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January 23 Famous Birthdays

January 23 Famous Birthdays

Do you share you birth with the famous January 23 celebrity birthdays? IF YOU ARE BORN ON JANUARY 23, you can be a perceptive individual who mainly observes others. You have become best friends with yourself although you love getting attention within a crowd of people.

However social, famous people born on January 23 can be a bit to honest sometimes and well they are capable of hurting a few feelings every now and again. This could be a wall that they put up in order to preserve their own emotions.


If anyone can get over the cold attitude famous people born on January 23, then they are a good friend to have. They typically do not like being compared to anyone else and pride themselves on being just a cut above. You can see this in the way they dress and how their home is fashionably decorated.


It could be a little odd, actually. Overall, this famous Aquarius born on January 23 is extremely fascinating to talk to. They are exceptionally talented and are inquisitive about life.

Although family means a lot to the famous people born on 23 January, they don’t depend on anyone or anything to make them happy. The famous birthday personality traits of those born on the 23rd of January shows that they embrace life as a chameleon. They are different… honest, funny and smart. Aquarius are much like the air that represents them.


January 23rd Famous Birthday Personality Traits

23 January Good Traits:

  • Adaptable
  • Observant
  • Intellectual
  • Independent

23rd January Bad Traits:

  • Loner
  • Blunt
  • Childish
  • Erratic

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January 23rd Famous Birthday Personalities

Addison Russell, 1994, Baseball Player
Adelina de Lara, 1872, Pianist
Adrian Forbes, 1979, Soccer Player
Adrian Quist, 1913, Tennis Player
Alan Cheuse, 1940, Novelist
Alex Gaudino, 1970, DJ
Alex Silva, 1990, Wrestler
Alexander Mullenbach, 1949, Composer
Alexandra Fuentes, 1978, TV Show Host
Alfonso Smith, 1987, Football Player
AllegraLouise, 1993, YouTube Star
Ally Sheehan, 1994, Blogger
Amber Brooks, 1991, Soccer Player
Andrea, 1987, Pop Singer

Andrew Rock, 1982, Runner
Angelica Lee, 1976, Movie Actress
Anita Marie Pointer, 1948, Soul Singer
Anna Goodman, 1986, Skier
Anne Foy, 1986, TV Show Host
Anne Marivin, 1974, Movie Actress
Anthony Spencer, 1984, Football Player
Antonio Villaraigosa, 1953, Politician
April Pearson, 1989, TV Actress
Ariyanna Ingram, 1999, R&B Singer
Arjen Robben, 1984, Soccer Player
Arlene Golonka, 1936, TV Actress
Arnoldo Aleman, 1946, World Leader
Aurel Vernescu, 1939, Canoer
Bal Thackeray, 1926, Politician
Barun Sengupta, 1934, Journalist
Ben Hunt, 1990, Soccer Player
january-23-famous-birthdaysBenjamin Dube, 1962, Gospel Singer
Benny Distefano, 1962, Baseball Player
BG Knocc Out, 1975, Rapper
Bill Hayden, 1933, Politician
Billy King, 1966, Basketball Player
Bob Paisley, 1919, Soccer Player
Bob Steele, 1907, Movie Actor
Boris Berezovsky, 1946, Entrepreneur
Boris McGiver, 1962, TV Actor
Brandon Choi, 1990, YouTube Star
Brendan O’Connor, 1970, TV Show Host
Brendan Shanahan, 1969, Hockey Player
Brennan Bailey, 1997, Movie Actor
Bruce Larkin, 1957, Children’s Author
Bruce Marks, 1937, Dancer
Bruce Ratner, 1945, Entrepreneur
Calihan Cronin, 1988, YouTube Star
Carina Bar, 1990, Rower

Cecile Ousset, 1936, Pianist
Celia Pavey, 1994, Folk Singer
Chachi Gonzales, 1996, Dancer
Chanel Cresswell, 1990, TV Actress
Charlee Drew, 1991, Pop Singer
Charles Glass, 1951, News Anchor
Chellsie Memmel, 1988, Gymnast
Chesley Sullenberger, 1951, Pilot
Chita Rivera, 1933, Stage Actress
Chris Cantada, 1985, YouTube Star
Chris Corner, 1974, Music Producer
Claudio Aprile, 1969, Chef
Cole Custer, 1998, Race Car Driver
Dalaun Richardson, 1994, Football Player
Dan Rice, 1823,
Daniel Ilabaca, 1988, Freerunner
Daniel Pollack, 1935, Pianist
Daniela Braga, 1992, Model
Danny Arnold, 1925, Screenwriter
Danny Federici, 1950, Pianist

