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January 24 Famous Birthdays

January 24 Famous Birthdays

What do you know about the famous January 24 birthdays? IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS ON JANUARY 24, you are likely to be different or unique. This Aquarian loves to express the way they feel and who they are in how they dress and in their own environments. They could be known as what we call “trendy.” It could be one of their better qualities.

Famous people born on January 24 stay knowledgeable with the latest gossip and technology so that they can talk to anyone about anything. This is what makes them interesting to have many conversations with. Their friendships are just as stimulating and intriguing. They are not afraid of the unknown and have a down to earth approach about life in general.


For famous people born on January 24, success may come in many forms and not just financially. For this reason, they may want to take their time when establishing unions of platonic and intimate natures. Not everyone they meet has their best interest in mind. They love to travel and see the many wonders of the world. This inspires the famous born people of January 24 to better themselves and others.


The 24 January famous birthday horoscope sees creative and unique qualities. Aquarius can be naive when it comes to romance or bromance. Beware of opportunists.


January 24th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

24th January Good Traits:

  • Creative
  • Charming
  • Attractive
  • Genuine

24th January Bad Traits:

  • Complicated
  • Vulnerable
  • Insecure
  • Superficial

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January 24th Famous Birthday Personalities

09sharkboy, 2000, YouTube Star
Aaron Neville, 1941, R&B Singer
Ada-Nicole Sanger, 1998, Movie Actress
Ade Edmondson, 1957, TV Actor
Akinola Verissimo, 1986, YouTube Star
Alaia Baldwin, 1993, Family Member
Albert Nipon, 1927, Fashion Designer
Alexander Markov, 1963, Violinist
Allison Dubois, 1972, Novelist
Andreu Buenafuente, 1965, TV Show Host
Andrew Ellicott, 1754, Explorer
Andy Dirks, 1986, Baseball Player

Ann Todd, 1909, Movie Actress
AnneMarie Morin, 1992, Model
Anthony Lewis, 1997, R&B Singer
Ashlelayy, 2000, YouTube Star
Ashley C Williams, 1984, Movie Actress
Austin Cameron, 1977, Race Car Driver
Ava Sarah, 2016, Family Member
Bamber Gascoigne, 1935, Game Show Host
Baylee Fogelmanis, 2004, Family Member
Becky Downie, 1992, Gymnast
Becky Hobbs, 1950, Country Singer
Ben Hughes, 1994, Director
Ben Lamb, 1989, Movie Actor
Bernard Kroger, 1860, Entrepreneur
Bernard Matthews, 1930, Entrepreneur
Beth Hart, 1972, Blues Singer
Bob Hoover, 1922, Pilot
january-24-famous-birthdaysBob Woods, 1968, Hockey Coach
Bobby Wellins, 1936, Saxophonist
Brandon Harris, 1990, Football Player
Brandon McInerney, 1994, Criminal
Brett Robinson, 1970, Rugby Player
Brian Cushing, 1987, Football Player
Brian Matthews, 1953, TV Actor
Brianna Nicole, 2001, YouTube Star
Bryant Terry, 1976, Chef
Bryson Jackson, 1998, Vine Star
Busy Signal, 1982, Reggae Singer
Callan McAuliffe, 1995, Movie Actor
Calvin Goldspink, 1989, TV Actor
Cam Robinson, 1985, YouTube Star
Cameron Burns, 1994, Rock Singer
Camila Senna, 1994, Instagram Star
Carlo Sforza, 1872, Politician
Carlos Delavega, 1980, Soccer Player
Carlos Saldanha, 1965, Director

Carrie Coon, 1981, TV Actress
Casey Harris, 1987, Pianist
Chad Hurley, 1977, Entrepreneur
Charles Henry Niehaus, 1855, Sculptor
Chloe Morgan, 1984, Pop Singer
Coty Heim, 1995, Twitch Star
Craig Horner, 1983, TV Actor
Cristiano Araujo, 1986, Pop Singer
Dallas Goyo, 1994, TV Actor
Dan Shechtman, 1941, Scientist
Daniel-Andre Tande, 1994, Skier
Danielle Anderson, 1986, Folk Singer
Danny Copeland, 1966, Football Player
Daveed Diggs, 1982, Rapper
Diane Birch, 1983, Soul Singer
DJ Virman, 1981, DJ
Dorlan Pabon, 1988, Soccer Player
Doug Kershaw, 1936, Country Singer
Duron Harmon, 1991, Football Player
Dustyn Carpenter, 1994, Vine Star
Dylan Everett, 1995, TV Actor
Dylan Riley Snyder, 1997, TV Actor
Ed Helms, 1974, Movie Actor

