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January 2 Famous Birthdays

January 2 Famous Birthdays

Do you know of famous people born on January 2nd? IF YOU ARE BORN ON JANUARY 2nd, you are a Capricorn who is extremely talented and in step with life.

Famous people born on January 2 are natural born leaders with qualities that shine ever so brightly. They have a need to succeed and that’s okay. But they should learn how to take imperfections with a grain of salt.


Famous people born on January 2nd should stay committed in their efforts. This might mean they have to open another door for opportunity. Generally, they are not especially open with their feelings and therefore, their poker face is often misunderstood.


The January 2 famous birthday astrology asks them to lighten their burden with those they love. They may find that the struggle is not as bad as you think. On another note, some people may be envious of them. So be careful of those overly concerned new friends.

They have great intuition so rely more on what they are feeling when it comes to making decisions regarding love and business.

Famous people born on the 2nd January are very hard-working. Capricorn like to be in charge. Their bright personality makes them popular among family, friends and co-workers. Take a look at the names of famous people born on 2nd January below.


January 2nd Famous Birthday Personality Traits

January 2 Good Traits:

  • Gifted
  • Patient
  • Compassionate
  • Good Natured

2nd January Bad Traits:

  • Secretive
  • Obsessive
  • Spendthrift
  • Private

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January 2nd Famous Birthday Personalities

Adam Elliot, 1972, Director
Adrien Niyonshuti, 1987, Cyclist
Ahmad Givens, 1982, Reality Star
Alan Beckwith, 1952, Movie Actor
Alden Richards, 1993, TV Actor
Aleeza Mehtab, 1996, YouTube Star
Alex Ramos, 1995, Vine Star
Alfred Conrad, 1924, Teacher
Alfredo Rios, 1983, World Music Singer
Alice Mary Robertson, 1854, Politician
Andrew Dykstra, 1986, Soccer Player
Anky Van Grunsven, 1968, Equestrian
Anna Lee, 1913, TV Actress
Bailey James, 1997, Country Singer
Bella Smith, 1994, Model
Ben Hardy, 1991, Soap Opera Actor

Beth Malone, 1969, Stage Actress
Blaga Dimitrova, 1922, Poet
Bob Marshall, 1901, Activist
Bobby Jo Valentine, 1986, Pop Singer
Brian Boucher, 1977, Hockey Player
BrianFromDenmark, 1981, YouTube Star
Bryan Silva, 1991, YouTube Star
Bryson Tiller, 1993, Pop Singer
Calvin Hill, 1947, Football Player
Caylie Almada, 2004, Dancer
Charles Willeford, 1919, Novelist
Chloe Dungate, 1990, YouTube Star
Chris Cheney, 1975, Guitarist
Chris Hussey, 1989, Soccer Player
Chris Spencer, 1968, Movie Actor
Christell, 1998, Pop Singer
Christian Daniel Rauch, 1777, Sculptor
Christopher Durang, 1949, Playwright
Christy Turlington, 1969, Model
Claire Moore, 1960, Stage Actress
Claire Rushbrook, 1971, TV Actress
Colby Brock, 1997, Vine Star
Constance Holland, 1859, Playwright
Craig James, 1961, Football Player
Cuba Gooding Jr., 1968, Movie Actor
Cyrus Arnold, 2003, Movie Actor
Daisaku Ikeda, 1928, Religious Leader
Daisha McBride, 1996, Rapper
Damien Bodie, 1985, TV Actor
Dan Duncan, 1933, Entrepreneur