David Arnold, 1962, Composer
David Firth, 1983, Cartoonist
David Knoll, 2000, TV Actor
Dawn O’Porter, 1979, TV Show Host
Deana Noop, 1994, YouTube Star
Django Reinhardt, 1910, Guitarist
Don Whittington, 1946, Entrepreneur
Donnie Klang, 1985, Rock Singer
Doutzen Kroes, 1985, Model
Draya Michele, 1985, Reality Star
Dwight Lowery, 1986, Football Player
Earl Falconer, 1957, Reggae Singer
Ed Barney, 1890, Baseball Player
Edouard Manet, 1832, Painter
Eliza Evans, 1998, YouTube Star
Elliot Loney, 1989, Comedian
Elvira Lindo, 1962, Children’s Author
Emosi Koloto, 1965, Rugby Player
Ernest Poole, 1880, Novelist
Ernie Kovacs, 1919, Comedian
Ernst Abbe, 1840, Scientist
Ewen Bremner, 1972, Movie Actor
Florence Halop, 1923, TV Actress
Frances Bay, 1919, TV Actress
Franco De Vita, 1954, Rock Singer
Frank Lautenberg, 1924, Politician
Franklin Pangborn, 1889, Movie Actor
Gail O’Grady, 1963, TV Actress
Gertrude B. Elion, 1918, Scientist
Gil Gerard, 1943, TV Actor
Gina Brooks, 1973, Family Member
Gina Ryder, 1977,
Glenn Patterson, 1961, Novelist
Gottfried Bohm, 1920, Architect
Greg Benson, 1968, Comedian
Greg Cleveland, 1990, Vine Star
Helen Le, 1984, YouTube Star
Henrique Mecking, 1952, Chess Player
Holly Kenny, 1995, TV Actress
Hugh Murrell, 1995, YouTube Star
Humood Alkhudher, 1989, World Music Singer
Inah Estrada, 1992, TV Actress
Irving Saladino, 1983, Long Jumper
Ivan Mallon, 2003, TV Actor
Jack Quinlan, 1927, Sportscaster
Jack Reynor, 1992, Movie Actor
Jackie Johnson, 1980, TV Show Host
Jackie Oakley, 1965, Family Member
Jacky Vincent, 1989, Guitarist
Jakob Michael Reinhold Lenz, 1751, Novelist
Jalen Hurd, 1996, Football Player
James Chester, 1989, Soccer Player
Jaron Furches, 1999, Vine Star
Jarryd Roughead, 1987, Australian Rules Footballer
Jason Smart, 1970, Hockey Player
Jeanne Moreau, 1928, Movie Actress
Jeff Samardzija, 1985, Baseball Player
Jerry Kramer, 1936, Football Player
Jim Schwantz, 1970, Football Player
Jimmy Castor, 1940, Jazz Singer
Jocelyn Alice, 1986, Pop Singer
Joe Baca, 1947, Politician
Joe Ledley, 1987, Soccer Player
John Boyd, 1927, War Hero
John Browning, 1855, Scientist
John Greaves, 1950, Bassist
John Hancock, 1737, Politician
Johnny Russell, 1940, Country Singer
Jonatha Brooke, 1964, Folk Singer
Jordan Bratton, 1995, Pop Singer
Jose Enrique, 1986, Soccer Player
Josef Hugi, 1930, Soccer Player
Josh Krajcik, 1981, Pop Singer
Joshua B. Lee, 1892, Politician
Joze Plecnik, 1872, Architect
JT Barrett, 1995, Football Player
Julia Jones, 1981, Movie Actress
Julie Foudy, 1971, Sportscaster
Julz West, 1995, Pop Singer
Katharine Tynan, 1859, Poet
Kayne Tremills, 1987, TV Show Host
Kellie Maloney, 1953, Reality Star
Kelly Parsons, 1964, Model
Kenneth B Lee, 1922, Politician
Khalil Alsakakini, 1878, Poet
Kirti Nagpure, 1992, TV Actress
Kota Wade, 1992, YouTube Star
Kyle Newacheck, 1984, TV Actor
Larry Hughes, 1979, Basketball Player
Larry Wilson, 1948, Screenwriter
Lavonte David, 1990, Football Player
Le’Andria Johnson, 1983, Gospel Singer
Leilani Kai, 1960, Wrestler
Leo Komarov, 1987, Hockey Player
Lester Horton, 1906, Dancer
Lexie Priessman, 1997, Gymnast
Lisa Snowdon, 1972, Model
Lisa Wu, 1973, Reality Star
Louis Giordano, 1992, Vine Star
Louis Zukofsky, 1904, Poet
Louisa Necib, 1987, Soccer Player
Lourdes Portillo, 1944, Director
Lucile Petry Leon, 1902, Doctor
Luke Davis, 1993, Surfer
