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Dating A Musician: 11 Fantastic Reasons

11 Fantastic Reasons For Dating A Musician

Dating a musician is can be a wonderful experience full of excitement and new adventure. Aside from your partner introducing you to other musicians, you will have many free shows to attend. The icing on the cake is he singing for you upon request, anytime, anywhere. Yeah, that is also a free show home. The mentioned pros are to whet your appetite. Let’s now go to some fantastic reasons to date a musician.


1. They will Write Songs for You

The experience they have with you would surely be translated into lyrics. This can be either the positive or the negative aspects of your relationship. The days they met you, the stress they went through, and the final moment you said yes to the proposal would all be used for a beautiful composition. Your partner is likely to mention your name in the song, and that is a plus. If you want a whole song to be dedicated to you, date a musician.


2. Opportunity to Travel Many Times

If you are a traveling enthusiast, then be ready for more travels when you date a musician. Musicians travel a lot for gigs and tours in and outside their country. Being a tour in New York, California or Shanghai, you can be a party to it. You can join your partner for that road tour or concert, and that can be really fun.


3. You will have a lot of Songs to Listen to

This is not limited to only his songs but good tracks from other artists. Your partner will afford an endless list of songs from your favorite musicians. There is no need to be buying songs from iTunes and other popular downloading sites.

4. They Will Sing For You

This is something you can have at your disposal. Your musician partner, aside from writing songs for will also perform it for you. You may, therefore, not be required to listen to songs on your computer or phone. You will have them perform live for you. Musicians love to display their talent at every opportunity they get. So they will not hesitate to give you melodious tunes with the instrument they are good at.


5. Free Concert Tickets if you are dating a Musician

Wow, so aside from writing and singing for you, you will also have the opportunity to join him at concerts. This is not necessarily limited to his concerts but also that of other musicians. As a partner, you can have the chance to meet other musicians on the bill. The plus moment is the photoshoot time. Having the opportunity to take photos with musicians you are crazy about is a dream come true moment.

6. They Appreciate the Company of their Special Ones

There is no way your partner would want you off them. Musicians work with many people from composing, recording, production, and even performing. Therefore having people around them is something they cant do away with. Even though they sometimes want to be alone, your partner may want to be with you, especially when writing new songs. You can be their inspirer even at the awkward moment.

7. They are fun to be with

Musicians are creative people, and aside from writing songs, they can really act well. They have a lot of fun packs to offer when you are with them. Telling you interesting stories about their many tours, great moments, and the bad moments on stage. There is no cut in conversation when you date a musician. Remember that being able to communicate with your partner effectively can always spice the relationship.

8. They are Talented

It is always great to be with someone who has discovered their talent and purpose in life. Musicians are a group of such people. The way they compose their song and play their favorite instrument to match it is amazing. The refreshing aspect of their talent is that they let others benefit from it. Sometimes listening to good music can calm you down and save your troubling heart. It gives you the hope of tomorrow being a better day. This is the power of music and comes through the talent of a musician. So whenever you are down, your partner can lift you.

9. They are Patient

Musicians go through a lot to release one good song. The patience of burning the night candles to writing a good song, the patience of hitting on a particular note until it becomes perfect and the patience of going through studio recordings. This patience can be translated into their personal lives. Your partner will be ready to endure all your nags of them returning from the studio late and the fact that they didn’t answer your numerous calls. But don’t take advantage of this to become an annoying nagger. Everything has a limit!

10. Have Access to New Tracks if you are dating a musician

You will always have access to new songs as they are released when you date a musician. Due to their profession, they have access to many things in the industry. So if he doesn’t get that new song from the singers themselves, they will get it from a producer or another colleague in the industry.

11. They are Good Listeners

I say this because musicians don’t try to live in their own world full of illusions. They don’t presume to be the best, even if they are. They take time to listen to songs by other musicians to pick one or two things from them. I tell you, even the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, had his favorite musicians. Through this, they can work on themselves and improve on their subsequent songs. If they have time to listen to dozens of songs, why won’t they have time to listen to you?

I believe the mentioned points are enticing enough to convince you to date that hot musician in your hood. He may be an underground musician now, but that doesn’t make their talent anything less. The young shall surely grow, and they would be the next big thing soon.

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