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Never Date A Musician: Common Problems

Why You Should Never Date A Musician

You need to have a thick skin to successfully date a musician. So to cut a long story short, here are reasons you should never date a musician.


1. Young Mentality

But some musicians think they may be mature by remaining forever young. So even though they grow physically, they decide to put up youthful behaviors. This can be sickening because everyone wants to date a mature person and not someone who still exhibits “childish” behavior at an old age.


2. You, Will, be Lonely

All musicians are always traveling for gigs or personal tours. With this, the time they may have for you is limited, but you are feeling lonely whenever they are not around. You will be required to make friends around when your partner is not there, their dream.


3. Lack of Commitment

All musicians are more committed to their profession than any other thing. Instead of giving you all the attention and time, they commit themselves to doing music. They may have to leave home for the studio to record a new track or go for a tour, the moment you need them most. Don’t ever date someone who places you second to their job.


4. Musicians are not  making a Good Living

Undoubtedly, musicians are an talented group of people following their passion and dream when they seek to turn their passion into a profession.

5. Expecting to Sponsor their Art

It is not a bad idea to support your partner, but how can you be investing in a venture that earns no dividends. Can you help me pay my studio fees? Can you do this, can you do that, is all you will hear when you date a wannabe musician. Stay off them before they get you broke.

6. They may flirt

Suppose your partner doesn’t need to look as cute as David Beckham for other people to hit on him. So far, he is a musician with some fame. Other women would want to share in the glory.

They will chase him like houseflies on rotten food. Do you want to be with such a partner?

7. No Vacations

Your musician partner would want to travel outside the country for tours or shows and not go on a vacation with you. Holidays are good days for them as they will be playing shows. So he will have no time to spend with you. When they have free time, they may wish to visit a friend and do other things they deem important.

date a musician

They may never find the need to go out with you to a destination to spend some time together. This mostly happens when you date an underground musician. When they don’t have the money to spend on you. So vacation and frequent time out are out.

8. High Potential to Fall to Addictions

When performing in front of thousands of people is not easy. So, it would help if you had a confident high level, stamina, creative instinct, and the ability to move people.

Some musician does not naturally have the mentioned qualities, so they take solace in addictions to aid them. This is how so many musicians and other celebrities become addicts.

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