Marc Nelson, 1971, R&B Singer
Marco Ruas, 1961, MMA Fighter
Margarete Schutte-Lihotzky, 1897, Architect
Marija Gimbutas, 1921, Scientist
Mario Cariello, 1907, Politician
Mariska Hargitay, 1964, TV Actress
Mark Ludford, 1996, YouTube Star
Mark Wohlers, 1970, Baseball Player
Marsha May, 1995,
Marty Beckerman, 1983, Journalist
Marty Brown, 1963, Baseball Player
Marty Paich, 1925, Composer
Martyn Waghorn, 1990, Soccer Player
Max Keiser, 1960, TV Show Host
Mekenna Melvin, 1985, TV Actress
Melody Lacayanga, 1983, Dancer
Michael Fielding, 1982, Comedian
Michael Gardyne, 1986, Soccer Player
Michael Kukielka, 1979, YouTube Star
Michael Stevens, 1986, YouTube Star
Mike Harris, 1945, Politician
Misa Campo, 1987, Model
Mistah Fab, 1982, Rapper
Myron Cope, 1929, Sportscaster
Naim Suleymanoglu, 1967, Weight Lifter
Natalie West, 1954, TV Actress
Nick Fairley, 1988, Football Player
Nick Harmer, 1975, Bassist
Nigel McGuinness, 1976, Wrestler
Nikki Fuller, 1968, Bodybuilder
Norah O’Donnell, 1974, News Anchor
Omar Albach, 1983, YouTube Star
Pat Haden, 1953, Football Player
Patrick Kerr, 1956, TV Actor
Paula Hamilton, 1961, Model
Percy Wenrich, 1887, Composer
Peter Gee, 1932, Pop Artist
Petey Greene, 1931, TV Show Host
Phil Dawson, 1975, Football Player
Phil Southam, 1993, YouTube Star
Potter Stewart, 1915, Supreme Court Justice
Princess Caroline of Monaco, 1957, Royalty
Priscilla Knetemann, 1992, TV Actress
Rachel Crow, 1998, Pop Singer
Randolph Scott, 1898, Movie Actor
Rebekah Elmaloglou, 1974, Soap Opera Actress
Richard Dean Anderson, 1950, TV Actor
Richard Gilliland, 1950, Movie Actor
Rick McCrank, 1976, Skateboarder
Rob Friend, 1981, Soccer Player
Robbie Farah, 1984, Rugby Player
Robert D Cabana, 1949, Astronaut
Robin Zander, 1953, Guitarist
Rocco Romano, 1963, Football Player
Rocio Cabrera, 1993, Pop Singer
Ronnie Baker Brooks, 1967, Guitarist
Ruben Loftus-Cheek, 1996, Soccer Player
Rupert Mayer, 1876, Religious Leader
Rutger Hauer, 1944, Movie Actor
Samata Angel, 1984, Fashion Designer
Samuel Marcus, 1996, TV Actor
Sarah Weichel, 1990,
Scott Gibbs, 1971, Rugby Player
Scott Thorson, 1959,
Sean Palmer, 1973, TV Actor
Sergei M. Eisenstein, 1898, Director
Shaheen Jafargholi, 1997, Pop Singer
Shahril Ishak, 1984, Soccer Player
Shallon Lester, 1985, Reality Star
Shaun Wilson Miller, 1995, Self-Help Author
Shen Yang, 1989, Chess Player
Sinead De Vries, 1992, TV Show Host
Sonny Chiba, 1939, Movie Actor
Sp00nerism, 1989, YouTube Star
Statik Selektah, 1982, Music Producer
Stephanie Payne, 1980, Activist
Stephanie Romanov, 1969, TV Actress
Stephen Keshi, 1962, Soccer Player
Steve Roberts, 1982, YouTube Star
Steven Taylor, 1986, Soccer Player
Subhas Chandra Bose, 1897, Politician
Susan L. Taylor, 1946, Journalist
Taro Hakase, 1968, Composer
Terry Cochrane, 1953, Soccer Player
Thomas Todd, 1765, Supreme Court Justice
Tiffani Thiessen, 1974, TV Actress
Tito Ortiz, 1975, MMA Fighter
TJ Perenara, 1992, Rugby Player
Tom Carper, 1947, Politician
Tomas Holmstrom, 1973, Hockey Player
Tony Lucca, 1976, Pop Singer
Vernon Scannell, 1922, Poet
Vikki LaMotta, 1930, Family Member
Vivian Vachon, 1951, Wrestler
Wally Parks, 1913, Entrepreneur
Walter M. Miller Jr., 1923, Novelist
Will Power, 1998, YouTube Star
William Malcolm, 1745, War Hero
William R. Pogue, 1930, Astronaut
Yani Tseng, 1989, Golfer


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