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January 3 Famous Birthdays

January 3 Famous Birthdays

If you are born on this day, you share your birthday with many famous people born in 3 January. They are Capricorns who is extraordinarily unique.

Famous people born on 3rd January tend to be quick on their feet and are held in high regard by their peers. Their work ethics are without flaws like the January 3 famous birthday traits. They know how to work a room filled with business executives or those of the opposite sex.

The January 3rd famous birthday horoscope shows that the meaning of bombing out is not in your vocabulary or in your nature. They are fanatical and are able to bounce back from disappointments and upsets. It is not surprising that they would overcome any obstacles with a positive attitude like other famous people born on January 3. In fact, they embrace anything that changes them for the better.


Famous January 3 birthday personalities, naturally, are people who will excel at things when most people would give up. They want the best out of life and it shows in their attitude, their home, in the way they dress and by the vehicle they drive. They love being free and self­-regulating.


Like famous January 3rd people, you are a great expressionist but not when it comes to your personal feelings. You could work on this, Capricorn. It is only to your benefit especially when it comes to love and relationships.

Famous people born on the 3rd January could be very gifted. Capricorn like your privacy. The cheery personality of this zodiac sign is usually focused on the next business opportunity. Read below for names of famous January 3rd birthday personalities.


January 3rd Famous Birthday Personality Traits

3rd January Good Traits:

  • Tenacious
  • Passionate
  • Quick Witted
  • Resourceful

January 3 Bad Traits:

  • Rebellious
  • Materialistic
  • Guarded
  • Pushy

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January 3rd Famous Birthday Personalities

Ahmed El Bayed, 1978, Magician
AJ Burnett, 1977, Baseball Player
AJ Cartas, 1994, Vine Star
Aja Black, 1983, Soul Singer
Alex D. Linz, 1989, Movie Actor
Alex Hales, 1989, Cricket Player
Alex Harris, 1975, Swimmer
Ali Masimov, 1953, Politician
Alisen Down, 1976, TV Actress
Alma Flor Ada, 1938, Children’s Author
Alvaro Magalhaes, 1961, Soccer Player
Andre Franquin, 1924, Cartoonist
Angela Ruggiero, 1980, Hockey Player
Angela Yee, 1976, Radio Host
Anna May Wong, 1905, Movie Actress
Anne Stevenson, 1933, Poet
Antonius Nazareth, 1993, YouTube Star
Anya Rozova, 1989, Model
Arik Einstein, 1939, Rock Singer
Asa Akira, 1986,
Atiquah Hasiholan, 1982, Movie Actress
August Macke, 1887, Painter
Barbara Stuart, 1930, TV Actress
Barbara Tropp, 1948, Chef
Betty Furness, 1916, Movie Actress
Bill Gold, 1921, Graphic Designer
Bill Travers, 1922, Movie Actor
Billy Fox, 1939, Politician
Blake Sims, 1992, Football Player

Blanche Dalpuget, 1944, Novelist
Bobby Hull, 1939, Hockey Player
Brad Salmon, 1980, Baseball Player
Brantley Pollock, 1993, TV Actor
Broderick Hunter, 1991, Model
Brooke Williams, 1984, TV Actress
Bryan Clay, 1980, Decathlete
Bud Tingwell, 1923, Movie Actor
Candelaria Molfese, 1992, TV Actress
Carlos Keller, 1898, Politician
Carnage, 1991, DJ
Cassidy Shaffer, 1996, TV Actress
Charles Smyth, 1819, Scientist
Cheryl Miller, 1964, Sportscaster
Chetan Sharma, 1966, Cricket Player
Christian Duguay, 1970, TV Actor
Clement Attlee, 1883, Politician
Connie May Fowler, 1960, Novelist
Constance Reid, 1918, Non-Fiction Author
Cory Cross, 1971, Hockey Player
Craig Dargo, 1978, Soccer Player
Dabney Coleman, 1932, TV Actor
Dan Harmon, 1973, TV Producer
Danica McKellar, 1975, TV Actress
Daniel Alomia Robles, 1871, Composerjanuary-3rd-birthday
Daniel Furlong, 1998, World Music Singer
Daniel Hendler, 1976, Movie Actor
Daniel Knauf, 1948, Screenwriter
Danny Cruz, 1990, Soccer Player
Darius Morris, 1991, Basketball Player
Darren Daulton, 1962, Baseball Player
Dave Dobbyn, 1957, Rock Singer
David Adler, 1882, Architect
David Tyree, 1980, Football Player
Debitor, 1981, YouTube Star
Delphine Wespiser, 1992, Model
Destiney Sue Moore, 1978, Reality Star
Dominic Wood, 1978, Magician
Dominique Ansel, 1977, Chef
Doug McDermott, 1992, Basketball Player
Drey Smygov, 1995, YouTube Star
E Max Frye, 1956, Screenwriter
Ed Lucas, 1939, Sportscaster
Eli Manning, 1981, Football Player
Ellis Ann Jackson, 2001, TV Actress
Eric Tovey, 1929, Wrestler
Eric Victorino, 1978, Rock Singer
Eric Voegelin, 1901, Philosopher
Erick Brian Colon, 2001, Pop Singer
Erin Robertson, 1985, Family Member
Father Damien, 1840, Religious Leader
Fernand Point, 1897, Chef
Florence Pugh, 1996, Movie Actress
Fran Cotton, 1947, Rugby Player