Edith Wharton, 1862, Novelist
Eduard Shevardnadze, 1928, Politician
Edward Atterton, 1962, TV Actor
Edward Neumeier, 1957, Screenwriter
Edward Turner, 1901, Entrepreneur
Elena Korosteleva, 1972, Teacher
Elena Nicolai, 1905, Opera Singer
Eliseo Medina, 1946, Politician
Ermin Bicakcic, 1990, Soccer Player
Ernest Borgnine, 1917, TV Actor
Estelle Winwood, 1883, Movie Actress
Fabiana Claudino, 1985, Volleyball Player
FashionNMakeup, 1992, YouTube Star
Fiona Briseno, 2000, Instagram Star
Frankie Galasso, 1985, Pop Singer
Frankie Grande, 1986, YouTube Star
Gene Mako, 1916, Tennis Player
Gennifer Flowers, 1950, Stage Actress
Giriboy, 1991, Pop Singer
Gladys Lehman, 1892, Screenwriter
Hayley Tamaddon, 1977, TV Actress
Henry Irwin, 1841, Architect
Henry King, 1886, Director
Hoyt Vandenberg, 1899, War Hero
Isabella Pajardi, 1989, Figure Skater
J Howard Marshall, 1905, Entrepreneur
Jaan Poska, 1866, Politician
Jaan Puhvel, 1932, Scientist
Jack Hillen, 1986, Hockey Player
Jack Neo, 1960, Movie Actor
Jack Scott, 1936, Rock Singer
Jacob Brennan, 1990, Australian Rules Footballer
Jade Ewen, 1988, Pop Singer
Jahleel Addae, 1990, Football Player
James Harvey, 1983, Comic Book Artist
James Kennedy, 1992, Music Producer
Jamie Lyon, 1982, Rugby Player
Jared Wilson, 1989, Soccer Player
Jay Versace, 1998, Vine Star
Jenna King, 1985, Reality Star
Jennifer Alden, 1979, Movie Actress
Jerry Maren, 1920, Movie Actor
Jethro Sheeran, 1986, Rapper
Jett Rebel, 1991, Pop Singer
Jill Jackson, 1979, Rock Singer
Joe Albany, 1924, Pianist
Joey Gatto, 1994, YouTube Star
Johan Wiland, 1981, Soccer Player
Johann Urb, 1977, Movie Actor
John Belushi, 1949, Movie Actor
John Garamendi, 1945, Politician
John Myung, 1967, Bassist
Johnny Orlando, 2003, YouTube Star
Jonah Bobo, 1997, Movie Actor
Jools Holland, 1958, Pianist
Josie Gibson, 1985, Reality Star
Julie Dreyfus, 1966, Movie Actress
Julie Gregg, 1944, TV Actress
Justin Baldoni, 1984, TV Actor
Justin Davison, 1991, YouTube Star
Keith Douglas, 1920, Poet
Kenya Moore, 1971, TV Actress
Kerry Lang, 1976, Triathlete
Ki Sung-Yueng, 1989, Soccer Player
Kiara Mia, 1977,
Kristen Schaal, 1978, TV Actress
Kyle Brandt, 1979, Soap Opera Actor
Lacey Jamieson, 1997, Instagram Star
Laura Welsh, 1986, Pop Singer
Leon Kirchner, 1919, Composer
Lij Gilmour, 1996, Pop Singer
Logan Stieber, 1991, Wrestler
Lou Groza, 1924, Football Player
Lounes Matoub, 1956, Poet
Luciano D’Alessandro, 1977, TV Actor
Luis Suarez, 1987, Soccer Player
Maddie Peterson, 1998, Surfer
Manfred Zielonka, 1960, Boxer
Manjeet Singh Ral, 1985, Music Producer
Maria Tallchief, 1925, Dancer
Marianne Cope, 1838, Religious Leader
Mark Hildreth, 1978, Voice Actor
Mark Kozelek, 1967, Folk Singer
Mary Easton Sibley, 1800, Teacher
Mary Lou Retton, 1968, Gymnast
Mary Noailles Murfree, 1850, Novelist
Matthew Lillard, 1970, Movie Actor
Matthew Wilder, 1953, Music Producer
Melissa Tkautz, 1974, TV Actress
