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Micro-Cheating: The Latest Form Of Infidelity

Micro cheating: How does it Hurt Relationships?

Micro-cheating is a term doing the rounds these days on the Internet. The latest trendy word ignited quite a furor at present on cyberspace.

Small, subtle actions of a person reveal his emotional involvement with someone else outside the realm of his committed relationship. Such a series of actions are terns as Micro-cheating. Micro-cheating is not considered an outright form of infidelity.


However, such actions are certainly viewed as a breach of trust in your partner. They have the potential to become a full-blown case of cheating shortly. Micro-cheating often seems to be driven by the need to maintain some form of secrecy. This can be over the life of the person doing the cheating.


It also stems from the need to deceive the partner subtly; the person is committed to. Your partner may no longer be fully committed to your relationship. Then, you can observe some very minor behavioral changes indicative of their involvement in this latest form of cheating.

Though micro-cheating is not a big deal, it is still cheating, albeit on a smaller scale. It is important to identify the signs of micro-cheating early on. Then, you can take precautionary measures to avoid and prevent any future fully developed cases of infidelity.

Let us look at the obvious signs by which one can recognize such an onset of micro-cheating.


Signs of Micro-cheating

1. Giving Vague And False Account of  Your  Relationship Status

You may suffer from a feeling of guilt for suppressing your real emotional side from your partner. Then, you tend to give contradictory and vague statements about such a relationship status to others containing half-truths and lies. Such behavior stems from the fact that as you involve yourself in a little bit of cheating on your partner. And, you feel the need to conceal certain facts.

Such needs lead you to lie about the true nature of your relationship and are a certain indicator of your cooperation in micro-cheating.


2. Compulsively Stalking  Social Media Accounts of A Third Person

It is quite natural to regularly check and follow friends, colleagues, former boyfriends, and even strangers on social media pages. However, it is important to identify the real motives for doing so.

You may have developed a certain kind of attraction towards somebody else outside the periphery of your relationship and thereby make it a routine to check and follow the person’s social media accounts daily compulsively and obsessively.

Such actions on your part are certain signs of micro-cheating. The infatuation at times comes to such a stage that you tend to ignore your partner lying beside you, and instead of talking to your partner, you choose to browse through another person’s social media accounts.

In this context, another person indicates the person you have developed an emotional affinity with outside your relationship.

3. Secretly Getting  In Touch With The Third Person

When you try to contact some other person either by voice calls or by texting, or by meeting them in person without the knowledge of your partner and later attempt to hide the fact from your partner, it is also a form of micro-cheating.

It attempts to build up an alternative relationship with a motive to switch over to the same if the current relationship does not stand up to the desired expectation.

4. Entering A Code Name Of Your Friend  In Your PhoneBook

In your attempt to hide the identity of the person you are so keen about, it is a common practice to enter a code name in the phone book instead of their real name.

This is done to disable your partner from the possibility of extracting any true information about the identity of the person if you want to keep it in a veil of secrecy. It is easy to say. Such actions are also a certain sign of micro-cheating.

5. Seeking Emotional Support In the Third Person Rather Than  In Your Partner

You have the support of your family other than your partner consisting of parents and other immediate family members.

In case of any emotional turmoil, you can turn up to any of these family members, including your partner. However, when you start ignoring all these immediate family support systems and instead prefer to depend on another person for extending emotional support to you, it comes under the purview of micro-cheating.

6. Not Showing Enough Concern Or Respect For Your Partner

You should never downplay your relationship specifically in front of others. So one should not criticize your partner behind their back.

If you indulge in expressing negative feelings about your partner among the person/s who possess some romantic feeling towards you, it is called micro-cheating.

Infidelity is like cancer. It grows up to gobble up everything, including the bonding with your partner. This develops over the years with your joint effort of love, affection, and understanding.

It requires ages and a herculean effort to develop a dependable understanding and bonding between two partners.

Relationship stands on the solid foundation of mutual faith, integrity, ethics, and respect. Betrayal or disloyalty hurts the relationship and destroys its very foundation. All concerned should respect their relationship. Avoid any form of infidelity, irrespective of whether it is micro or macro.

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