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What Is Color Numerology?

What Is Color Numerology?

The study and divination methodology based on relation between colors and numbers is called color numerology. This system of divination tells about the several kinds of numbers related to a person like the journey number, the soul number and the personality numbers. On the basis of these numbers the lucky colors are known which are later on divided into two types called primary and secondary.

Colors and numbers have an important effect on all people, this is a very common and popular rule of divination. The effects of color and numbers are different on different people. However in some cases a relation could be seen in the effects of colors and numbers on human beings. While considering both of these together and their simultaneous effects, the compatibility between the color and numbers becomes of prime importance.

The common rule is that if the color associated with an individual has a good compatibility with the number associated with him or her then the overall outcome is supposed to be in favor of the person. However if the level of compatibility is not good between the associated number and color then as a result one might encounter many hindrances and hurdles in the path of success and happiness.

To get a color numerology analysis done people can approach many different experts. However most of these experts are difficult to approach and at times tend to be too expensive. In addition to this there is no guarantee of the accuracy of the analysis done by these experts. Thus to avoid all this hassle one could use the tool presented over.

This numerology calculator is free to use and could be used from the comfort of your homes.  There is certain guarantee attached to the readings of these calculators as one could read the reviews of the past users. In order to use this simple to use calculator all one needs to do is enter the full name in three parts that is the first name, the middle name and the last name.

In addition to this the exact date of birth also needs to be mentioned. Having entered the data correctly, the button with Free Color Numerology Reading is selected and then after an in-depth analysis a detailed report comes. The report contains the life path number the Soul Urge number and the Inner Dreams number.

In addition to this in each of these numbers the primary color name, the secondary color names, the keywords and their interpretations are also mentioned. Thus one must definitely give color numerology analysis a shot and see it as an opportunity to have a better future.

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