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Language And Numerology: The Amazing Relationship

The amazing relationship between Language and Numerology

Have you ever thought about the relationship between numerology and language and considered how this unique combination could work for you as a guide in your life?

Over thousands of years, scholars observed a relationship between numbers and events and realized that numbers could take on a meaning and a significance of their own. These ancient scholars discovered the unique power of numbers and developed the fascinating and mysterious system called numerology.


Even though we use words as our means of communication, we all know that words are ambiguous and can hold a different sense of meaning depending upon our point of view and how we interpret a word’s meaning. Words can be confusing! And then there’s the fact that there are several thousand languages in use across the world, and so the result is a massive and sometimes ambiguous communication problem.


Numbers and their power

Numbers, therefore, have great power over words because they have the unique quality of being factual and quantifiable. One apple is one apple, and whichever way we look at it, the numbers add up. Whereas words can express emotions and sentiments, numbers are more scientific and objective. The objectivity of numbers is why numbers are observable and why they have been studied over the years. Numbers have brought about a universal understanding, which is why numerology is so effective.


While numerology has been developed to make accurate predictions, there’s no scientific evidence to prove that the expressions made by the numbers are true. So numerology is seen as a mystical and occult science. Maybe you have overlooked numerology for this reason? It is, though, an ancient belief system that has been used to provide great insights into people’s lives and has helped to provide direction and guide people through life’s ups and downs.

Why not use the numbers in your life to help you? Numerology can help you decide where your luck lies, it can help you understand your personality by looking into your name and your date of birth, and in return, it can give you clarity and direction in life’s choices, which is great news. For us all!


How does numerology work

So, how does numerology work? Well, numerology reduces all the numbers in our lives back down to the raw numbers of1 through 9. Some numbers are seen as ‘good’ numbers. Some may be thought of as ‘bad’ numbers. Numbers can tell you about your personality, the type of person you are best suited to have a relationship with, your motivations in life, the cycles of your life, what kind of job you may enjoy working at and what your future may have in store for you.

So, if you were to get a numerology chart made up of your name and date of birth, it would tell you all about yourself! A numerology is a fantastic tool as we all need a little clarity and direction in our lives at some point. But how would you get a numerology chart made up of your name? Surely numerology is all about numbers and numbers only?

So, this is where numerology becomes a fascinating relationship between language and numerology comes into play because numerology can also be about the value of a word or even a letter. In numerology, words and letters can be given a numerical value, and that numerical value will hold the same mysterious meaning as a number. Easy!

Alphabetical Letters and Numbers

In English, the alphabetical letters have all been assigned a corresponding number. So, for example, the letters’ a’, ‘j’ and ‘s’ all have numerical values. ‘B,’ ‘k’ and ‘t’ all hold the numerical value of number two. ‘C,’ ‘l’ and ‘u’ all have a value of three, and so on.

So, to find the value of a word, say, for example, your name, you need to find the numerical value of the letters of your name and add all the numbers together. The resulting total number is the numerical value of your name. The same process can be used to find the numerical value of any word, and the numbers are therefore able to reveal the pure essence, or spirit, of a word or even a person.

Language and Numerology

As there is such a great relationship between language and numerology, and because we most commonly use words as our means of communication, numerology has put together different ways of showing us how a word, such as our name, can express the complexity of our character. Numerology is more complex than simply assigning the letters in your name a number and adding them together.

In numerology, there are different ways of adding the numbers in your name together. Sometimes you will add all the numbers that the letters in your name reveal together. Sometimes just add the consonants or just the vowels. Each different way of adding the numbers reveals a different side to who you are as a person.

Numerology also looks into the missing aspects of your name. It does this by converting the letters of your name into numbers. It then assesses if there are any numbers, between one and nine, that are missing. These missing numbers will reveal where in your life you may find yourself lacking and where you will face challenges in your life.

Name and Destiny

Your name, in numerology, can reveal your Heart’s Desire, which reveals the inner you that you hold deep inside yourself. We often unconsciously decide not to express our true personality out to the world for many complex reasons. Also, we sometimes have a deep motivation for action that gets ignored or swept away by living life at a pace. The language of your name and numerology can help you find the true you.

The Expression of your name helps you to discover your destiny. You are unconsciously working toward this every day of your life, even though you may not realize this. If you are pulling yourself away from your destiny all the time, this may be why you find life a struggle. Discovering the Expression of your name also gives you an understanding of the kind of person you’re aiming to become on your life journey.

The personality number of your name provides a narrow, focussed definition of how you reveal yourself to the world as we all make choices about how we wish people see us. It can tell us about how we choose to interact with others. The personality number will also help you realize the kind of people you approach in life and those you allow.

Other Aspects

There are many other aspects of numerology that can reveal unrealized secrets about yourself. Looking into your name gives the solution. There is a fascinating relationship between language and numerology. Why not learn how numerology and the letters of your name will help you discover the true inner you. And as you discover more about how your name reveals so much about who you are as a person and your personality, it will provide you with an insightful guide for your life.

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