Dan Rostenkowski, 1928, Politician
Dana Vaughns, 1998, Pop Singer
Daniel Harris, 1993, Guitarist
Danny Care, 1987, Rugby Player
Danny Miller, 1991, Soap Opera Actor
David Bailey, 1938, Photographer
David Cone, 1963, Baseball Player
Davide Santon, 1991, Soccer Player
Dax Shepard, 1975, Movie Actor
Deborah Watling, 1948, TV Actress
Dennis Hastert, 1942, Politician
Diane Drake, 1945, Screenwriter
DJ Falcon, 1976, DJ
DJ Killatouch, 1979, DJ
Donald Keck, 1941, Scientist
Douglas Robb, 1975, Rock Singer
Dugald Campbell Patterson, 1860, Entrepreneur
Dustin Clare, 1982, TV Actor
Edgar Martinez, 1963, Baseball Player
Elijah Oliver, 2000, Dancer
Emanuel Newton, 1984, MMA Fighter
Eric Whitacre, 1970, Composer
Erica Hubbard, 1979, TV Actress
Erin Mullaly, 1990, TV Actor
Ernst Barlach, 1870, Sculptor
Everett Golson, 1993, Football Player
Farouk El-baz, 1938, Scientist
FaZe Dirty, 1994, YouTube Star
Filiz Akin, 1943, Movie Actress
Franja du Plessis, 1994, Gospel Singer
Frank Chamberlin, 1978, Football Player
Frankie Adams, 1994, TV Actress
Frederick Burr Opper, 1857, Cartoonist
Gabriela Diaz, 1981, BMX Rider
Gabrielle Carteris, 1961, TV Actress

