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I Hate My Ex-Girlfriend: But I Can’t Let Go

I Hate My Ex-girlfriend, But I Can’t Let Go

She was once your romantic partner, but now you hate your ex-girlfriend. Why do you hate your ex-girlfriend? She is the woman with whom you shared unrequited love. She puts the spark in the relationship. You did nothing else than to dream of her while sharing the best moments.

Sad to say, learning to let go is the last thing you had in mind. You’ve gone from being a lover to a hater! That’s who you become. Fighting for her to stay isn’t part of your plan.


Why do I feel better when I hate my ex-girlfriend if anger hurts the broken heart more? First, you need to accept the fact you guys aren’t together anymore, then move on.

*Trust me when I say it’s not too late to make a profound decision. Living souls come and go, so does love. If she’s making you beg for affection, attention, and commitment, it’s time to move on.*

I Hate My Ex-girlfriend – I Don’t Deserve This

Holding on to someone who doesn’t love you is the worst thing to do. For once, you’d like to have a permanent relationship. You must let go of your past to move forward, but you hate your ex-girlfriend.

Try to define the situation. If she’s not worth making up with, it’s time to part ways. Forgive and forget, then move on.


Hang out with Your Closest Friend

How to stop hating my ex-girlfriend and make peace with myself? Going through a breakup is hard. It becomes worse when you don’t have friends to lean on. Relax your mind by spending quality time with your most treasured alter egos. Dine at your favorite restaurant or find solace in retail therapy. It works. Trust me! Lastly, understand that everything has its season. Not everyone will remain in your life forever.


Cut off Communication with Your Ex-Girlfriend

Block her on your social media accounts. Please get rid of all the temptation that will make you remember her. Another thing, don’t snoop on her pages or anywhere else. To let go of the intense obsession, forget about her like you never met before.


I Hate My Ex-girlfriend, and I Want Revenge

Another key point to remember in all this madness has a positive attitude, and being successful is the sweetest revenge ever. Wipe your tears and work hard to channel your career path. No one said it’s going to be easy.

By the way, you should allow your ex-girlfriend to see how you’ve changed into a better person. Kill her with kindness, knowing good is yet to come. Try to save a penny and reward yourself for a job well done.

Have a Proper Grieving Session

I hate my ex-girlfriend like hell, but why do I still pick up the phone to call her? Understand grieving takes time. For this reason, accept how you feel and let it all out. Acknowledge those who are hurting more. Above all, adjust by learning to live without your ex-girlfriend.

Be Honest

Stop making excuses and be honest. Do you want to re-ignite the spark or let her go? Is it love or just a fantasy? Hating her only hurts you more. If it doesn’t feel right anymore, it’s time to let go!

Forgive Your Ex-Girlfriend and Yourself

Whether she did a good or an evil deed, try to put yourself in her shoes. It’s important to realize she was a great person despite her flaws; otherwise, you would not have fallen for her. Sadly, no one is perfect. Move on peacefully without a grudge. Greet her if you meet by chance and know it’s okay if you want to be friends after a relationship fails.

Have a Total Makeover

Do anyone of you hate your ex? In case you do, try to spruce up your house and yourself as well. The Feng Shui system makes us believe that harmonizing everything is the best thing yet.

If you slept on the same bed, turn everything upside down. Get rid of the old sheets and memories. Please bring in a welcoming scented candle and thank me later.

Love Your Single Life

Now you can save more money than you spent on dates and bills. Step up your game and do whatever you want without anyone’s permission. Try to take real responsibility and appreciate every single day. The single life can be incredible. Get out and enjoy life!

Don’t Hate Your Ex-Girlfriend

Why am I still angry at my ex? It could be it’s just too soon, but while you are in mourning, do loads of physical activities to keep you busy. If need be, write farewell letters and burn them. No matter what you do, never give someone the pleasure of watching you suffer.

Although you hate your ex-girlfriend, let her party. Letting go is a mere process. Take one day at a time. You will get better. Remember, you’re in control. It’s over when you say it’s over. Believe in yourself and have an open mind.

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