Frank Dicopoulos, 1957, Soap Opera Actor
Frederick K.c. Price, 1932, Religious Leader
Frimzy, 1998, Musical.ly Star
Fyodor Yurchikhin, 1959, Astronaut
Gabriela Rippi, 1990, Instagram Star
Gavin Hastings, 1962, Rugby Player
Gene Summers, 1939, Rock Singer
George Janko, 1993, Vine Star
George Martin, 1926, Music Producer
George Seitz, 1888, Screenwriter
Giuliano Peparini, 1973, Choreographer
Glen Larson, 1937, TV Producer
Grace Coolidge, 1879, Political Wife
Gu Jun, 1975, Badminton Player
Gudjon Daniel, 1992, YouTube Star
Gul Panag, 1979, Movie Actress
Guy Pratt, 1962, Bassist
Hal Rayle, 1955, Voice Actor
Hank Stram, 1923, Football Player
Hayley Turner, 1983, Horse Jockey
Hector Romero, 1980, Basketball Player
Herbie Nichols, 1919, Pianist
Hollyn, 1997, Gospel Singer
Ichizo Kobayashi, 1873, Entrepreneur
Ikechi Anya, 1988, Soccer Player
Ilham Chahine, 1962, Movie Actress
Jack Levine, 1915, Painter
Jack Pattillo, 1982, Voice Actor
Jacky Vasquez, 1997, Instagram Star
Jake Arnold, 1984, Decathlete
James B. Steele, 1943, Journalist
James Carter, 1969, Saxophonist

