoto Kenichi, 1904, Movie Actor
Fichis, 1986, YouTube Star
Frank Fritz, 1965, Reality Star
Fred Trump, 1905, Entrepreneur
Gabe Latigue, 1990, Soccer Player
Gabe Saporta, 1979, Pop Singer
Gene Watson, 1943, Country Singer
George McMillan, 1943, Politician
George Williams, 1821, Entrepreneur
Greg Chalmers, 1973, Golfer
Greg Poehler, 1974, Family Member
Grigory Potemkin, 1739, Royalty
Hany Abu-Assad, 1961, Director
Hardik Pandya, 1993, Cricket Player
Harish Verma, 1982, Movie Actor
Harlan F. Stone, 1872, Supreme Court Justice
Hayden Byerly, 2000, TV Actor
Hayley Erbert, 1994, Dancer
Henry J. Heinz, 1844, Entrepreneur
Henry Lau, 1989, Pop Singer
Howard Cann, 1895, Basketball Coach
iamtherealtaj, 1997, Vine Star
Imre Schlosser, 1889, Soccer Player
Irene Sarah Mahmud-Khan, 1986, YouTube Star
Isis Gee, 1972, Pop Singer
Jack Garratt, 1991, Music Producer
Jack Nelson, 1929, Journalist
Jah Cure, 1978, Reggae Singer
Jamar Chaney, 1986, Football Player
James Aloysius Hickey, 1920, Religious Leader
James Crisp, 1982, Swimmer
James Dunn, 1985, Rapper
James Lowes, 1969, Rugby Player
Jamie Thomas, 1974, Skateboarder
Jane Krakowski, 1968, TV Actress
Jason Arnott, 1974, Hockey Player
Jason Ellis, 1971, Radio Host
Jason Stanton, 1975, Rugby Coach
Jax Hilliker, 2007, Family Member
Jay McCarroll, 1974, Fashion Designer
Jayaprakash Narayan, 1902, Politician
Jerome Robbins, 1918, Director
Jerusha Couture, 1984, YouTube Star
Jessica Day George, 1976, Children’s Author
Joan Cusack, 1962, Movie Actress
Joe Canning, 1988, Hurler
Joe Simon, 1913, Comic Book Artist
Johannah Duggar, 2005, Reality Star
John Luke Robertson, 1995, Reality Star
John Nettles, 1943, TV Actor
Jomari Goyso, 1981, Fashion Designer
Jon Miller, 1951, Sportscaster
Jonathan Fritzen, 1982, Pianist
Jordan Williams, 1990, Basketball Player
Jordan Younger, 1990, Blogger
Joseph Auslander, 1897, Poet
Juan Carlos Zabala, 1911, Runner
Judith Trim, 1943,
Judy Kaye, 1948, Stage Actress
Julianne McNamara, 1965, Gymnast
Julie McNiven, 1981, TV Actress
Justin Lin, 1973, Director
K.A.Z, 1968, Guitarist
Kane Kosugi, 1974, TV Actor
Karan Kundra, 1984, Tennis Player
Kayvon Beykpour, 1988, Business Executive
Kellen Davis, 1985, Football Player
Kent Osborne, 1980, Screenwriter
Kevin McNamara, 1979, Vine Star
Kimberly Aiken, 1975, Model
Kristy Wu, 1982, TV Actress
Lars Trodson, 1959, Screenwriter
Laura Gallego Garcia, 1977, Young Adult Author
Lavell Edwards, 1930, Football Coach
Lee Roy Reams, 1943, Stage Actor
Leff Pouishnoff, 1891, Pianist
Lennie James, 1965, Movie Actor
Leslie Landon, 1962, TV Actress
Lester Bowie, 1941, Trumpet Player
Liam Ferrari, 1995, Dancer
Liselotte Pulver, 1929, Movie Actress
Lou Teasdale, 1983, Vine Star
Luke Perry, 1966, TV Actor
Luna Haruna, 1991, World Music Singer
Maddison Bush, 1997, YouTube Star
Maksimilijan Vanka, 1889, Painter
Mal Whitfield, 1924, Runner
Marcus Bai, 1972, Rugby Player
Marcus Graham, 1963, Movie Actor
Marcus Harris, 1974, Football Player
Maria Bueno, 1939, Tennis Player
Marin Mae Wiley, 2012, Family Member
Mark Driscoll, 1970, Religious Leader
