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Long Distance Marriages – Do They Even Work?

Long Distance Marriages – Ease and Difficulties?  

Long-distance marriages, when you are not ready, won’t be a walk in the park. It might not be what you had previously imagined when you said: “I do.” How do you survive a long-distance marriage in this case? Endless calls and conversations by Skype will bring you closer, but it won’t fill the void.

There’s much anticipation when it comes to seeing your lover again. Long-distance marriages test your patience. It will allow you to see just how committed you are to one another. It doesn’t matter if your spouse is on military deployment or furthering academic studies; a long-distance relationship does work for thousands of couples. Although the couples met with challenges, you can move any mountain with constant communication and effort.


The Challenges of Long Distance Marriages

Long-distance marriages aren’t easy, and they will never be for the faint-hearted. Most couples will testify less visual communication turns everything upside down. One can expect there to be lonely times accompanied by natural urges to touch a human body when both partners lack physical affection for extended periods.

The second biggest challenge relates to money, especially when you both have different ideas about splitting the bills. When one partner has to foot the bill to fly home, it can get expensive. You must set a budget if you’re going to survive the financial burden of long-distance marriages.


Time differences also could be a problem for long-distance partners. It can be difficult to communicate with a spouse who’s in a different country and time zone. While getting a call at 2 in the morning may be romantic, it could be not very pleasant if you have an early morning call or if it wakes a sleeping infant.

When you can see your loved one’s face, it makes you better and more confident. But when you can’t and you couple that with missed phone calls and delayed text messages, it attracts suspicion. It isn’t easy to trust someone who is miles away, and you can’t see their reactions or facial expressions.


Long Distance Marriages: What’s The Secret?

Being miles away from your SO makes you appreciate one another, which is a good thing. In fact, it will make you treasure each other’s time, so you don’t take it for granted. You may eventually feel a deeper attraction for your spouse after a short separation. It makes those small sacrifices worth it in the end. There are other keys to making long-distance marriages work. Let’s check them out.

  • Communicate Often

Although your spouse is not with you, talking helps ease the pain of missing them. You want to communicate with them often, but not so often you’re bored and frustrated. You can certainly miss a day or two, depending on the circumstances, even longer without Facetiming your partner. In most cases, talking every day isn’t necessary.

A long-distance marriage is an investment. Hence working at it is necessary. It won’t hurt a dime if you greet one another daily, but this shouldn’t be on your to-do list like a chore. If trust is an issue, always update your partner on your whereabouts. To avoid insecurity, send each other current video clips and pictures as often as possible.

  • Entice Each Other

Most people marry for affection and love. Even when in a long-distance partnership, there are little things you can do to keep the home fires burning. Up your game by sending your man a pair of scented panties or infused strawberries. Remember, if you don’t get a response from your partner right away, consider the other person’s job, time, and position. It doesn’t mean your partner doesn’t have feelings when they are far apart. Sexual yearn and desire are like a hand in the glue that adds a plus to your bond.

  • Avoid Temptation in Long Distance Marriages

If you are still into partying and you are in a long-distance marriage, you might want to slow your roll. Let your partner know where you are and what you are doing in your spare time. However, note your partner will be insecure in one way or another. Why?

Other people may influence you to join the party, and you owe it to yourself to have fun. However, it is possible to fall into a trap, making it difficult to get out of it. Don’t even think of hanging out with your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. Recognize first the repercussions before doing something that might hurt your partner.

  • Visit One Another

Regular visits are the principal part of long-distance marriages. After a long wait, you finally see each other, and you can’t wait to be alone. How you’ve longed for that epic cuddle and to hold hands again.

  • Enjoy Alone Time

Before meeting your spouse, you had a life you enjoyed to the core. Even though you’re alone, you don’t have to be lonely when your partner isn’t available. Instead, share good times with your family and closest friends. Try out new adventures and hobbies and treasure these moments.

  • Be Honest and Loyal to Each Other

Learn to let it all out even when you are miles away. If it’s jealousy, fear, or insecurity, create a pathway to success by being honest with your partner. Secrecy shouldn’t be part of your life.

No one said enduring long-distance marriages was going to be bliss and ecstasy for eternity. Everything seems to be unreachable and unachievable while your partner is away. As much as you want to avoid lonely times, all you can do is minimize the feeling. Embrace what you can change and what you can’t, let go.

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