James More, 1988, Magician
Jason Marsden, 1975, TV Actor
Jaswant Singh, 1938, Politician
Jenn Bostic, 1986, Country Singer
Jenni Pulos, 1973, TV Producer
Jessica Marble, 1996, YouTube Star
Jill Balcon, 1925, Movie Actress
Jim Everett, 1963, Football Player
Jim Ross, 1952, Wrestler
Jirard Khalil, 1988, YouTube Star
Joe Bartoch, 1983, Swimmer
John Ales, 1969, Movie Actor
John David Booty, 1985, Football Player
John Gould Fletcher, 1886, Poet
John Paul Jones, 1946, Bassist
John Sturges, 1910, Director
John Thaw, 1942, TV Actor
Jonathan Baker, 1962, Reality Star
Jonny Evans, 1988, Soccer Player
Jordan O’Brien, 1992, YouTube Star
Jose F Valdez, 1925, War Hero
Josephine Hull, 1877, Movie Actress
Josue Soto, 1989, Soccer Player
Jream Andrew, 1991, Rapper
JRR Tolkien, 1892, Novelist
Julia Nunes, 1989, Rock Singer
Justin Fleming, 1953, Playwright
Kaiman Wong, 1982, YouTube Star
Kate Levering, 1979, TV Actress
Ken Owens, 1987, Rugby Player
Kevin Ware, 1993, Basketball Player
Kim Seolhyun, 1995, Pop Singer
Kimberley Locke, 1978, Pop Singer
Kohei Uchimura, 1989, Gymnast
Koit Toome, 1979, Pop Singer
Kurt Vile, 1980, Rock Singer
Kurt Yaeger, 1977, TV Actor
Leah Gibson, 1985, TV Actress
Lee Beom-soo, 1970, TV Actor
Lee Wan, 1984, TV Actor
Lily Fortescue, 1990, Family Member
Linas Kleiza, 1985, Basketball Player
Lloyd Polite, 1986, R&B Singer
Long Boret, 1933, Politician
Lonnie Kimble, 1990, Rapper
Lorenzo Fertitta, 1968, Sports Executive
Lucretia Mott, 1793, Activist
Maddie Riley, 1998, YouTube Star
Marc Morial, 1958, Politician
Marion Davies, 1897, Director
Mark Pontius, 1985, Drummer
Mary Wineberg, 1980, Runner
Matt Frattin, 1988, Hockey Player
Matt Ross, 1970, Movie Actor
Maxene Andrews, 1916, Opera Singer
Mayumi Wakamura, 1967, TV Actress
Mel Gibson, 1956, Movie Actor
Michael Schumacher, 1969, Race Car Driver
Mihika Verma, 1988, TV Actress
Mimi Faust, 1970, Reality Star
Mohammed Waheed Hassan, 1953, Politician
Muhammed Demirci, 1995, Soccer Player
Myron Collins, 1998, Football Player
Nadia Lutfi, 1938, Movie Actress
Nash Overstreet, 1986, Guitarist
Nicholas Gonzalez, 1976, TV Actor
Nichole Nordeman, 1972, Rock Singer
Nicolas Eyzaguirre, 1953, Politician
Nicole Beharie, 1985, Movie Actress
Nicole C. Mullen, 1967, Rock Singer
Nikola Pekovic, 1986, Basketball Player
Paul Wheeler, 1965, Soccer Player
Pepe Problemas, 1987, YouTube Star
Pietro Metastasio, 1698, Poet
Pola Negri, 1897, Movie Actress
Poulomi Ghatak, 1983, Table Tennis Player
Rafael Carrion Sr., 1891, Entrepreneur
Rainer M. Schröder, 1951, Novelist
Raitis Ivanans, 1979, Hockey Player
RashadTheReactor, 1993, YouTube Star
Ray Milland, 1907, Movie Actor
Reece Whitley, 2000, Swimmer
Renato Carosone, 1920, Composer
Reto Berra, 1987, Hockey Player
Rick MacLeish, 1950, Hockey Player
Robert Loggia, 1930, Movie Actor
Robert Olmstead, 1954, Novelist
Rodrigo Velilla, 1989, TV Actor
Rokusaburo Michiba, 1931, Chef
Ronald Smith, 1922, Pianist
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, 1995, Basketball Player
Rosie Fortescue, 1990, Reality Star
Ross The Boss, 1954, Guitarist
Ruben DeVill, 1995, YouTube Star
Rudy Wiedoeft, 1893, Saxophonist
Ryan Edwards, 1988, Reality Star
Ryan Ellis, 1991, Hockey Player
Ryan Ong Paolo, 1993, Reality Star
Rytmus, 1977, Rapper
Sarah Alexander, 1971, TV Actress
Sarah Richards, 1984, Dancer
Sergio Leone, 1929, Director
Shane O’Neill, 1990, Skateboarder
Simon Greenall, 1958, TV Actor
Stephanie Gomez, 2002, Family Member
Stephen Stills, 1945, Folk Singer
Steve McLendon, 1986, Football Player
Sylvia Likens, 1949,
Tamia M. Whittaker, 1999, Dancer
Tasha Fox, 1976, Reality Star
Telly Leung, 1980, Stage Actor
Teodoro Petkoff, 1932, Politician
Terry Deary, 1946, Children’s Author
Thelma Schoonmaker, 1940,
Thomas Bangalter, 1975, DJ
Tomiko Suzuki, 1956, Voice Actor
Tonny Vilhena, 1995, Soccer Player
Tony Farmer, 1970, Basketball Player
Tricia Dickson, 1982, Voice Actor
Trish Williamson, 1955, TV Show Host
Tuuli Oikarinen, 1999, Pop Singer
Van Dyke Parks, 1943, Pop Singer
Vicky Logan, 1992, YouTube Star
Victor Borge, 1909, Pianist
Victoria Duffield, 1995, Pop Singer
Victoria Principal, 1950, Soap Opera Actress
W Michael Blumenthal, 1926, Entrepreneur
Wantha Davis, 1917, Horse Jockey
Will Tukuafu, 1984, Football Player
William Boyett, 1927, TV Actor
Xycron, 1996, YouTube Star
Zadi Diaz, 1990, Radio Host
Zak Santiago, 1981, TV Actor
ZaSu Pitts, 1894, Movie Actress

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