Mark Goodson, 1952, TV Show Host
Martha MacIsaac, 1984, Movie Actress
Mascha Feoktistova, 1986, YouTube Star
Matt Bomer, 1977, TV Actor
Matt Bomer, 1977, TV Actor
Matt Rey, 1991, Rapper
Matthew Felker, 1980, Movie Actor
Max Knowles, 1985, Entrepreneur
MC Lyte, 1970, Rapper
Michael Nelson, 1964, Screenwriter
Michelle Trachtenberg, 1985, Movie Actress
Michelle Wie, 1989, Golfer
Mickey Daniels, 1914, Movie Actor
Mike Conley Jr., 1987, Basketball Player
MYSTLC7, 1997, YouTube Star
Nat Faxon, 1975, TV Actor
Nathan Farragut Twining, 1897, War Hero
Neil Buchanan, 1961, TV Show Host
Nesta Carter, 1985, Runner
Nicanor Duarte, 1956, Politician
Nicanor Duarte Frutos, 1956, Politician
Nick Denis, 1983, MMA Fighter
Nicola Franta, 1990, Family Member
Nivin Pauly, 1984, Movie Actor
Norm Nixon, 1955, Basketball Player
Omar Gonzalez, 1988, Soccer Player
Onorina Myslymi, 1984, YouTube Star
Orlando Hernandez, 1965, Baseball Player
Paris Roxanne, 1990, Model
Pat Di Blasio, 1999, Drummer
Pat Dodson, 1959, Baseball Player
Patty Murray, 1950, Politician
Paul Masson, 1876, Cyclist
Peter Thiel, 1967, Entrepreneur
Peter Turkson, 1948, Religious Leader
Phora, 1995, Rapper
Rachel Barton Pine, 1974, Violinist
Ratchetness, 1993, YouTube Star
Rei Kawakubo, 1942, Fashion Designer
Rhett McLaughlin, 1977, YouTube Star
Rich Scholes, 1997, Guitarist
Richard Paul Evans, 1962, Novelist
Rikishi, 1965, Wrestler
Rob Sheridan, 1979, Graphic Designer
Robert Christopher Riley, 1980, Movie Actor
Rodney Marsh, 1944, Soccer Player
Ron Leibman, 1937, TV Actor
Ronit Roy, 1965, Movie Actor
Roscoe Robinson Jr., 1928, War Hero
Saahil Arora, 1989, eSports Player
Sal Khan, 1976, Entrepreneur
Sally Magnusson, 1955, TV Show Host
Sam Fatu, 1965, Wrestler
Sam Johnson, 1930, Politician
Sam Teasdale, 1983, Family Member
Sante Moonie, 1993, Rock Singer
Sawao Kato, 1946, Gymnast
Scott Leonard, 1965, Pop Singer
Seamus Coleman, 1988, Soccer Player
Sean Patrick Flanery, 1965, TV Actor
Sebastian Rode, 1990, Soccer Player
Shawn Ryan, 1966, Screenwriter
Stark Young, 1881, Novelist
Stephanie Acevedo, 1990, Pop Singer
Stephen Moyer, 1969, TV Actor
Steve Young, 1961, Football Player
T Llew Jones, 1915, Children’s Author
Takeshi Kaneshiro, 1973, Movie Actor
Tanya Haden, 1971, Cellist
Tazz, 1967, Sportscaster
Terje Hakonsen, 1974, Snowboarder
Terrell Suggs, 1982, Football Player
Theodore Thomas, 1835, Violinist
TJ Watt, 1994, Football Player
Toby Buckland, 1969, TV Show Host
Toby Fox, 1991, Game Designer
Todd Snider, 1966, Folk Singer
Tony Beltran, 1987, Soccer Player
Tony Chimel, 1961, Wrestler
Tony Kinsey, 1927, Drummer
Tony Woods, 1965, Football Player
Trevor Donovan, 1978, TV Actor
Trevor Mann, 1988, Wrestler
Ty Murray, 1969, Bull Rider
Ty Wigginton, 1977, Baseball Player
Uru Eke, 1979, Movie Actress
Valentina Zelyaeva, 1982, Model
Wang Weiliang, 1987, Movie Actor
Wayne Gardner, 1959, Race Car Driver
Wes Chatham, 1978, TV Actor
Will White, 1854, Baseball Player
Xavi Shinwari, 1997, YouTube Star
Zhang Liangying, 1984, Pop Singer


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