Garrett Stephenson, 1972, Baseball Player
Gary Harkins, 1985, Soccer Player
Gary Morgan, 1950, TV Actor
Gavin Mahon, 1977, Soccer Player
Gerard Pieter Adolfs, 1898, Architect
Gijs Blom, 1997, Movie Actor
Gina Varela, 1978, TV Actress
Gino Marchetti, 1927, Football Player
Gippy Grewal, 1982, World Music Singer
Glenn Cadrez, 1970, Football Player
Graeme Strachan, 1952, Rock Singer
Greg Toler, 1985, Football Player
Harry Forrester, 1991, Soccer Player
Hartley Peavey, 1939, Entrepreneur
Heather O’Reilly, 1985, Soccer Player
Henrik Visnapuu, 1890, Poet
Henry Flagler, 1830, Entrepreneur
Henry Shelton, 1942, War Hero
Hrysopiyi Devetzi, 1975, Triple Jumper
Ian Brady, 1938, Criminal
Ian Connor, 1993, Fashion Designer
Iris Marion Young, 1949, Philosopher
Isaac Asimov, 1920, Novelist
Ivy Doomkitty, 1986, Model
Jack Hanna, 1947, TV Show Host
Jacob Medina, 1995, eSports Player
James Marshall, 1967, Movie Actor
James Wolfe, 1727, War Hero
Jean Krier, 1949, Poet
Jeff Suppan, 1975, Baseball Player
Jefferson, 1983, Soccer Player
Jeremy Pritchard, 1984, Bassist
Jesse Taylor, 1984, Boxer
Jessica Schultz, 1985, Curler
Jilly Anais, 1996, Pop Singer
Jim Bakker, 1940, Religious Leader
Jim Londos, 1897, Wrestler
Jimmy Santiago Baca, 1952, Poet
Joe Greenstein, 1893, Bodybuilder
Jonathan Greening, 1979, Soccer Player
Joseph Sunlight, 1889, Architect
Judith Miller, 1948, Journalist
Julie Piekarski, 1963, TV Actress
Julius La Rosa, 1930, Pop Singer
Justin Brown, 1995, Rapper
Justin Guillen, 1986, Cricket Player
Justin Walker, 1986, Reality Star
Karina Smirnoff, 1978, Dancer
Kate Bosworth, 1983, Movie Actress
Kay A. Orr, 1939, Politician
Keith Forsey, 1948, Drummer
Keith Shocklee, 1962, Music Producer
Kelly Schulz, 1969, Politician
Kevin Kowalski, 1989, Football Player
Kiko Ellsworth, 1973, Movie Actor
Kirk Hinrich, 1981, Basketball Player
Kirti Azad, 1959, Cricket Player
Koa Smith, 1996, Surfer
Kristen Hager, 1984, Movie Actress
Kyle Bailey, 1994, Bassist
Lake Dawson, 1972, Football Player
Lauren Storm, 1987, TV Actress
Lawrence Wackett, 1896, Entrepreneur
Leonard Michaels, 1933, Essayist
LJ Benet, 1997, TV Actor
Loic Remy, 1987, Soccer Player
London Charles, 1978, Reality Star
Lucy Davis, 1973, Movie Actress
Lynda Barry, 1956, Cartoonist
Lynn Conway, 1938, Engineer
Mac Danzig, 1980, MMA Fighter
Marcus Bean, 1984, Soccer Player
Marianne Leone Cooper, 1952, TV Actress
Mark Evans, 1985, Stage Actor
Mark Matejka, 1967, Guitarist
Martin G. Xuereb, 1968, War Hero
Matiur Rahman, 1946, Journalist
Matt Green, 1987, Soccer Player
Matt Toomua, 1990, Rugby Player
Max Hurd, 1991, Blogger
Maxi Rodriguez, 1981, Soccer Player
Megan Williams, 1994, Instagram Star
Meredith Stepien, 1987, Stage Actress
Mike Newlin, 1949, Basketball Player
Mily Balakirev, 1837, Pianist
Nada Higl, 1987, Swimmer
Nathaniel Bacon, 1647, War Hero
Neil Dudgeon, 1961, TV Actor
Ng Man-tat, 1952, Movie Actor
Norodom Ranariddh, 1944, Politician
On Kawara, 1933, Conceptual Artist
Oscar Micheaux, 1884, Novelist
Pamella Roland, 1959, Fashion Designer
Patrick Foley, 1990, Drummer
Patrick Rea, 1980, Screenwriter
Paulo Gazzaniga, 1992, Soccer Player
Paz Vega, 1976, Movie Actress
Pernell Whitaker, 1964, Boxer
Peter Gadiot, 1986, TV Actor
Peter Redgrove, 1932, Poet
Philip Freneau, 1752, Poet
Rashad Johnson, 1986, Football Player
RedKiwiz, 1997, YouTube Star
Renata Notni, 1995, Soap Opera Actress
Renee Elise Goldsberry, 1971, TV Actress
Richard Carr-gomm, 1922, Entrepreneur
Richard Riley, 1933, Politician
Richard Thorp, 1932, Soap Opera Actor
River Bleu, 2002, Vine Star
RiverBleu, 2002, Vine Star
Rob Beckett, 1986, Comedian
Robby Gordon, 1969, Race Car Driver
Robert Helenius, 1984, Boxer
Robert Henry Cain, 1909, War Hero
Robert John Bardo, 1970, Criminal
Robert Nathan, 1894, Novelist
Robert Westerholt, 1975, Guitarist
Roger Miller, 1936, Country Singer
Ron Hale, 1946, Soap Opera Actor
Rose Fostanes, 1967, Pop Singer
Royce Clayton, 1970, Baseball Player
Ryan Brown, 1975, Soap Opera Actor
Shelley Hennig, 1987, TV Actress
Shelly Glover, 1967, Politician
Sheree Whitfield, 1970, Reality Star
Shirley Curry, 1936, YouTube Star
Siobhan Finneran, 1966, TV Actress
Skyy John, 1980, YouTube Star
Slava Raskaj, 1877, Painter
Sophia Miacova, 1994, Instagram Star
Syesha Mercado, 1987, Pop Singer
Sylvia Chan, 1988, YouTube Star
Tawny Jordan, 1992, Model
Taye Diggs, 1971, Movie Actor
Tex Rickard, 1870, Sports Executive
Therese Of Lisieux, 1873, Religious Leader
Tia Carrere, 1967, Movie Actress
Tim Burt, 1972, Cricket Player
Todd Haynes, 1961, Director
Tommy Morrison, 1969, Boxer
Tony Woodley, 1948, Civil Rights Leader
Trombone Shorty, 1986, Trumpet Player
Tsugawa Masahiko, 1940, Movie Actor
Wendy Phillips, 1952, TV Actress
Will Kirby, 1973, Doctor
William Fox-Pitt, 1969, Equestrian
Yazid Atouba, 1993, Soccer Player
Yury Grigorovich, 1927, Dancer

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