Michael Des Barres, 1948, Rock Singer
Michael Harrington, 1986, Soccer Player
Michael Kightly, 1986, Soccer Player
Michael Kiske, 1968, Metal Singer
Michael Ontkean, 1946, TV Actor
Michael Parkhurst, 1984, Soccer Player
Michel Preud’homme, 1959, Soccer Player
Michel Serrault, 1928, Movie Actor
Michelle Hunziker, 1977, Model
Michio Kaku, 1947, Scientist
Mike Awesome, 1965, Wrestler
Mike Harmon, 1958, Race Car Driver
Mike Hosking, 1965, Radio Host
Mike Thompson, 1951, Politician
Mindaugas Rojus, 1981, Opera Singer
Mischa Barton, 1986, TV Actress
Musgrave Watson, 1804, Sculptor
Muzio Clementi, 1752, Composer
Nastassja Kinski, 1961, Movie Actress
Nazmi Faiz, 1994, Soccer Player
Neil Diamond, 1941, Rock Singer
NFKRZ, 1998, YouTube Star
Nick Santino, 1965, Soap Opera Actor
Nik Wallenda, 1979,
Norman Dello Joio, 1913, Composer
Ochi Rosdiana, 1999, TV Actress
Oral Roberts, 1918, Religious Leader
Ordan Petlevski, 1930, Painter
Ortvin Sarapu, 1924, Chess Player
Oscar Moro, 1948, Drummer
Peter Woodward, 1956, Movie Actor
Phil Lamarr, 1967, TV Actor
Quang Le, 1981, Rock Singer
Ray Stevens, 1939, Country Singer
Raymond Domenech, 1952, Soccer Player
Reggie Bennett, 1961, Wrestler
Rick Leventhal, 1960, Journalist
Rick Salomon, 1968, Family Member
Ricky Ullman, 1986, TV Actor
Riya Sen, 1983, Movie Actress
Robert Grant, 1852, Novelist
Robert Motherwell, 1915, Painter
Rodney Alejandro, 1969, Composer
Romain Virgo, 1990, Reggae Singer
Ruth Asawa, 1926, Sculptor
Ruth Bradley, 1987, TV Actress
Ryan O’Keefe, 1981, Australian Rules Footballer
Scott Kazmir, 1984, Baseball Player
Scott Speed, 1983, Race Car Driver
Shafiur Rahman, 1918, Politician
Sharon Tate, 1943, Movie Actress
Shaun Donovan, 1966, Politician
Shaun Maloney, 1983, Soccer Player
Sheila Callaghan, 1973, Playwright
Sleepy Brown, 1970, Rapper
Song Chang-eui, 1979, TV Actor
Stephen Fishbach, 1979, Reality Star
Stevie Dore, 1995, Dancer
Subhash Ghai, 1945, Director
Tatyana Ali, 1979, TV Actress
Tay Dier, 1988, YouTube Star
Terence Bayler, 1930, Movie Actor
Theodosius Dobzhansky, 1900, Scientist
Thomas Jaggar, 1871, Scientist
Timothy C. Wong, 1941, Teacher
Tyler Flowers, 1986, Baseball Player
Tyler Hagen, 1992, Rock Singer
Utkarsh Gupta, 1994, TV Actor
Veerle Baetens, 1978, Movie Actress
Vic Reeves, 1959, Comedian
Vic Stollmeyer, 1916, Cricket Player
Vieirinha, 1986, Soccer Player
Vinay Virmani, 1985, Movie Actor
Vince Russo, 1961, Screenwriter
Vlado Kristl, 1923, Director
Warren Zevon, 1947, Rock Singer
Wayne Hennessey, 1987, Soccer Player
Wilfred Jackson, 1906, Cartoonist
William Allen Young, 1954, TV Actor
William Congreve, 1670, Playwright
William Gregory Lee, 1973, TV Actor
William Hudson, 1925, TV Actor
William Readdy, 1952, Astronaut
Yakov Smirnoff, 1951, Comedian
Yana Toboso, 1984, Illustrator
Yoko Nogiwa, 1936, TV Actress
Youngjae, 1994, Pop Singer
Zack Kassian, 1991, Hockey Player


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